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  1. Today's weird mini IWM-DF-538 Sea Serpent. Cool yet weird mini. It could take down a row boat, or a small sail boat, but it is not of a scale to crush a full sized pirate ship. The whole 4 piece thing is cool, but it is easier to lose a piece that way. This mini was super fun to paint. It was swimming outside my window this morning... Does anyone know who sculpted It?
  2. Found the individual minis... RMI 02006 Sidrith Sword Sister by Sandra Garrity And RMI 02005 Tox by Julie Guthrie. The gold plated one on the counter is nice and all, but painted minis are always better! I never got around to purchasing a copy of RMI 02020 Sarah the Seeress by Sandra Garrity.
  3. I found the beginnings of the "new and improved" solder dragon. I think, had I finished it, it would have been cooler than the first dragon. I stopped working on it because someone traded me a Games Workshop Forest Dragon for a mounted Brit army figure that I had painted. I will take of the WIP solder dragon carcass and post it if anyone is interested. Solder is difficult to work with. It takes a light touch and sometimes the part being worked on dissolves into a puddle. I may finish the solder dragon someday, if I get past my backlog of WIPs.
  4. Yup! They did not port the Boxes app to android. Right now I am checking out an app called Memento by Mementodb, Inc. It seems to be a powerful database building tool, but I would only recommend it if you are comfortable with building your database from the base up. The do not have a pre-build for miniature nerds. I will give an update on what I think about if after I play with it a while and build a custom db. If it works out nicely, I can always post a step by step to recreate the db I constructed for miniatures.
  5. Is Boxes an Apple app? I don't see it in the Google play store. I use android base phones - otherwise I have uncontrollable urges to hack and destroy (Apple is evil, unless it is in pie form still warm from baking with a scoop of home made vanilla ice cream melting on top). I found one in the play store called Miniatures Register by Marcelo Dos Reis. It is very basic database with limited fields that lets you insert a picture of your mini, as well as sort by your mini's picture.
  6. I painted a Hecklemeyer for party harassment purposes. He kicked a lot of PCs when they were down. I kinda used similar colors to your palette. I really should have given him steel toed jester shoes for the extra salt in the wounds.
  7. For some reason I usually have issues with wings on larger sized miniatures. Always lots of measuring, marking, drilling and pinning. The current plastic/resin figures are not so bad, but some of old all metal Games Workshop dragons... More time was spent assembling them than painting them! Spectacular quickie paint job.
  8. Excited to see RMI02106 Hecklemeyer the Jester by Bob Ridolfi. Nice conversion.
  9. The lewdnesd hits you as they use their x-ray vision, eye of understanding, and eye of precise measurement to give an in depth analysis of your character's current undergarments, kinks, and sizes and potential uses of the essential parts of your character's anatomy while breathing busily and salivating profusely. Let's say the poor character has to do extremely well on their saving throw, or the will run away, slip and fall in the drool, giving the lewd beholder plenty of time to grope, lick, and CENSORED.
  10. Naw, these guys are not even evil, more like neutral pervy. Always carry pepper spray +10 if you know there are peeping pervs like them in the dungeon...
  11. Yup. They're lewd and beholder. Uploading this one just for the sake of weirdness. They are rather silly minis, but the price was right, and I needed some beholders for the next campaign. I am thinking about getting some fake eyelashes from Dollar Tree and giving the female one (beholder with the pink tongue) one outrageously long eyelash.
  12. That guy's face looks more like Jay Leno than Rutger Hauer...
  13. They are in Ral Partha's 1995 catalogue on the back cover. I have a lot of unusual minis because of my bargain bin, rummage sale, and "giving a home to disabled minis" habits.
  14. Cool! I am taking pics as I come across them for my own records. Do you guys know if there are any decent databases to track your minis with? I did not realize how many I had until this shelving reorganization. I also found a bunch of my old RPGA swag that I had been looking for...
  15. I've been rummaging through my mini hoard and found all kinds ancient treasures, boxed sets with the original inserts! My stupid question is this, is anyone interested in photos of the boxed sets for identification purposes? The collection goes back to the early 80's and is from a plethora of companies. If members are interested in miniature identification, then should there be a dedicated thread where members can post pics of their boxed sets and still carded minis? Or is there already a thread for mini identification?
  16. Digging around in the mini zoo and unearthed this pack. Painted them a while back. I thought I did a pretty awesome paint job back in the day, but now I kind of want to repaint them. Must... Resist...Urge... To...Repaint... (Too many unpainted minis in the queue to go back and redo painted ones!)
  17. This was a fun mini to paint. It almost painted itself. Hopefully the fun colors from the beads helped the figure express her humanity in spite of her grim job class of hunter/warrior.
  18. When I started playing RPGs, people gave me their used minis so that I would have enough figures to play in multiple groups/campaigns. Free minis are great, but my dorm room became a mini hospital where various amputations and lead cosmetic surgery occurred. It is truly amazing what can be done with a solder iron, pins, files and snips! Oh, those jesters... The joke was on them, and they are otyugh food now. ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ I happen to own a lot of those old lead minis... They have a certain charm, but today's minis have such amazing detail, and the current technology has given the sculptors more freedom in their designs! I will always have a nostalgic soft spot for the early minis, but I always look forward to the newly released designs. Do you still have that solder wizard around? It would be totally cool to see it posted.
  19. I know that feeling... So many minis, so little time!
  20. And here is another one for the work queue. 02568 D'Khul, Bathalian by Sandra Garrity
  21. Reaper licenced mini from 2003 for White Wolf's Exalted RPG. Thought it was a cool mini with a lot of character.
  22. Best I could do... official TSR D&D product by Ral Partha. I think it came in a Planescape minis box set. It will be a bit before it is finished.
  23. A poor but desperate attempt to create a mini from the materials on hand. I had tons of solder, so that was my first Dragon mini. It is lead, and has a ton of clear coat on it so it is sealed and safe to handle. uhh, I am guilty of making solder slimes too... A case of not enough money at the time, but an ample supply of solder.
  24. Ought-yug. kinda like a sewer monkey, but uglier, with tentacles and eats human waste (good euphemism?). Neutral hungry type monster. The first and second ed MM had some pretty scary artwork.
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