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  1. We use the Scrye Counters for all kinds of games. I have one, somewhere, that is an enameled eye, rather than a figure. Ultra pro also released a card sized variety (it fits in the deck box).
  2. Yes, I have been looking for the part numbers for the scrye counters. I bought them new, but the boxes with the pns on the got lost in one of the moves...
  3. My Reaper habit started with a Friday night gaming session... "Tom felt a breeze wafting up from the chamber beyond. For some reason the air was hot and heavy, even though he was walking along a passage deep in an abandoned mine." "Ummmm. Sorry, but we have to stop here today." I did not have a dragon mini to use to harrass Tom. A salt shaker just does not have the same drama as slapping the correct monster mini down on the table. I also could not handle everyone laughing at my poor (ugly mishapen) solder dragon. Time to take a trip to the old Lone Star Comics and see if they had a Dragon that I could afford. As usual, walking into Lone Star was like entering Alladin's cave of treasures. Real Partha, Grenadier, Rafm, and more distinctively sparkled, beckoning, despite the cost. A Dragon was too far out of reach. Back along the wall, there was something new. There were affordable minis on the back wall! I was able to score a package of villagers, some weapons sprues, and a real Dragon mini. Tom was promptly roasted to a medium rare, and eaten by the freshly painted red Dragon the next friday. Don't laugh too hard, but this is the solder dragon in question. It is amazing what can be made with a soldering iron, a little flux, a bit of solder and a ton of patience. It did in a pinch, but was retired after the Reaper dragon made its appearance.
  4. Been digging through my CCGs and found 3 out of 4 my Scrye Counters. I think these are from the early to mid 90's. I am trying to catalogue my minis, and wondered if anyone knows the part numbers for them. The gold plated one has the mini RMI 02005 Tox by Julie Guthrie. The painted scrye counter with a single disk has a girl with the orb mini, RMI 02020 Sarah the Seeress by Sandra Garrity. The third scrye counter uses 2 disks and maxes out at 200 points and has the mini RMI 02006 Sidrith Sword Sister by Sandra Garrity. These counters were used, so please ignore the chipped paint.
  5. This mini of my favorite evil mage type figures. I painted it a while back, and it has seen heavy use (gaming, displaying, a few moves, an a couple of stunt dives off a congested gaming table). I plan on touching up the chipped areas (see edge of scroll), but I would like to know how to make the paint more durable for future minis. The Callus figure was de-flashed, sanded, primed, painted, and then given a clear coat.
  6. Found another diamond in the rough - 02566 Fiona Female Druid by Jim Johnson. Not currently playing any druids, but she is still a cool figure.
  7. The pandemic is a cornucopia of opportunities to role play and play table top war games. And none of that is possible in the 3D world without some kind of minis. Time to go adventuring into the depths of the game cupboard. I was attacked, a lost my saving throw, and was buried beneath an angry horde of unfinished minis. I had forgotten the mobs of primed and partially painted minis lurking in the depths of storage dungeon, and now I must paint or be cursed by the God of gaming minis. My adventure rewarded me with a treasure trove Sandra Garrity fighters ( 02200, 02025, 02026, 02113), a Bob Olley undead (02310), and a Ral Partha a Bastet figure. And that is just some of the hero type figures which I still need to paint. I still have not been brave enough to face off against the monsters under the bed (they are primed and only somewhat painted too). Looks like I have a lot of work to do! I really hope my paints haven't dried out.
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