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  1. Hey guys and dames, Thanks alot for all the tips and recipes. Really appreciate it. Im in england now and couldnt bring all my painting stuff. I cant try out all the suggestions made, but i will when im back home again. For the time being i cant keep you updated, but trust me as soon as i can, I will post some new stuff of my work. For now, Thanks again to all of you, Im glad i decided to make the step to try this board again. Kind regards Q
  2. Hmm, thats actually the one that made me think of mine and inspired me to start my hyrekia :) Trully awesome, its an honour to get advice of ppl that actually know how to paint. In holland we have a serious lack of good painters (that i know of). Walking into games workshop nowadays isnt even worth the trouble. The ppl in the stores dont know alot about painting (not meant as an offence). So all the help i can get here is appreciated :) Once again thanks. Q ps. Did you do your blonde with brown or yellow as well?
  3. Hey hey, Thanks for the reply and the help. As promised an update. I did what you said flyn, but i might have overdone it on the brown. Also i 'mounted' the mini. Thats a super idea and stupid of me not to do it earlyer. I also decided to make her wander about it red, its only the first coat, might be a bit to bright though. (my appologies for the unclear picture) Q
  4. Thanks for the superfast reply Flynn, Appreciate it. Gonna try it right now and see what happenes.
  5. Hey hey, Hmm this is kinda scary for me, Been 2 years since i layed my hands on a brush and back then i was only exprimenting with blending and so forth. Luckily i kept lurking on this forum and seen some amazing things. Now im actually making an effort to show of what i can do. DOnt expect to much of it. Ive been painting too long for the result im getting. The past 2 years ive been annoyed with the fact that my miniature painting level isnt up to what it shoud be. Going for round two now, hoping i can stick with it. To start of though i got a brilliant sculpt Hyrekia. I need some help with the blons hair though. Am not far in on this char and already the hair is bugging me. I just cant seem to get the hair right. Also i didnt get the face right, and to top that off i made my wash to thick *hits himself*. I need the hair blond. but mine looks yellowish. Any advice/help and critisizm would be appreciated :). ALso i still havent decided on the colour of her robe yet. Suggestions there will be appreciated. Oke without further adue (or however you spell that): Thanks for the help, it is appreciated, ofcourse ill keep you guys updated.
  6. Its filthy ... groce ... doesnt take a solid shape and its just plain nasty ! ... .... ... I love it !!!! Nice job on the 'exo'skelet ... one thing i would so a little different ... the eye .... though nicely painted ... it just blends in .. maybe brighten it .. or maybe make it glow a bit ... in a off color ... Though im not familiar with the applying of glow color .. i still would try on this one ... Other than that ... nice job :)
  7. Guess you can say you stilll got it ! Never really liked the sculp with the kama .... But this one is great ! The purple in red flow is awesome too ... not to mension the dragon on his back .. Could be my imagination though but do i detect some gray comming through the skin of his arms on teh backside. Maybe redo the skin a bit ... the robe and body is way superiour to the way the skin looks ... Though his face looks oke as well :) ... STill amazing job ! Could only wonder how you were before your break Q
  8. Yeah i was drunk that night :) ... I find that im way sharper when im drunk ... Maybe i shoudl try to be in class ... But what colors did you use, I ask this all the time cause im experimenting alot lately with black armour and gold/silver nmm :) Thnx in advance ... Q
  9. I really like the orangy look of the gold ... but that might be because of the black :) ... great contrast ... awesome model :) ... One thing though ,, is there a bit of green on the right hand ...??? ... Grtz Q
  10. Man thats sweet .. nice freeehand ... simple but nice (in simple i mean the symbol itself ... not the way its painted ... reallly like it a lot :) ... ) Great NMM style ... I just dislike the face ... Maybe you could put some more color into it .. mor shading/highlighting ... But still masterfully done :) ... Way better than mine :) Grtz Q
  11. Let me start of by saying its a great piece :) ... I laughed in a non-offending way at her face ... looks likes shes trying to look sexy ... like a sexy nerd :P ... Overal very nicely done .. i like how you accentuated the green with the green :) .... thats something totally different ... in my experiance it is :) Really nice Q ps. No offence but i dislike the base .... good start ... way better than mine i must say .. but still its missing something i cant quite grasp ....
  12. I agree with the others :) ... Its awesome .... Im a great fan of leaves .... they make such a realistic scenery for some reason :P ANyways .. really really really well done :) ... Grtz Q
  13. Looking awesome ... Love the eye and i agree it will inspire you .. if it doesnt scare the living stuff out of you everytime you look at it :p Just one thing though .. the last 5 teeth on the lower row seem a little white to my eyes ... might be me .. but maybe you should it some more :) (sorry didnt know the word so im just quoting :) Other than that .. nice start ... and i do not agree with making the gum more pink. If the offset color is blue .. itll ne 2 clear and i kinda like it like this :) Well theres my 2 cents worth .... Grtz Q
  14. I especially like the flower on het breast ... Its awesome work ... for that time limit :) ... keep it up ... Grtz Q
  15. Well... I tried to limit my paint choices to Skin (Reaper "Pale"), Hair (Aidkin "Sulfur Yellow"), Clothes (Reaper Woodland Green?), Leather (Snakebite Leather), Then white and the metallics... since I couldn't see making the slippers white, or match the clothes, I went with Snakebite leather... which looks kinda gold. Oke that explains that bit ... stil makes it a great mini :) .... guess the slippers just shine like gold on the picture :) ... think itll be oke if you see in in rl. Awesome job stil .. envious of you :) Q
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