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  1. One day project done. Not happy with grey primer and prefer my normal black primer but I’ll live. I decided to do the black Ariel look that has some folks up in arms, but with a koi multicolor tail.
  2. Dragon Bust #19229 by Reaper Miniatures Bones V Kickstarter. More purple than the black I wanted but I’m happy with it. I can’t wait to hopefully get a couple more when they’re available.
  3. Done. Tried a new technique for me with very dark green base acrylic with the skin tones on top. I kinda like it.
  4. Monique de Noir 54mm #01444 NMM is not easy and I’m still working on my technique. I COULD have gone with a blue glaze to give it more of a steel look but I didn’t want to I do love the larget models though, easier to handle. TY for the great customer service on this btw, ReaperMini. My original one arrived with have her face higher up, so she looked funny. Customer Service was more than happy to resend it (I did send pics) after they verified the issue wasn’t on this new one. Sorry for the pic quality, I am not great at taking pics.
  5. While I love painting miniatures, painting terrain pieces is also fun! I started these two this month and finished just yesterday. I’m considering getting these two pieces again and do a desert themed set.
  6. Like the post title states this is a set called Agamemnon and the Minotaur by Northumbrian Tin Soldier. I’m not all that good with photo skills so it’s rather hard to see that I did the Minotaur in a black & white milk cow theme. Fun model though and goes back to the 80s cult classic Time Bandits (I really need to watch that movie again).
  7. Love your skin tones and the NMM on the coffin trimmings
  8. Absolutely love the work you did here especially that you took the time to highlight on each scale! Well done!
  9. I got this mini at the beginning of the year and finished it not too long after. One of my favorites to do!
  10. Pathfinder Red Dragon #60028 is a hefty beastie and I definitely did not paint him red. Instead I tried a rainbow piece for Pride 2020 (finished 8/1/2020). Also my first painted model posted here. Pardon my photography skills. I used cut up Caryatid column #77378 for a bit of terrain on the base. My biggest metal model to date.
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