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  1. @Geoff Davis That looks amazing, and thanks for the tips! I've seen the warm/cool contrast used on other OSL works, but it's usually the OSL light source with the warm glow. I didn't think to flip it to have the darker ambient lighting be the warm/orange light. Genius move...I'll have to try it 🙂
  2. Thank you for the feedback! Are you saying that the face area should have more of the bright white (or bluish-white) in it to make the light source pop? I just did a small dot of pure white, but I can definitely go back and cover the hood inside with it.
  3. I wanted to try something easy for OSL, so I gave the Bones Death Shroud a shot. The idea was to create a night scene and have the “face” be a glowing bluish-white orb. Here is what I came out with (1st photo). I kept the colors simple to make it fairly quick to paint. After looking through various photos of OSL jobs (to be inspired by much more talented painters 😁), I noticed a trend: they’re almost all photographed against a dark background. From what I could tell, using a dark background, controlling the lighting, and adjusting the contrast so that the painted lighting source is
  4. After ReaperCon in October, I took a break from painting for a bit (some video games held my nightly attention for a while...). However, I finally got around to finishing the three minis in the Layer Up kit. Once again, many thanks to @Wren for amazing instructions. I deviated from them some to try out a few things from ReaperCon, like basing and using black and white paints to attempt some NMM effects. I'm happy with the way they came out. Between the kit and ReaperCon, I think my skills have definitely approved. Keep making awesome stuff, Reaper!
  5. I just learned about ReaperCon Live, so I made a few (read: lots of) purchases so I can participate in the classes With that, I ordered a Raphael 8404 #1 based on many recommendations (and it was a little cheaper than a W&N Series 7 from blick.com). So, we'll see how I like it! That welled palette looks like a cool idea, and the number of layered colors is impressive, going from the darkest tone to the lightest. I can see how, with such time and effort (and no small amount of skill), you're able to make super smooth transitions. Thank you for all your help, @Wren !
  6. Thank you, @Wren! I feel like I'm learning a lot with the kit and by trying out different techniques. I used to work for an electronics company where I designed a few kits and tutorials for beginners, so I have an appreciation for all the hard work and thought process that you put into the kits! I definitely appreciate the video link--it does a great job of explaining where the light is falling on metallic objects (especially flat objects, which I'm struggling with). Also, thank you for the tips. I didn't think of watching the paint on my palette--I've always assumed I can just ke
  7. Good to know, thank you! I'm finding it difficult to get skin tones down, so I'll keep those in mind. Thank you, @Al Capwn. Doing surface mount soldering for the past decade has definitely helped with brush control, and I've learned to appreciate things like good lighting. I also recently discovered the wonders of using a mini holder (after reading a ton) while painting, as it allows me to brace my hands against something. I didn't think about using inks to help with consistency, so I might have to invest in some. Appreciate the other tips as well! I didn't know about
  8. @Serenity - Thank you for the thread and blog links--those are incredibly helpful! I've bookmarked them for future use. Once I'm done painting a few more minis, I'll look into upgrading my brush. @ManvsMini - Thanks for the tips! I'll have to give them a shot. Good to know about the knife being really sharp for the mold lines. I'm glad I'm not the only one that's seen the "bumpy" paints before. I also picked up the Vallejo starter paint set, so I'll try the skin tone in there to see if it has similar issues (I do like how the Layer Up! kit has multiple skin tones, though). And that
  9. Hi all! I'm just getting back into mini painting after a 12-year hiatus, and it seemed like a good thing to do during quarantine (and to reduce my screen time before bed). I had forgotten how much fun it was! I am very grateful for the Reaper Learn to Paint kits--I think they're incredibly well designed to teach someone the basics or to take painting to the next level. I remember being able to drybrush and wash decently, but I never got the hang of layering, so the Layer Up! kit was a perfect fit for me. Upon receiving the kit, I noticed it was missing the wizard figure. I sent an
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