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  1. Re: Chaoswolf- exactly my earlier thoughts! I would probably buy a steampunk set or two (and would have bought the first 3rd of the Bones 5 Chronoscope) if they had sold it as a standalone set. I imagine there are people who would do the same with the trailer park/ modern horror set and with the sci-fi sets. Or, based on what they have brought out into the store, they could try going for a full sci-fi expansion and just keep it a little more tightly themed than the usual chronoscope.
  2. Yeah- during the Bones 5 campaign I felt that they should have done each of the 3rds of the Chronoscope expansion as its own mini expansion at $20-25 each. I would have paid about that for the steampunk but have no need for modern and scifi- and wasn't willing to pay $50 for <1/3rd of the collection. At those prices, Reaper actually makes more money per item and gets a better signal for what sells.
  3. On reaper live they pretty much confirmed B6 campaign for 2022, although they have said that some of the 'future release' minis we have seen already will be in B6 when it does land. This likely means a 2024-25 delivery (so long as we don't get anything drastic like another pandemic). As others have said- if you are new to the hobby I would grab something now rather than simply waiting until then. As someone with the dungeon dwellers box I can confirm that it is great!
  4. For anyone still following this- it was annlinced on reaper live this morning that the dragon turtle would be coming to Bones 5.5 PM
  5. I have backed, but am also a little disappointed by the 3rd Fire Salamander in a row. That being said, I think it is a decent bargain even without the SGs, so they are just a bonus for me. On the other hand, anyone still on the fence after 2 FS are unlikely to buy in based on a 3rd. I think the issue is I have only really seen them advertising through email- not anywhere else. I only clicked on the KS itself because of the sculptors they listed in the first paragraph- my Reaper purchases by that group have always kept me happy. I am honestly surprised they didn't try and buy a mention at reapercon or similar- with such a large audience of miniature enthusiasts who already like the sculptors is would make sense to me. Given that the store's man models don't compete on price with Reaper, I don't think either company would need to worry about loosing sales to the other- people will go to each for their respective offerings. Oh well- hopefully it continues to tick along through another few SGs before the close.
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