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  1. Thanks people! Thing is though that 28mm miniatures used to be pretty much the same scale and very standardised. I know this because I have a box with hundreds of them! There are thousands of old minis out there that are consistent with that scale, I guess I am talking 1990's onwards, maybe not so much these days? I am looking for a company that's producing new minis at 28mm you see. Looking at the Reaper Mini range nearly all the figures are around 34mm tall or higher. It's not just the height, its the scale that is bigger (eg; the heads are larger). On their FAQ https://www.reapermini.com/faq it says that "The vast majority of our models are 25mm Heroic Scale." They really, really, really are not 25mm. No way, even if you allow for the somewhat vague 'heroic' attribute . They aren't 28mm they are the 32 mm scale. Similar to Warhammer stuff I would say. (wonderfully sculpted mind you)
  2. Thanks Inara for taking the time to respond. That's really helpful. Next time I choose some to purchase I'll see if anyone will mind letting me know the exact size. All the best. Jim
  3. Hi, first of all I would say that Reaper Minis are gorgeous things and wonderfully crafted. However, I am somewhat confused as to what scale they are supposed to be. The site says they are 28mm but the ones I have bought appear to be of different scales. Here is a photo of Ailene next to a 28mm figure of mine. The wizard is 28mm high (ignoring the hat) but Ailene is 34mm high which is quite a difference. But of course its not so much the height as the scale of the figures that is different. Would you agree? I would say that Ailene is of the 32mm scale not 28mm. But then I also got Nature Warden who, although over 30mm tall appears to be closer to the 28mm scale and when you compare her to Ailene she looks smaller in scale:- And then if you compare Nature Warden and my wizard with the figure; Nienna then Nienna is really LARGE compared to either of them. (I am not sure how tall she is in mm as she is crouching but she looks like a different scale to me) The differences may appear negligible to some people and I know some people don't really mind variations in scale but I have a collection of 200 figures from various manufacturers at 28mm scale and they all look good together I can just about get away with Ailene being a particularly large lady but Nienna really doesn't match up with the rest of my collection. But I love the quality of Reaper Minis and would like to buy more so here are my questions:- Q1. Do Ailene and Nienna just happen to be oversized and are most Reaper Minis closer to 28mm scale? Q2. Nature Warden is a lot smaller than those two so is there a lot of variation within the Reaper Mini range? Q3. If there is variation, then is there any way of knowing how tall a figure is before I buy one? Q4. (the big one) If Ailene and Nienna are typical of the range then why are Reaper advertising their figures at 28mm scale when they blatantly are not? Why not just list them at 32mm scale like they are? Surely there must be other collectors that have been disappointed like I have? (ok - that was 3 questions in one there :) Again, I have to say they are fantastically well produced minis so no complaint there. Any comments etc gratefully recieved Jim
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