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  1. This was a surprisingly fun mini to paint. The wings came as a seperate piece which made it so much easier to paint. My only complaint is that it came attached to the clear part of the base making it impossible to paint the bottoms of the sandles.
  2. It is from the Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line of unpainted minis.
  3. Thanks! I actually used a mid-brown wash from army painter. It doesn't show well in the images against the oak brown base coat, but it's noticeable when looking at it in person.
  4. Thanks! The eyes are actually a greenish-yellow but thanks to the angles I took the pics you can't really tell.
  5. Decided to tackle a treant for an upcoming adventure where the party enters one of the most ancient forest in my homebrew world. Would love any and all feedback.
  6. This is the second Goremaw I've painted and while I like the first one OK, I think this one turned out way better. For reference, the last pic is of the first one I pianted.
  7. Thanks. To make him seem more magical I used blue, purple and gold metallics to give the robes and cloak a silky/shimmering effect. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up too well in the images.
  8. Got a few Bones USA miniatures. First up is Darius the Blue. I originally painted his robes and cloak blue but didn't care for it much so changed the cloak and inner part of the robes as well as the belt to purple.
  9. Nicely done! I really like what you did with the cloak.
  10. Taking a break from painting monsters, I'm now tackling the mountain of PC/NPCs I've been putting off for the last year. Up first: Two firbolg druids.
  11. I've got about 150 minis to get through but no other terrain pieces as of yet. Though I'm always on the lookout for anytyhing interesting as long as it fits in the fantasy genre.
  12. Thanks! I worked on it over the course of three days as I had time between work and other responsibilities, but start to finish it took me somewhere around seven or eight hours.
  13. I don't do a whole lot of terrain pieces but this one caught my eye so I decided to go for it. I can say in all honesty it was actually fun to paint and I think it turned out pretty good.
  14. I've had these little buggers sitting around for a while and kind of wish I had buried them in the bottom of my rapidly growing pile of unpainted minis. Not only were they a pain to paint, but the sculpts were flawed on several of them. Some were missing the fronts of their feet, others had chunks of leg or some other body part missing. That being said, I think they turned out okay and the grass hides the missing feet LOL.
  15. I actually painted it twice. Originally I went with Dragon Red from Army Painter and then started doing highlights but quickly realized it was going to be an orange slaad if i kept going so started over with Chaotic Red from army painter which is almost a reddish-brown. From there I went with abomination gore, dragon red, mars red which is reddish-orange. After that I transitioned from lighter oranges to yellowish green in select areas. The claws and back spikes are done with hardened carapice and a dark wash - everything from army painter. For the base I added superfine basing g
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