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  1. I was going for a heat/temper effect around the elbows, outer edges of the shoulders and the chest.
  2. I think you just pointed out why I'm not all that happy with the eyes. I made them look human when I should've gone with something more lizard-like. Now that I know the problem I can attempt to fix it. Thanks!
  3. Interesting figure and nicely painted, but there's something about the face in that first picture that disturbs me. Given the dimensions it almost looks as if it's head is on backwards or something.
  4. Great job! The goliath's grey skin makes it look as if he's slowly turning to stone. I like it.
  5. When I hear earth elemental lord this is not what I imagine, but great job nevertheless.
  6. I am definitely my own worst critic. That being said, I can also see the eyes up close and magnified and while they look OK in the smaller images I've posted here they need some work. That being said, if anyone has any tip or tricks on dealing with shaky hands I'd love to hear them.
  7. I've ordered and painted quite a bit of WizKids minis since I started painting last year and I've found they're hit or miss on the fine details. As for the size, I prefer werewolves that tower over the party, but unfortunately in 5e they're medium sized creatures. That's the only reason I didn't order them along with the 200 or so other minis I've gotten from them.
  8. This is my attempt to do the Clubtail dinosaur justice. I've come to the conclusion that my shaky hands make it virtually impossible to get eyes even remotely decent.
  9. I had a spare iron golem miniature sitting around and I just got some new metallic paints from Army Painter so decided to test them out. I started with a base of Night shade which is a very nice dark blue and then did a heavy drybrush of gun metal. After that I highlighted with Glitter Green, Tainted Gold and Evil Chrome (their name, not mine) and because most images of iron golems depict them as reddish in color I went over most of it with Gemstone. Even though I didn't use any washes on the golem itself I'm pretty happy with the results.
  10. Beholders are one of those miniatures I've steered clear of because I don't think I have the skills to do it justice so I decided to tackle the zombie version instead.
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