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  1. Makes perfect sense. I actually got some stuff to spruce it up a bit but haven't gotten back around to doing it yet.
  2. You are absolutely right about the angle of the model on the base. It also doesn't help that I don't have the best camera in the world. There are actually several shades of green to yellow-green on this one that just don't seem to want to show up well in pictures.
  3. Yes, the belly is silver. Before posting even the original pics it was copper but after looking up pictures of copper dragons they all had silvery undersides so I went it that and it looks much better.
  4. The first version was ok but just seemed too bright and clean if that makes sense. In my opinion the updated version looks more naturally aged which is what I was originally going for and am happy with the new results.
  5. This is the second metallic dragon I've ever painted and the first time using verdigris game effects paint. I like the look of it but I think I might've gone a little overboard. What do you guys think? EDIT: After finding the verdigris too much, I gave the areas a dry brush of true copper paint to give it a more patinaed look. First two pics are the originals and the last four are the updated ones.
  6. This is my first time painting a metallic dragon and I'm pretty happy with how the wings turned out.
  7. Aboleths are one of my go to monsters for underwater adventures. I agree with everyone's suggestions and will be glossing them up. Never heard of reindeer moss before so I looked it up and ordered some. When it gets here I'll add some to the base and upload new pics.
  8. I'm happy with the way this one turned out but i can't help but feel something's missing.
  9. After dealing with some health issues, I'm back to painting again. When I first saw these little guys, I immediately thought of grimace and nearly painted them purple, but ultimately decided to go with blues and whites to make them look like ice and snow.
  10. I've painted white dragons in the past and always went with blues for an icier look but this time I went with grays to white and used a dark wash. I honestly think using grays instead of blues makes it look 10x better. As for the base, I actually considered painting just the part up to the ring but didn't think it would look right with the clear outer circle. If I end up painting it, I'll do the entire thing.
  11. Day 6 of my goal to paint all of the miniatures I currently own brings you Nolzur's Adult White Dragon. At 10 inches tall, ten inches long and 8 inches wide this is one of the biggest 'miniatures' I've ever painted. For size comparison I've included a Dwarf and Planetar that I previously painted as well as a D20. I intentionally left the base unpainted due to the way Nolzur's handles these larger miniatures - it comes on a 4-inch base (for stability) indicating it is a gargantuan creature, but the ring at the 3-inch mark denotes its actual size category of huge. Part of me wants to leave it as is, while another part wants to paint it. What do you guys think?
  12. Chipping away at Miniature Mountain, day 5: T-Rex. This is another of those miniatures I just had to have and then spent so long trying to decide what color to paint it that it just got lost in the pile. This is also the first time I've ever attempted to give rocks a mossy look with just paints and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  13. I found the best way to do transparent parts is to first give it a coat of matte finish so the inks and washes have something to stick to. For this particular mini I used several coats of Army Painter Blue Wash until I got the desired effect. I think it took 5 or 6 coats but I got there eventually. Just make sure you're absolutely certain what color you're going for before starting as unlike solid parts you can't change your mind halfway through unless you want to get rid of the transparency.
  14. Thanks! This one was fun to paint. I originally went really dark with shades of gray, but it just didn't look right so I went with blue highlights on the body but kept the horns, talons and hooves gray for a splash of contrast.
  15. Insane mini painting challenge day 4: Nightwalker. This is one of those monsters that I wanted a miniature of as soon as it was first introduced so when Nolzur's announced its release I immediately preordered it. Unfortunately, it took far too long to get around to painting it but now that I have, I'm pretty happy with the results.
  16. Thanks! I completely agree about the eye. Unfortunately, eyes are my weakest point to begin with and having hands that constantly shake doesn't make it any better. I can usually hide it pretty well with larger areas but when it comes to fine details such as eyes it's virtually impossible for me to paint something that looks even remotely passable.
  17. For day 3 of my 500-mini challenge, I bring you the Cyclops form Nolzur's.
  18. I have the prepainted one as well and to be honest $3 is too much. I mean, it's functional but the paint job leaves a lot to be desired.
  19. In my attempt to conquer my mountain of unpainted mins I'm going to try painting at least 1 per day. With ~500 of them it'll take a while, but on the bright side I'll have something to do for the next year and a half. 🤣 Today's entry is the Mouth of Grolantor. I hope you're all as disgusted by his crusty toenails as I am. 🤢
  20. I used a mix of Army painter (AP) and Master Series Paints (MSP) on this one. For the bone I used a base of Banshee Brown (AP) and then a drybrush of Skeleton Bone (AP) After that I used a dark wash to give it an aged dirty look and then highlighted with Skeleton Bone, Drake Tooth (AP) and Brainmatter Beige (AP). Overall, I use something like 20 paints and 2 washes on this mini.
  21. After a bit of a hiatus, I've decided to once again tackle the mountain of miniatures just begging for a fresh coat of paint. This one is a Frost Giant Skeleton from the Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line and was surprisingly fun to paint.
  22. This was a surprisingly fun mini to paint. The wings came as a seperate piece which made it so much easier to paint. My only complaint is that it came attached to the clear part of the base making it impossible to paint the bottoms of the sandles.
  23. It is from the Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line of unpainted minis.
  24. Thanks! I actually used a mid-brown wash from army painter. It doesn't show well in the images against the oak brown base coat, but it's noticeable when looking at it in person.
  25. Thanks! The eyes are actually a greenish-yellow but thanks to the angles I took the pics you can't really tell.
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