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  1. Nicely done. Really like what you did with the water.
  2. This was next in line on my dragons to paint list, but maybe I'll go with black or green next. I agree with Glitterwolf, the white is a nice contrast to the red. I also like the lava base.
  3. I really, really, REALLY hate winter, but the freezing cold temperatures prompted me to paint a white dragon.
  4. Finishing up the golems I had left to paint, we have the stone golem. Questions, comments and critiques always welcome.
  5. I wanted to test my speed painting abilities and this was a good mini to do it on. I completed this whole thing - base and all, in just under an hour (my fastest by far). I knew I wanted the golem to look as if it were made from the same dirt and clay as the ground it stands on so I started by adding a custom blend of grits to the base using super glue for much faster drying times. From there I painted everything to match. The longest step in the whole process was waiting for the wash to dry. To keep it simple I only used 4 colors and a wash with a few drops of orange ink to give it a more clay-like color. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and it's a refresher finishing a mini so quickly instead of the hours it normally takes me.
  6. Thanks! I've been experimenting with different ground and grass blends lately and I think I've finally found one that's pretty spot on. The dirt is a custom blend of Super fine, fine, and medium basing grit from Gale Force Nine with some Army Painter: Brown Battleground thrown in for added texture/color. The grass is a mix of Marsh Blend and Dark Conifer flock from Gale Force Nine and Army Painter: Green Grass, Field Grass and Steppe Grass. The Flock is what makes it sort of stand up as unlike the grass it has some body to it.
  7. Thanks! For anyone interested, I used Army Painter Effects: Dry Rust. I started with a light dry brush and then added more in areas of heavy rust. I don't know if it has something in it that effects the paint underneath, but up close you can see that it even has a slight texture like metal rusting. Now that i know how the stuff works I'll definitely be using it more.
  8. This is my first attempt at adding rust to a miniature. I also tried to make it look as if the feet are sunk in the ground a bit because it has been left out in the weather for quite some time.
  9. Because I have shaky hands, I have an incredibly hard time painting most eyes but this one turned out remarkably well (at least as far as my abilities go). I started by painting it white and then layered yellow, orange and red inks. Because I can barely paint a straight line I used an ultra fine point black sharpie to make the pupil and then added a couple of coats of glossy varnish for a wet look. I like the overall paint job of this mini, but as everyone says the eye really does make this one.
  10. Ropers are the kind of creature most DM's love to use and all players hate to encounter so when I saw an unpainted version I immediately bought it. It arrived in the mail today and I painted it today
  11. Fun fact: The base coat on the face is the same as the base coat for the fur, but instead of reds and oranges I used shades of pink. It's hard to tell in the pics because I suck at taking pictures, but I used 5 different colors for the fur and 3 on the face. I also opted to go with the same color scheme on the fingernails as the horns because making them grey as in the original artwork just didn't look right to me.
  12. Been a bit since I uploaded anything. This one has been sitting in my to do box for a while so decided to take a break and give him a paint job.
  13. Haven't used a drider in quite a while but seeing as how my current campaign is centered around drow this was a must have.
  14. Thanks! I wanted to highlight the fact that this is a creature from the elemental plane of fire so I added touches of orange, red and though you can't see it in the pictures subtle hints of blue to the darker Army Painter Chaotic Red basecoat. As for the metal bits I left them intentionally dark to give them a somewhat smoky or scorched/sooty look.
  15. I've suffered with insomnia all my life. More often than not it leads to being very grumpy to say the least, but once in a great while I do something productive. I was up for 46 hours when I started this one and around 51 as of this posting. Despite the lack of sleep this was a fun one to paint.
  16. This is one of those "minis" I really wish didn't come attached to a base as the bottom and the base itself were a pain to paint. Straying from the pre-painted version, I went with brown on the underside and added touches of oranges and yellows to the green. All critiques are welcome so let me know what you think.
  17. Had this mini sitting around for several months and was looking for something I could use as the leader of a group of knights and he fit the bill perfectly.
  18. With all the spiky bits and integrated base this one was pretty annoying to paint.
  19. This may or may not be a recurring villain in my upcoming campaign. The eyes are white because I am really bad painting them.
  20. I normally don't post unfinished work, but I thought I'd try something different with the dwarven army I'm painting for an upcoming campaign that will pit them against some drow I'm also working on. There are 22 figures in total and they all come from the Nolzur's line of unpainted miniatures. So far It has taken me around 25 hours and I'm figuring another 25 to 30 to finish the minis and then a couple more to base them all.
  21. I'll have some free time to paint tomorrow so I'll add it to the list and hopefully get it posted by the end of the day
  22. Nice job. I recently painted a rockmaw but mine didn't turn out anywhere nearly as cool as yours. Maybe once I get it based I'll post it.
  23. Thanks. When I first started paining I followed along with a few YouTube videos paining the same minis, but once I learned the basics I just went nuts. In the last eight months I think I've painted somewhere around 80-90 minis from medium to gargantuan and have about that many more on hand to paint as time permits. I'm currently working on a bunch of dwarves and drow for an upcoming campaign. As for green stuff and conversions, I might try my hand at it one of these days but I'll have to start with adding stuff to minis as I have yet to come to terms with actually cutting things off. LOL.
  24. Thanks! I've only been painting minis for 8'ish months and have only based a handful. I wouldn't even know where to begin with green stuff.
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