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  1. Not gonna lie, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was stepping on a d4. Thanks for bringing back the nightmares. LOL
  2. Yeah, I was surprised at how much bigger they were than the other wolves I have in my collection. The winter one I painted will be used as an alpha dire wolf while the black one is the wolf form of a goliath werewolf.
  3. I had two of these so decided to paint one up as a winter wolf and the other as a black wolf. Not sure which one I like better.
  4. It might not look like it, but this sucker has 37 different colors on it including 6 washes and 3 inks! The only thing I plan on changing is the metal part of the morningstar as it's just too new looking.
  5. Am I the only one that read the miniature's name as Pinocchio at first glance? I was thinking, man, did he level up. LOL. But seriously, great job. I also think the part you painted green is supposed to be wind effects, but who's to say it isn't poison or some other magical effect?
  6. I have several other items from Ender Toys but have so far steered clear of the buildings for the simple fact the insides aren't usable. But these do look really nicely painted.
  7. If you're confident in your ability to sculpt I'd go with a kilt and either add some greys to the belt to show wear or recolor it entirely depending on what sort of paint job you decide to give the kilt.
  8. Another from Nolzur's line of unpainted giants. After looking at dozens of interpretations of I settled on a slightly darker skin tone and gave each layer of his armor a different color so each stands out.
  9. This was a fun one to paint. Instead of going all black I added some dark blue. Fun fact: dark blue does not stand out to well against black. So I gave it a light grey drybrush which I then went over with the blue to make it pop. This is also the first mini where I tried my hand at adding moss to rock. It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first go.
  10. Fun fact, I used the same five colors on the hair as I did the skirt. As for the face, I used a base layer of uniform grey and dry brushed it with a bluish-grey I mixed for my storm giant mini. And as an added bonus, I originally added eyebrows but it looked silly so I quickly got rid of that mistake.
  11. The photoshop image is fairly accurate. I just have a crappy camera that likes making everything dark. As for what you said about it looking dusty... Well, it is a fire giant so dusty sort of makes sense.
  12. I did this one without any washes whatsoever. I'm pretty happy with the outcome but what do you guys think? Keep it as is or add some washes?
  13. I have a profound hatred of squirrels (I spent a year in an attic apartment with squirrels in the roof that seemed to multiply the more that were trapped), but I won't hold that against you. . These are very well done.
  14. Well done. I really like the wizard's cloak. and the rust job on the dumpster.
  15. Thanks. This one was a testament in patience. I had to remove the sword and lightning bolt to hit all the areas and then glue them back in. The lightning bolt was done with a blue wash but I did not use any washes at all on the giant itself.
  16. Stayed mostly true to the pre-pained mini but decided to add a few extra highlights on the boots tunic and leather straps. The color of the lightning doesn't show up too well in the pics as my camera sucks, but it does have a light blue tint.
  17. Finally got some basing supplies and this is the result of my first attempt.
  18. Thanks. Funny you mentioned almost white highlights. I was thinking along those lines but thought it would be too much. But maybe a few on the underside and maybe around the head wouldn't be too bad.
  19. Not a whole lot of detail on the rock on this one but it was fun to paint. Also decided to go stray a bit from the color scheme of the pre-painted mini.
  20. Fun story, I bought this and around twenty other minis and a whole bunch of basing supplies so that I could start doing something with the bases but forgot to buy the glue. For the paint job I wanted to stay somewhat true to the color of the pre-painted mini for the skin but at the last minute added some grey in to reflect its stony nature.
  21. I love everything about this. I bought one when i first started painting a few months ago but it remains untouched because I don't think my current skill level can do it justice.
  22. nice job! The milky eyes are a nice touch that I might steal when I get around to painting mine.
  23. Let's just say I understand why that whole area on the pre-painted one was all one color. That being said, I'd totally do it again if only because I like a bit of color variation on my minis.
  24. First of the Nolzur's line of unpainted giants I've gotten painted. More to come as time permits.
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