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  1. Thanks. Once I get through the 50 or so minis I have waiting to be painted I plan on revisiting this one with a few effect paints I'm hoping will give a fairly convincing glow effect. Or at the very least creep bloodshot LOL.
  2. Thanks. For the body I did a base coat of werewolf fur with a mid-brown wash and dry brushed brainmatter beige. (These are Army Painter colors) For the base I did a dark stone base followed by a dry brushing of castle grey than a strong tone wash ang then once that dried I lightened it up a bit with ash grey. I then did the claws, beak mouth, teeth and eyes. I thought about giving the eyes pupils but wanted a sort of glowing effect. I didn't exactly get it but that's ok.
  3. Thanks. In the immortal words of Bob Ross that was a happy little accident. I was messing around with washes and different shades of grey and that was the final result.
  4. Thanks. From start to finish it took around 20-25 minutes. Which for me is basically supersonic. The longest part was waiting for the wash to dry enough for me to do the dry brushing.
  5. Needed a black dragon and Narthrax fit the bill perfectly.
  6. This is my first attempt at speed painting. Pretty basic but I'm happy with how it turned out.
  7. Very nice. I have this same miniature sitting in a box unpainted for the last few weeks because I couldn't deside on a color scheme. This is giving me some inspiration so thanks!
  8. Very nice. Gems and water are the bane of my painting experience.
  9. I put my players against this. Imagine their surprise when they used flame to prevent heads from growing back only for them to grow back anyways. To change it up I made this particular species of hydra require acid to prevent heads from growing back. It took them a few rounds and a lucky spell by the wizard to figure that one out.
  10. I'm taking your advice and going for it. I'll be ordering some basing supplies soon and will post updated pics when I get it done.
  11. I thought about painting this red like the pre-painted one but opted for something a little different.
  12. Nice work. What did you use to make the water effects?
  13. That really does look like fire and lava. Nice job.
  14. Thanks!. I realized the original images were somewhat blurry so I cleaned my camera lens and took new ones.
  15. Thanks! I noticed the original images were slightly blurry so I cleaned my camera lens and took clearer ones. :)
  16. This is the last mini I painted. With the exception of the base I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I've only been painting a few months and have yet to try my hand at basing but I'll get there eventually.
  17. This was the first Reaper Miniature I ever painted. I tried matching it to the image on the box as closely as I could.
  18. Good to know. I'm new to the forum and didn't want to break any rules.
  19. Thanks! Most of the work I've done has been on the Nolzur's line but I do have another Reaper mini I'll post. Actually, I have around 8 or 9 that I've done but they're pretty basic in terms of pain jobs so I'll hold off on posting them until I can make them look a little more presentable.
  20. Thanks for the welcome. I've painted 30 or 40 minis since I picked up the hobby in March but this one was by far the most fun to paint and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  21. I've only been painting a few months and have a lot to learn but here's my first attempt at painting the Great Mother Mashaaf.
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