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  1. Bone Devil (Osyluth) Finally added another baddie to the collection. You can read more about him and see some more images in my Show Off thread HERE.
  2. Been awhile since I painted up a fiend. But here's a simple bone devil I painted up pretty quickly one night. This model is a little bendy in bones, and I had a lot of trouble deciding which side of the wing the tail should rest on. I also don't love that the tail rests on the wing. This would have been easier to repose in metal, but in bones it's more trouble than it's worth to fix. I tried out a more orange-tone for my hell base and I will likely lean in that direction more in the future. I also had a lot of fun painting the wings to look
  3. I feel like this is often the excuse for not bringing items to retail. At the very least I wish they would offer them up as KS add-ons. It'd guarantee a better production number than just dwelling on the website, if they're worried about that. But it seems such a shame that so many fantastic models get scrapped or withheld due to packaging concerns.
  4. It would also be a good way to separate out advice for those without an airbrush. Until recently I didn't have one and it was always frustrating to find airbrushing advice when that wasn't a tool I had access to.
  5. I very rarely leave minis half-finished. Though some of them do get primed and abandoned. Those had been sitting around the longest, roughly two years. No other unpainted mini has molded on me. I don't need mother nature guilting me into painting XD - though it did work. Those 8 are currently being painted up after the ordeal they went through. It's only fair.
  6. Gaming clubs? No Does acting out the same movie over and over again count as a "hobby?" I'm part of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Players - Pittsburgh's Rocky Horror Shadowcast. I am also a part of two different variety show troupes - "The Cosmic Misfits" and "Hot Metal Hardware." Performance is my extrovert hobby, while painting is my introvert hobby.
  7. Here's the final result! You can see some more photos on the Show Off thread HERE.
  8. Here's a simple one for you. Painted the Great Worm as a Purple Worm to the surprise of no one. More Photos Below the Spoiler:
  9. So I soaked the minis in a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water. I left them for a couple hours. When I came back to them it seemed like the mold had dissolved. I wasn't quite satisfied though so I then took dish soap and a toothbrush to them for extra safety. In the process I scrubbed off most of the original "primer." At this point the problem seems revolved. After all that trouble and two years of collecting dust, figured I'd reward these guys by finally painting them up. So hopefully I'll have some finished mold-free minis soon. Thanks for al
  10. Thank you. There will definitely be more! Just can't promise when. I do have two new pirates painted up that'll get posted eventually once I take good photos. I've already got quite a backlog of unpainted for this setting, but Bone 5 will add tons more. And once the game actually gets going, I'll have extra motivation to keep the minis coming. There may also be more world lore, or adventure logs. Thanks. In my mind it made sense to have a single place that linked to other related threads. So that someone could flip through this and follow along with my madness. Definitely
  11. Thank you! The game has been on hold for over a year and I don't think it's coming back. I eventually plan on starting it over for a new crew though. So I periodically add a few more whenever I find some fitting minis. The Rune Wights in Bones 5 are a perfect fit for this setting. Glad you liked the stories! I had given up on them since they were a lot of work and made it harder to post, but if people enjoy them I can always bring them back.
  12. @R2ED I feel similarly. I got into bones when Bones 4 was late backing. I first found them because my FLGS carried tons of them. Then I scooped up some old Bones 3 and 2 stuff from ebay. Finally backed the core on 4. Spent the next year regretting the the expansions I talked myself out of and tracking them down second hand. I went all out on this one.
  13. This is such a smart way to work around your color blindness! So I have been choosing colors ahead of time, but not arbitrarily. I do kind of what you do just upfront. If I know what my core color is it's easy to pick a secondary. And from there any outliers I might need (maybe a red for some skin tone, or a random color for an accessory). Also thank you! Definitely don't feel like it's mandatory, but it's a fun challenge to focus on and I'm learning more about my paints and colors as I go. It's motivating me more than limiting. This is a really cool break do
  14. That's a fun one! I did something similar with color-shift craft paints. I drybrushed them on these dragons to add a bit of shimmer and shine.
  15. Hi everyone. I've been thinking a lot about color while painting recently. It's been a major motivation for some of my more recent projects. I wanted to talk about some of the things I've been doing and hoped that some of you would share your thoughts about color choice as well. First of all, my paint collection is fairly modest. Probably around 50. But I'm a firm believer that you don't need a ton of different paints. I add paints periodically to fill gaps - especially colors that I find myself struggling to mix well (purple continues to be a struggle and I need some better options).
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