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  1. Lovely work. I've been gearing up to tackle this one myself. Did you use an airbrush at all or is this all by hand?
  2. Not yet. Did some preliminary research on LED lights. Can't recall it at the moment but saved some information. There's a surprising amount of different specs you can find in LEDs and unfortunately the cheap consumer ones aren't a great option for a photo box. Will definitely update here when I have something to update about though! Thanks for asking, it's motivating to know someone was interested!
  3. Lifeguard. B) Worked at a community pool during the summer and at an indoor pool in a youth center the rest of the year. Summer job ended while I was in college but I worked at the youth center up until the beginning of the pandemic when they decided they weren't going to reopen. Though they long ago cemented over the indoor pool. Of course that just meant I could tell kids they got rid of the pool because it was haunted. If you're in the room alone and real quiet you can hear the ghost of the drowned kid tap, tap tapping on the cement trying to get out.
  4. No I don't use a gel kind. Just typical dollar store super glue. I recommend practicing and playing with it if you try the baking soda/super glue trick. You can fill gaps by packing in baking soda first then letting the glue fill it, or do the reverse, fill some glue and sprinkle baking soda. I also have used it for basing uneven things. Set the mini on the base and place glue under the edges then sprinkle baking soda around and it kind of fills the gaps. For bigger bases I often use other materials though, just to not waste do much glue. Instant grout is a good option for rocky terrain. And better value than similar hobby-brand texture pastes.
  5. If you don't have a lot of surface, like maybe someone standing on one foot with no integrated base, then i recommend pinning. Use a small mini drill to insert a wire into the leg of the mini and bend it into an "L" shape to give yourself a larger surface area to join the mini to the base. My favorite basing technique is to use superglue and baking soda. It instantly hardens in a dirt-like texture that's great for securing the mini and blending any existing base into the rest of the base.
  6. Empty pill bottles with sticky tack. Bigger minis sometimes require bigger bottles. I often work on too many minis at once so being able to have 20 "handles" is useful
  7. I had a friend commission a piece from me as a present for their boyfriend. I didn't have a lot to go on other than a picture he'd drawn and knowing it was for a "space D&D" game. Since it was a surprise, I couldn't ask any questions so I just made some decisions. Here was the picture. I chose this guy as my starting point because of the semi-modern style, the demonic features including the tail, and the open chest. But he was a bit too fantasy. I blended his base into a round base with some bakingsoda and super glue, and cut away his horns. The picture didn't show any horns and I wasn't able to ask if he cared or not so off they went. Cut off the staff, drilled out his hand, and added an axe from the Bones 3 weapons sprue. I did have to cut away the bottom of the axe to allow it to fit into his hand. I didn't know what kind of weapon this guy used, but thought I could make a properly futuristic weapon out of it. I also sculpted on some new hair to cover the horns. This was trickier than I expected but I think I got it to blend okay. I also started sculpting some kneepads to capture that cool futuristic armor that the drawing had. I ended up using some cut-offs from a sprue to get the pointed triangular shapes on the knees. This helped a lot. I am very new to sculpting with GS and converting minis in general. I've dabbled with small things here and there but this was the most conversion work I have done to date. It's not much, but you gotta start somewhere. Let's throw some paint on this guy: I think I got something decently futuristic. Still hoping the recipient likes it. This thread gave me some of the motivation to try converting it. Love all the cool work!
  8. Its done! What a wonderful project. This'll really add a lot to your photos going forward!
  9. The lack of impulse control in this group is always comforting XD It's still likely that I'll tack on a few more sets of bases before the PM closes.
  10. I've picked up a lot of the older sets on ebay. Honestly, they're still a better deal than trying to get all the individual models from retail. But I agree with @Clearman. If you're just looking for a certain few and you don't think it's likely that you'll want to buy the rest later, then look up the ones you want and add up the prices and compare. Sometime I decide the extra $20 or whatever is worth the extra 30 minis. The Bones line has been revisiting some of the older model types though, and I often prefer the updated sculpts, so you might also just want to save that money for the next kickstarter. Then you'll truly get the most bang for your buck.
  11. Ghost Pirates - Finished I finally got around to photographing the ghost pirates. Check them out in the Show-Off thread HERE.
  12. Arrgh! This week we be havin a dreadful lot o' ghostly pirates that'll be sendin shivers down yer timbers. This accursed crew of damned delinquents are the Ghost Pirates from Bones 4, or the soon-to-be-released Ghosts of the Drowned Nymph (77745) and the Shades of the Drowned Nymph (77747). I painted these up similarly to the way I painted the spiritual glow of my Demi Lich. But I didn't want them to all just be blue so I went for a transitional look. As if they are materializing out of the ethereal plane. They may have looked fine either way, but I tend to enjoy lots of colors in my minis. I also chose to paint over nearly all of the translucent material. I think I'm officially in the paint-over-it camp. Read on for More Photos: These guys were quite a bit of fun to paint. Check out their WIP and my other piratey minis here. Which ghost is your favorite? Also, where do you stand on the translucent mini debate? Paint over them? Washes and drybrush? Or leave them as is?
  13. I really need to get into some better brush cleaning habits. I paint in such sporadic bursts with so many starts and stops that sometimes I go over a month without cleaning my brushes :x It just feels like it's not worth it to pull out the cleaners when I only use the brush for an hour. But those hours add up...
  14. Following along. I've managed to make brushes last, but I also am pretty rough on them. I can get about a year out of them before they need replaced.
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