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  1. I've only scratch-built a few minis. A trio of snake swarms I made a few years ago - as simple as you can get. And this cute little octopus I whipped up with some greenstuff leftover after some conversion work. So far my sculpting skills are limited to noodles and blobs. But you have to start somewhere!
  2. I'm curious how some of the updated minis in this KS size up to their earlier Bones counterparts. Anyone have the old and new Beastmen? Or the old and new Wererats?
  3. I've been busy and haven't had a chance to post about it here. But a little while ago I finally succeeded in acquiring one of my Holy Grail minis! Technically it's multiple. One of my very first posts on the forums was about finding good leonin minis. I've had my sights on the discontinued Khalimane Republic faction from Alkemy. It seems sets are still sold in France, but are pricy to find in the US which is wild because a few years ago they were going for a steal on Clearance. Finally found a seller who had a collection, including a few assembled and half-painted and got a decent collecti
  4. Thanks. At this point I'm not really fond of the dip method. I tend to be a layer-er. I'm less looking for methods to speed up my painting (as I enjoy having my paintjobs reflect my highest quality) and more looking for ways to not drive myself crazy when my efforts inevitably take forever. Granted I do try to utilize some time saving tips - zenithal prime, airbrush base coat, washes and drybrushes for details like fur. Recently been playing more with wet-blending as my confidence has improved. It's incredible how much time you can save by doing it right. I guess to some degree I enj
  5. I was just stopping by to list a need for more fey. Maybe some more animal-humanoid folk as well since that seems to be the direction 5e is taking fey.
  6. Finally got my package over the weekend. While it's not as big as some of yours, it's the most I've ever gotten in one order - nearly 30lbs. Of course I just picked up some extra work and have spent all my free time editing instead of sorting through my mountain of plastic. And with a move immanent, I'm not sure when I'll actually get to really sit down and check everything. Hopefully before Bones 6 I'm really curious to see how the new scions compare to the Genie and Efreeti from Bones 4.
  7. We got some WIP pics of the Snow Pack Add-On. This is one that I'm particularly excited for. Hoping to use some of this for a cheap portable Frostgrave. The Map: And some WIP tiles: Snowy Cabin Roof
  8. Don't have the new one yet to compare, but I am also very curious to see how they size up next to each other. I like the old Goroloth, but also see the issue with its length and not coming with a flight (swim?) stand.
  9. It's a treat! It's notorious for having a "splatter zone" and they often sell ponchos. There's some recorded productions on YouTube, but I recommend keeping an eye out for a local production. Local Theaters tend to do it around the fall season.
  10. A Porcelain Elephant. The Rocky Horror shadowcast my fiance and I are a part of holds a "White Elephant" gift exchange each winter. We all bring gifts and randomly pick from the pile or steal from an already open present. It's silly and fun. But at the end of the evening we vote to award the member who contributed the most without having an elected position in the cast and give them the White Elephant to keep until next year. Winter 2019 I was lucky enough to be awarded the Elephant and it took a position of pride on our bookshelf. This past winter, while holding the party remotely ove
  11. This is really coming to life. And now the Evil Dead: The Musical soundtrack is playing in my head. "Cabin in the woods (oooh) A cabin in the woods (yeah) We're five college students on our way to an old abandoned cabin in the woods (oooh yeah)"
  12. I'm in your boat as well. Wave 11 for me though. Checking my email a few times a day but otherwise just patiently waiting.
  13. This is one of my favorite threads. Everyone is so helpful and supportive. Managed to jump back into painting this weekend. Made some progress on my worm and knocked out a few little guys. Thanks for the encouragement!
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