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  1. Alright. Oils obtained. I mixed up a rich purple using ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson. The paints were from two different companies. The only difference I noticed was that the blue was more liquidy but I think the oil in the paint may have separated a bit, it didn't seem to effect anything though. I added mineral spirits until I was happy with the consistency then slathered it on my worms. I added a crimson wash to the mouths. A brownish-crimson to the underbellies, and a black-brown to the base. I then wiped away the paint from the highp
  2. The month is nearly up, but jumping in to hold myself accountable. Only got half of my goal done last month. Been busy with life. Haven't painted since early May, but I'm jumping back in. Prepped a bunch of minis that should be easy paints, a lot of undead wolves, one normal wolf, a werewolf, and an undead werewolf. Also prepped two lemurs and a snake to use as ghoul rotters and a ghoul snake for RoSD. But my current goal is just to finish the two Purple Worms I started. Want to try out some oil-wash techniques. Hoping tackling these big baddies will increase my confidence t
  3. Thank you! This is my favorite project, though I often postpone painting things in it for many reasons. I do have a few new additions that I need to post soon. Color palette has been my latest focus while painting, really trying to push vivid colors, while maintaining uniformity. Seems to come down to a mix of rich colors with desaturated shadows and highlights. When it comes to pirates and the sea that seems to capture that "washed out" look. Like a brightly painted boat left in the sun too long.
  4. Hello folks, Been pretty busy lately and haven't had a chance to paint in over a month. Decided to come back swinging by painting not one but two enormous minis. Between my love of strange D&D creatures and enjoyment of the Tremors movies, it's little surprise that I love Purple Worms. They're ridiculous and threatening and definitely capture the eye. Plus purple is my favorite color. I have been slowly gearing up to take on Ma'al Drakar, and have been practicing techniques that I think would make the process more bearable. I started using my airbrush at the beginning o
  5. Sorry about that. Was wondering how to notify a mod, and it didn't occur to me to search for a report button. Also had started answering sincerely before I realized it was probably a bot.
  6. Really makes me wish there were mod options for KS comments. Between the trolls, and the arguers, the comments over there become unbearable. Just have to patiently wait for my box and then we'll be free of the comment section torment. Until the next KS of course.
  7. Need to keep an eye on this! I want to do something similar with my kobolds, though I was thinking more neutral toned with red, orange, and dark grey. Excellent job. I love how vibrant and painterly your style is.
  8. I'm a little late here, but wanted to throw out some suggestions for future projects, or others who may stumble on here. My go-to basing material is superglue and baking soda. Specifically applying a thin layer of glue and then sprinkling baking soda. It works for almost any scenario, and is my favorite method of blending an integrated base into the round base. You can add some sand if you want some larger grit. Here's the baking soda trick with just a basecoat, wash, drybrush to act as sand. The grain is small enough to look appropriate at scale. But this doesn't cover large surf
  9. The lion is essentially a "dire" lion. Much larger than the existing bones lion sculpts, granted, the existing ones look a bit small these days. I do like having some odd stand-outs like that, but definitely could use more generic beasts. Like how the Dark Depths and Lost Valley added a bunch of setting-specific creatures.
  10. I think I've said it before, but more animals. Especially in multiple poses. Classic beasts that often attack in packs like wolves, hyenas, lions. A snake swarm would also be nice. Or even just bones versions of some of the other "familiar" sets. I know those evil toys would make for a fun encounter.
  11. I try to keep my bases mostly paint with the exception of some grass tufts (flocking is just too messy for me). I really enjoyed basing these swamp skeletons. The dark swamp water is all painted directly on the base or over a thin layer of bakingsoda/superglue. Just work from light to dark as the water gets deeper. It doesn't look like much until you gloss coat it after sealing. The bases use the integrated base, with a superglue/ baking soda mix to blend them into the rest of the piece. Some small aquarium rocks were used to add some extra detail. The real key is to u
  12. I echo others' sentiments about the smaller base offerings. For smaller minis, you end up having to put them on an oversized 1in, or the beveled 20mm which ends up with less surface area on top for integrated bases. I often have to chop the base to get it to fit within the smaller 18mm surface. A true 20 mm in the style of 74035 would be really useful. My base needs are often determined by the balance between using the integrated reaper bases, but wanting to adhere to official games sizes. I am flexible, but it is a bummer when a wide stance pushes what should be a 25mm mini
  13. This is bummer news. I've been wondering what the deal was with that one since they hadn't shown any additional pictures of her since the 3d render.
  14. Most recently it was The Snowman. I normally don't turn a movie off, but... it was such a wreck. Just awkward dialogue. Bad editing. Poor writing. Which is a shame because the actors were talented - they just couldn't fix a train wreck. Also a confusing tone. Are we supposed to be serious, or are we supposed to laugh? Also pet peeve that they didn't change or translate the protagonist's name, because I don't know a single english-speaking audience that wouldn't giggle every time they hear the name "Harry Hole." As a Rocky Horror Shadow-caster, I'm sorry this was yo
  15. I'm now in the position of trying to decide if I should change my address. Will be moving into a new house come July. Since the deals not closed, I'm hesitant to send it to the new address, and I don't really want to send it off to a relative's, though I may have to. Eagerly anticipating my largest Bones haul to date!
  16. And this is EXACTLY the point. It's easy enough to modify things or paint them to fit your image, but that's the consolation prize. There's something important about seeing a character reflect your identity intentionally! I noticed recently that heroforge had included some cool new designs for prosthetic limbs. It's nice to see the industry listening to the community. Plus I feel that details like this ADD to a mini instead of limiting it. I'd rather have a sculpt with a richly implied story than just another generic mook. I'm also happy to see that this thread is still popping up fro
  17. That's some great subtlety in your shading there!
  18. This turned out incredible! It was fun watching the progress in your WIP thread.
  19. It's nice seeing what everyone is planning on doing with their minis! One of the few silver linings of not being able to game in person is that I got to postpone starting the nautical 5e campaign I've been developing for awhile. By the time I get to start it, I'll have tons of new pirates and sea-creatures for it!
  20. Anyone else mentally preparing for campaigns to use all these minis in? I'm trying to think of something to justify all of these different vampires and ghouls. Guess I need a good gothic adventure soon.
  21. This would be a cool idea. It's nice to have alternatives to other similar encounter types. We have plenty of spiders, so why not ants?
  22. Thanks everyone! I am still really proud of these guys. It's nice seeing the positive feedback!
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