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  1. Diversity and Representation in Miniatures This thread was prompted by a recent tangent in the Bones 5 enthusiasm thread. It appears that there is interest in discussing what kind of diversity we would like to see in future mini offerings. A word of warning. I believe this thread would be most useful as a place to discuss diversity and representation and actionable ways we could obtain more of that in the world of miniatures. Listing things you want to see are perfect. Arguing about the usefulness or desirability of those things are not. This is also not a place to argue about the merits of various minority identities. This is an inherently (social) political subject, but do your best to leave your politics outside of this thread. I don't want to see something with such potential being shut down. When in doubt, leave room for those who are members of that minority group to guide the conversation. We all have room to learn! With that out of the way, I wanted to briefly state WHY this is important. Representation is very important. To see yourself and identity reflected in the world around you is essential for your mental health, and to find your own place in the world. Unfortunately, representation is often determined by the majority and the default tends to be a reflection of the majority's own image. What this means is that these stereotypes and cliches get perpetuated. This is especially apparent in the world of fantasy minis that is still heavily influence by the pulp fantasy that inspired the genre. This leaves us with a lot conan-esque rippling muscle men with a distinctly western-european look. And scantly-clad women with super-model-like bodies. I challenge the community to do better. I challenge artists to keep this in mind. There is nothing inherently wrong with cliche and tradition, but there's already plenty of offerings in those areas. Let's try something new! Gender Diversity: - Androgynous/non-binary characters that aren't "alien" in nature. - traditionally masculine qualities on otherwise feminine models - traditionally feminine qualities on otherwise masculine models Ethnic Diversity - hair styles and facial features of non-caucasion humans. Specifically on otherwise genre traditional attire (you don't need a kimono to showcase asian features, etc.) Body Diversity - characters with extra weight in non-comical poses Disability Diversity - non-old characters using mobility aides such as canes and wheelchairs. Please feel free to expand, respond, or add your own wants. There are so many different kinds of people and it would be great to see what qualities people believe are missing in the mini world. To start this off I'm tagging a few of you who showed interest in this subject in the previous thread. @Great Khan Artist @Cyradis @PhantomAsh @Guyra @Glitterwolf Note: if this is not the right thread for something like this, could we get moved to the correct spot? I was not quite sure where to put this.
  2. This is a subject that is also very important to me and I would hope for some greater diversity in the future. It's nice to see it being discussed here, as conversations around wanting more women dwarves in the KS comments lead to the typical, unimaginative "did you assume their gender" jokes. Representation in gaming maters. It's why I'm always glad to see non-white-male figures. If people are confused how more androgyny could benefit their character designs, look at it more as body-diversity. People LOVED some of the options amongst the henchmen and henchwomen. And the recent Dungeons and Diversity line of wheel-chair using minis were incredibly popular online. There's just a lot of room to break from the "traditional." Sidebar on the word "traditional." I would caution people away from referring to subjects of diversity as "traditional" or "non-traditional." Traditionally the majority voices dictate what is or isn't seen as "normal," and using that kind of wording implies that minority representation is seen as abnormal, strange, or wrong. Like the "alien" point PhantomAsh mentioned.
  3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show and various callbacks. I'm on of those shadow casters who acts out the movie during midnight showings. I have that script memorized. I do not quote it by choice, but by habit. For the same reason I have a slew of callbacks memorized that we shout during midnight showings. And similarly, I have a few other movies memorized as well, as we occasionally perform Shock Treatment, Reefer Madness the Movie Musical, REPO! The Genetic Opera, Phantom of the Paradise, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. I am your go-to source for bad movie musicals.
  4. I have the same problem, but I try to tell myself that whether they're painted or not, they're still worth it! Yes! Even as primarily an RPG player, I love having hordes of similar minis. I'd always rather have a few different poses to prevent that clone-army look. Always enjoy seeing the ways you adapt your minis to add some variety!
  5. Until recently, I've pretty much always worked two jobs at once. But I don't think that's the fun answer you're looking for. The more interesting side hustles: I do commission mini painting. Though this is typically for friend-of-a-friend situations. I am too aware of how trying to turn my hobby into profit would kill the joy for me. I used to do some photography work. I minored in photography and used to take photos. This was typically adjacent to the performing communities I frequented. So either taking promotional photos for performers, or shooting live shows. I lost access to a studio after graduating and I excelled at studio-photography primarily so without that I lost a lot of my motivation. Plus the people and performers I was working with didn't have the money to spend on the quality of work I produced. $20 for shooting a 2 hour show, plus at least 2 hours of editing just isn't worth it. My most interesting side-hustle was as a Burlesque dancer. Pandemic has put that one on hold, which is a shame because most of the tips I got from that supported my miniature addiction. For the curious, there's a pretty fascinating underground performing world where Drag, Burlesque, and Variety meet - think "vaudeville". I specialized in nerdy, comedy, strip-tease, but I shared a stage with drag kings and queens, clowns, sword swallowers, etc. A very colorful world. Feel free to PM me if you want to see any videos as they're a bit too NSFW to just go posting willy-nilly.
  6. I know we briefly touched on what gets painted first, but that reminded me of another fun question. What do you use your Bones for? I'm mostly a D&D guy so I paint up what I need for the next game, or sometimes the cool thing I want to paint motivates what goes into my next game. Though recently I've been painting stuff up for Rangers of Shadow Deep, as it's given me some motivation to throw paint on some of the models I otherwise would overlook. How about the rest of you? I know some of yinz are just here for the painting, while others use them for non-D&D games.
  7. As a newer member of the forums, and someone who primarily paints for D&D, it feels useful to have a place to discuss goals that's separate from the paintjob show-off threads that can quickly bury longer discussions. Also, from my perspective, it feels similar for me to discuss my goals of painting up 3 ghouls, 4 gnolls, and a giant worm, in the same way that the war-gammers discuss painting up a unit of soldiers and a centerpiece. Though the games and uses may be different, a lot of the same theory and struggles go into trying to paint up x-number of minis for whatever purpose. I recently posted asking for some help overcoming exhaustion as I work on a horde of 11 frogmen. The advice from both the longtime army painters and from the more "art" painters have been a big help. And really shows how the lines blur within the hobby.
  8. I have been trying to do this more often. There's definitely part of me that craves the reward of showing something off and receiving positive reinforcement. I previously withheld sharing any photos until things were done. Even joining the forums here was to find the kinship and share the hobby with others who shared the passion. This thread and everyone's responses have been very helpful. This year has been exhausting enough and it's hard to see something that brings me joy exhausting me as well. Appreciate all the insights and suggestions.
  9. Thank you all. Sometimes its nice just to know you're not alone, even when you know you're not alone. I guess I do feel some sense of pressure to meet or exceed my mini count from last year. And I have an amazing ability to turn hobbies into chores. I really like your suggestions to have a side project. Like I said, I will often switch between a large project and an easy project, but I normally don't do them concurrently. It might help to have something else to swap out to when I'm feeling the burnout. I'm also primarily a D&Der, so the closest I get to armies are just hordes of similar minis. Been dabbling in some Skirmish games as well, but hordes always exhaust me more than just a character. Right now I'm working on a unit of frogmen from Hordes, and the thing that's driving me the most crazy is that nearly all of them have an identical quiver that's got too much detail packed into it. And I currently hate the quiver. Hopefully once I get past that it'll be easier. But might try throwing some colors on a few new models to have some options to swap in and out.
  10. Hi gang. I always have trouble with finishing minis if they take too long. Groups of minis are a frequent struggle for me. What kind of advice do you have to avoid burnout? I try to mix things up to stave off the exhaustion and tedium. I typically switch off between working on groups of minis, to just doing one at a time. Small minis to big minis. Detailed minis to simple minis. I'll even avoid things that are the same color back-to-back. Anything to help avoid getting sick of painting. But I have a harder time just getting through a group of minis. I'll try breaking them into sub groups, or just focusing on painting everything of the same color like all of the wood, or all the leather. Maybe I'm just tired in general, but I'm definitely feeling worn down on my current set, which is a shame because I am excited to see them finished. What advice do you have? How do you avoid burnout? How do you get yourself to just keep painting?
  11. Captain Ashe and Blu the Octopus Finally got around to sharing nice photos of Captain Ashe and the octopus I made from GS. You can see more photos of the captain HERE. And more photos of the octopus HERE.
  12. How do you make an octopus laugh? You give him ten tickles! Wanted to show off this little octopus that I sculpted from some leftover green stuff. I don't have much experience with sculpting other than a few simple embellishments on minis and a couple of snake swarms I made once. Wanted to try something relatively simple and figured an octopus would be pretty forgiving. You can see more about how I made this guy and more of my nautical minis in my Dark Tide WIP thread HERE. I sculpted and painted this guy in two evenings and am happy with hos cute it turned out. It's not the most accurate, but I'm proud of it. It definitely has given me greater confidence in my ability to make something out of nothing. More Photos Beneath the Spoiler:
  13. Unfurl the mainsails and weigh anchor! Finally got around to showing off this fantastic pirate captain mini. Though I've collected quite a few pirate minis in preparation for a nautical D&D campaign, this model was the first I have painted outside of the LTP Kit. I felt he was missing something pretty important so I sculpted a hat for him. Pretty happy with the result. You can see more about how I painted him and my other nautical-themed minis in my Dark Tide WIP thread HERE. I am most proud of the jacket and sleeves which I wanted to appear as worn leather. I think I was successful. I look forward to painting up a crew for this captain. Recently discovered a few pirate crews from Warmachine that are calling my name.
  14. Thanks for the shoutout. I'd love to see your results! Here's the model @Great Khan Artist was referring to. This was a pretty quick and easy paintjob. I based the skin and the fur in a dark brown and a deep tan respectively. The fur got drybrushed with warm orangey-browns, maybe two birghter layers. The skin got highlighted with tans/fleshy colors. With such a bug flat area you want to try to use thinner colors to keep the blend as smooth as you can. I can't recommend this enough. Too often I have put a bunch of time into something only to end up dissatisfied because something "doesn't look right." Your memory is such an unreliable thing. Just look up reference pictures. Even if you intend on doing something unnatural. But it's essential for real-life animals. That pig is never as pink as you think, and the tiger is never as orange.
  15. To clarify, I don't need the villagers to be adventurers, I just preferred the previous villagers that felt more like characters. Whether it be the Half-Orc Merchant and the Beer-drinking dwarf, or the more commoner types like the barmaid, milkmaid, barrel-carrier, and scribe from Bones 4. They felt like they had jobs or were doing something instead of just standing around waiting to comment on the weather. They just had more personality than this new set. But I am happy that they are meeting the needs of many of you. Not every mini has to be perfect for everyone. My bigger complaint is about the tiny boring bases. A bland mini is acceptable if I don't have to spend much time on it, but it looks like I'll have to rebase all of the villagers if I want them to be stable or have a base that looks natural, and it's a disappointment that I'll have to spend more time on these background filler minis than necessary. Lesson learned to double check my cart before hitting "buy." Basing them in groups like a crowd does sound like a cool use though. While I'm complaining about bases though, what is with those blocky wooden bases on some of the Brinewind minis? I'm just trying to figure out how to adapt those to the round bases I usually use. I'm not so particular that they all need to perfectly fit on 1in rounds, I've use bigger bases for some of the wide-stanced minis. But I also don't know how I'll blend the bases into a round. Maybe fil the gaps with something to look like sand, like a plank of wood sitting on a sandy beach. Anyone else have ideas of what to do with those to make them look more natural? Also just for clarity, I'm not upset with anything. Not every item in a KS is going to satisfy everyone, and I have no unreasonable expectations. Just trying to figure out what to do with some of the things I'm getting that I have complaints about. Also cool to see the difference in opinion and why the things I may not like are preferable to other people. You all bring up interesting points.
  16. I will lower the heat, turn on a fan to add a bit of a breeze, and then pile on blankets. I don't want to be cold, but I hate being overheated. Probably pretty frequently. Most of my childhood interests have stuck in some way or another. Though those interests have definitely matured with me. I still like playing games and playing with toys and making art. But those things have evolved into TTRPGs. I play video games with decent regularity. I still play dress up but that now mostly comes out through shadowcasting the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or through the burlesque/variety shows I perform in. I don't read comics nearly as often these days, but that's mostly because I never moved my collection out of my childhood home. The things that brought me joy as a child still bring me joy as an adult, but I indulge in them in different ways. Not too many. Most of these kinds of things are a result of me pillaging another game for minis for D&D use. The biggest offender is my Rum & Bones collection. I have most of the sets they released for that game, many still in shrink wrap. Though my fiance and I did start playing the game this year, we don't play with enough frequency to test out all of the factions and options. I also have some random sets from other games that I have zero intentions to learn. I have some stuff from Wrath of Kings as well as Age of Sigmar, that are destined to be pillaged. There's some boxes and baggies full of cheapo minis from Magic the Gathering and Warhammer, that are very low on the to-be-painted list. I also have a few sprues from Frostgrave and similar skirmish games that I ordered and then let collect dust when I realized how much smaller they were compared to the rest of my collection.
  17. I also have this problem, but extended to NPCs as well. I often use color to align minis with members of a similar faction. So if I don't have a specific use for the character yet I can't paint it, even if I know I will find a use eventually. It might end up needing to be different for whatever use I eventually find. Units of similar creatures and beings are the ones I get to first. Especially things that are relatively neutral. It's easy to paint up a bunch of mummies without worrying about choosing the wrong scheme. However sometimes I get held up on painting a group if I know I'm waiting on more similar figures to arrive. My goblins and kobolds are waiting for Bones 5 so I can properly divide them into sub group with different skin tones so that the duplicates remain somewhat unique. At the end of the day, there's always something to paint, and I likely will never catch up to the collection, but even unpainted plastic brings be joy. On another note, is anyone else underwhelmed by the villager set? It's the only item I regret buying, namely because I had intended to remove it from my cart before checking out. But the figures are just so static, not like the more dynamic and unique villagers from Bones 4, or the even weirder non-human race villagers from previous kickstarters. But the part that I'm most disappointed about is those tiny bland bases. They look like they'd tip over so easily and the bases don't appear to be textured (I could be wrong). But for such bland figures, it's a shame that I'll likely have to rebase them all since I don't care to spend much time prepping figures that aren't all that interesting. Would rather be able to slap paint on and call it a day.
  18. How exciting! I look forward to finally participating in this! I've heard much about it even before joining the forums.
  19. I don't have access to a 3D printer, but if someone is selling prints I'm not opposed to those!
  20. Anyone have any useful leads on a set of elves in tribal garb? I'm specifically looking for elves that would fit in a jungle, tropic, or coastal setting. Not looking for heavy armor. If there's some gender diversity in the set that's even more ideal. I could kit bash if needed, but trying to avoid that. Also looking for things that would fit well in scale with Reaper Bones' offerings. Have I made this easy enough for you all?
  21. I've used the "Academy of Arcane Arts" in some of my games. Not the most original name, but it gets the point across and I like alliteration.
  22. Thanks! Glad to make another frog proud. Still have 10 more to finish!
  23. Thanks all! Glad people are enjoying the wings. I think I painted the whole wing a mid-tone color. Then added a bunch of dots with a brighter shade that was fairly thin (not enough to run but enough to be translucent - glaze medium might work better but I have yet to get any). Then I went back with another brighter shade, more opaque and tried not to entirely cover the previous layers. Then finally went back with a darker shade and traced out the lines on the wings, being mindful to catch the inner edges. Tedious but worth it. @Samedi whenever you get around to yours, make sure you post them! I'm curious to see how that method works out! @PhantomAsh Those look pretty cool. I like how much character those sculpts have, unfortunately they don't seem to have what I'm looking for. Plus I'm looking for that sweet spot between price, quantity, and quality. I might have some luck on etsy with 3D printed options.
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