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  1. Glad I could be of some help! I need to get back to work on that dragon. Life got in the way. Your crystals turned out great!
  2. Finally made a bit more progress on this guy. Please excuse the photo quality. I got a new phone and I can't quite get the settings to work for me. Base coated most of the dragon in Rich Indigo. And based the purple spines in Carnival Purple. I was originally planning on painting the underbelly and claw details in a paler version of the blue crystals but this changed as I progressed. I started slapping some paint on the dragon and quickly realized my blue crystals were too pale to have a lighter variant for the underbelly, so I switched to a peachier color to add some contrast. Blended from Bruised Purple to Rosy Highlight to white. Some of the Rich Indigo still shows through which is fine with me. I based the entire underbelly on both halves of the dragon. I moved on to working on more of the blue scales and the head, spending extra time on the head. With something as potentially tedious as crystals, I'm allowing myself to be a bit messy in some areas like the small scales. While the larger scales and focus areas get extra attention. Also painted the purple spines on the front half of the dragon. By keeping the color palette simple, I'm not worried about remixing the colors. Pretty happy with the results so far. It definitely looks better in person so I'll try to get better photos when it's done. Feeling more confident that it will turn out the way im envisioning. And finally got past the base coating stage which was really wearing on me
  3. Back again with another weirdly specific mini I'm in search of. I am looking for something to represent a Sea Vampire. I am leaning towards a female model, but am open to alternatives. Hoping to find something with the classy dress and garb of classic vampires/sorceresses/witches/ etc, but with an aquatic touch. I've been searching a lot of sea witch sculpts, but they're either very kind/good looking, or almost primal beasts. Perfect world would be an evil-looking woman with a dress and tentacles. I could potentially add tentacles rising from the robes/dress, but if there's a close-enough mini out there I'll take it. Any suggestions?
  4. This is similar to the direction I'm attempting. Tried out the scheme on a few smaller crystals but have stalled out for a few weeks and haven't broken much ground on the dragon itself.
  5. All said, I think this was a good KS. Maybe not as glorious as the last few. But the core ended up filled with some pretty cool sculpts, we got a few highly-anticipated expansions, and some great revisions of older sculpts. I'm going to hold out hope that we see some of the teased but not officially revealed items as "power-ups." I can't imagine they'll want to sit on those sculpts they paid for for another 4ish years until B7 delivers.
  6. Final map (presumably) That little addendum has me hopeful for some additional unlocks. I feel we were teased for a lot of things that won't be included otherwise. Really bumming about the Legendary Tales that didn't make it.
  7. I like that they match the older sculpts but I wish they had strayed a bit further from the older poses. Though I do feel a few in here would work well as player characters. Which was lacking in the old set.
  8. The spellcaster is the "leader" They did the same thing with the town guard extras.
  9. Yeah. It feels like you get ignored for being polite. I do my best to keep my eyes peeled for others posting the ideas I've mentioned and seconding them. So instead of spamming what I want every day I try to support others for mentioning it. There just needs to be a better method. The thread is a good place, and I'm pleased to see how many ideas from that thread have been getting made this time. Though it seems to be a slower method. Things you put in there usually don't appear until the NEXT KS.
  10. I like the concept art. I enjoy the unexpected spin on the design. I appreciate that it's smaller than requested. I even appreciate Reaper catering to their fanbase. I can't stand that the constant annoying behavior was rewarded. It just means we're going to see more of that. I don't mind an in-joke getting made. The Dire Cabbage is a weird model, but at the end of the day, it's just one little figure. It's not taking up the slot of what could have been more-versatile and useable encounter. I just dread the precedent that's been set for rewarding spamming.
  11. I think it feeds in to the audience who always ask about official setting guides to the various locations featured in the Kickstarters. There's clearly a customer base who is here for the story as much as the minis. I'm curious to see what their game would be like, though it's unlikely me or my friends are interested in learning a new system.
  12. Anyone have announcing a roleplaying game as the big reveal on their bingo cards? anyone? Bueller? *EDIT - I saw in the KS comments that the big announcement will be revealed around 4PM CDT on twitch. So this isn't it. I stand by my bit though XD Also with a little more thought though a tie-in-game can only do positive things for sales. So that's pretty cool.
  13. Their continued use of the term "classic" feels confusing. It is definitely reformulated than the first generation of Bones but I guess its more similar to the B1 material than it is to Bones Black. So any modern castings in "classic bones" can safely be assumed to be quality. The days of the super bendy bones seem past. Someone already did a breakdown of all the female characters but it was deleted for continuing the topic. Not to belabor the point for fear of deletion myself, but even while including animals and statues, your list doesn't even scratch a 5th of the total minis included. And that's the issue. *** What are our bets for today? Yesterday had some great movement! I feel we'll see a little weekend slowdown but I think we'll easily hit Briarwood and maybe about halfway to the Hellborns. Somewhere around 175k maybe.
  14. My guess is Classic for the dragon and Black for the rider. I think it would be a packaging headache to make the death knight in the US and the dragon in China. I wouldn't worry about quality issues. They've got it pretty hammered out at this point. Even in the last KS there were models that had different formulations on different parts - like the encounter sets.
  15. That would be an incredible paint scheme! Very spooky. I like the more unique dwarf sculpts. Shame there aren't any women dwarves though. Especially after getting a bunch of Dwarves in B5. Delighted that we'll be getting more skeletal hounds to go with the houndmaster in core. I don't mind them spreading out similar concepts through multiple sets. It's a little tricky, but i respect that it might be the straw that makes people cave and get one they were on the fence about. Though I was anticipating spending a lot on this one anyways. In general, it's nice to see the big up-tick in pledges today! That's how you get the momentum going. Better late than never.
  16. What an update! They fixed the wings and added a KS Exclusive Death Knight. $35 add-on. Pretty sweat!
  17. Got some paint on the dragon today! Primed the base and the body black. While I was priming the body I suddenly decided I wanted to keep the wing membrane translucent. This started an evening of overthinking and testing. I hit the wings with matte clear spray and brushed on white paint over the areas I intended to paint opaque. This was a recommendation I had seen to help make the model cleaner when viewing those areas through the translucent spots. With the priming done my brain began turning and stalling out. I've always avoided painting transparent minis. I don't really like the way they usually look so I just paint over them. So I don't have any experience or any recommended paints on hand. I didn't want to wait for new supplies to come in the mail so I tested some things I had on the translucent cap of a spray paint can. Nothing seemed to be going right so I asked facebook and eventually realized I was overthinking it. Grabbed paint and an airbrush and a few minutes later I had the result I was looking for. Pinkish wings that gradient to a more opaque purple. They also look good with light shining through them. I think the color will look good next to the pink crystals as well. Debating whether or not I should paint some white on the edges of the wings and the folds. I'm leaning towards no though. Excited to keep chugging along on this beauty!
  18. This. I have too many spiders as is, but if I didn't, I would certainly need more than 2. And I definitely need more scorpions. One of those underrepresented creatures.
  19. Definitely hoping to see more minis in Hakir. I don't dislike the terrain, but if the other 2 unlocks have the same proportion of terrain to minis I'll be disappointed. Denizens looks like fun! A nice blend of B-list classic monsters. Feels old-school but not overdone like orcs and goblins.
  20. Though in this sense, it's nice to have more than one sculpt. If wolves often come in packs for low level adventurers, then wargs/dire wolves come in packs for higher level parties.
  21. I really can't see Reaper committing to something as complicated as a train. It seemed they sort of regretted the amount of work involved with the pirate ship. Not bringing it to retail. Needing to manufacture an extra piece to keep it from sagging (and then not using that piece after all). And on top of that, people still weren't satisfied with all the decks being playable leading to a lot of conversion. If they offered a train people would complain about needing seated passengers, or the seats not accommodating round-bases, or there not being enough space to play inside it, or it being too wide to be realistic. Or there not being enough rails. Or... I am fully prepared to eat my words. As I never would have thought they'd actually deliver on the pirate ship either.
  22. Stumbled on a drawing of a molten flaming giraffe elemental and I love it and need a miniature of it STAT! Apparently it's inspired by similar pieces by Dali. Can't remember what the rule was for photos on this thread, but
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