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  1. Finished the little crystals today. I worked the pink crystals from Carnival Purple to Pale Violet Red. And from there up to a mix of Pale Violet Red and Pure White. Then an edge highlight of Pure White. I then glazed them with Pale Red Violet to bring the saturation back, and glazed the "shadows" with Carnival Purple. Finished all 3. Painted the rims black. Then a matte sealer followed by brush on gloss on the crystals. And they were done. I'm pleased with the results. Definitely think this is a good proof of concept for the dragon. I still think I might glaze in a bit more color on the dragon. Thinking some teal would help give it a bit more life.
  2. Now that's what I'm talking about! Though the smaller one is another one that I'd want a handful of. You never face just one.
  3. There's nothing to get people to spend more. Either people have put in their extra $50 for an expansion when it was first revealed, or waited until it was unlocked. The only other way to get people to increase a pledge is more add-ons, but the 5-tier expansions slowed down the rate of add-on reveals. We only have 1 encounter revealed, and I think those performed really well last time. It's just such a crawl to get to the places where people increase their pledges. I feel like a few "free" add-on options would do wonders for giving people a reason to increase pledges. Though from daily stats on the KS and facebook, it seems that the major issue is a lack of backers, not low pledges. I know I'll likely be able to add a bit more near the end, but I'll end up doubling or tripling that post-KS in the PM. I'm sure others are in a similar boat. Hitting their current caps. Don't know how much can be done to draw attention towards the KS for those who aren't already involved. Seems like it could use a bit of a marketing push in addition to more options to encourage raising pledges.
  4. It's from "Hercule Yakko" October of 1993. Just one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it adult jokes in children's media. When they said they were doing 5 tiers to help stop the slog, i figured they'd have more tiers but be closer together to give us more of a sense of momentum as we "dinged" more often. I haven't checked the spacing of old KS, but it does kind of feel like we're getting less for each unlock. It feels like we're getting them just as slowly, but with less add-ons or core add-ons in between. Tiers 4 and 5 feel like they're denying us a different unlock. Also agree that the early reveals kill the sense of unlocking NEW stuff. We've been teased so much that when things do unlock the next "reveal" is often something we've already seen. Kills a bit of excitement. That does seem to have changed a bit, but there's still so much we've seen and the momentum is very slow at the moment. hard to get into new things.
  5. One of my favorite Khamsin models is easy to miss as he's not tagged with "khamisn." This guy works perfectly as a hero or captain for the other masked units. Note the helmet he's holding. https://www.reapermini.com/search/nefsokar/latest/14094
  6. Made a bit of progress on the smaller crystals. They got primed in black and then a base coat of a dark grey- Noir Black and Rainy Grey. Rather than a traditional zenithal, I hit them a few more times working in more Rainy Grey and then a bit of Pure White. I figured I'd be covering the crystals anyways and shading backwards to get the crystal effect. So this basecoat was mostly to help me see and to get a mid tone on the piece to make the next steps easier. I also drybrushed the base with some rainy grey and pure white. Decided to commit to the two-tone crystals. So I blocked out colors using Icy Violet and Carnival Purple. Also washed the base with Noir Black. While washing I also worked in subtle hints of Icy Violet, Carnival Purple, Marine Teal, Spectral Glow, and Pale Violet Red. Just to break up the grey and pull some of the crystal colors down into the earth. Started working on the "blue" crystals. Began working a gradient from Icy Violet to Spectral Glow. Continued to push the gradient from spectral Glow into pure white Glazed a bit of Icy Violet back into the dark spots to bring back some of the color I'd lost. Then edge highlighted in Pure White. I was pretty pleased with the result so I repeated on the rest of the blues. Repeated on the other two clusters as well. Some of the glass rocks I added were a bit irregular and turned out a bit muddier, but the overall effect seems to be a success. I'm planning on working the purple into pink. I think they'll compliment each other nicely. I'm thinking I'll be able to use both colors on the dragon itself. Bluish body, purple wing membrane. Maybe even throw some of the purple crystals onto some other details. Maybe play around with glazes to get some extra color variation. Anyways. Happy enough with the results and have a bit more confidence that I can get something close to my vision.
  7. So after seeing the design for the fairy dragon in B6, I got excited to paint a very pretty dragon. While the Fairy Dragon and my iridescent paint scheme are 2 years away, I can scratch the itch by finally painting the Crystal Dragon from B5. I started by scouring the web for some inspiration. I found a few dragon designs: I also found some art of some crystals that fit the color palette I was thinking of. With these photos I settled on a paint scheme of pinks, blues, teals, and purples. I hope I can get some more pastel looks in some spots and vivid colors in others. I've always struggled with gemstone painting. I understand it in theory, and I've improved as a painter since the last time I tried it. So I'm hoping in better equipped. But jumping into a big dragon didn't seem wise. So I dug up the unpainted crystal clusters from Bones 4 (I believe) and decided to test the paint scheme on them to get some practice. I glued the crystals and the dragon's base to some round bases and did a bit of work. They all got some terrain paste, and small decorative rocks to extend the crystals out further into the base. The dragon's base got a few extra base crystals made my sanding some bass wood. I'm pleased with the results and I'll be grumpy at me for making extra work later. This guy's gonna be trouble to paint. I'm not sure if I should make the central pillar a crystal or a stone. Stone will help the dragon stand out against it, but it is tempting to paint as a crystal. Also not sure if I want all the crystals to be that pastel blend or if I want some to be the purple-pink color. I have enough crystals to do some of each. Hesitant to paint the dragon differently because the small crystals are meant to give me practice for the big guy. Though if everything is the same there might not be enough contrast. But in the wild I imagine him blending in. Might paint a blend of both styles so that the body of the dragon can be pastel and the wing membrane can be purple. And any extra details on him I need to stand out can be purple as well. Might throw him into Photoshop and test some schemes. Also this guy will be physically difficult to paint. I need him off the base to paint but he's got such a weird pose. Going to have to frequently take parts on and off to get him painted. But in excited to bring him to life.
  8. Im really hoping the Khamsin figured make the jump. They have such a fantastic look and are perfect for skirmish games or other unit-based encounters. I know I've been eyeing them for use as masked cultists in Rangers of Shadow Deep.
  9. I do wish Reaper would go this way. Especially with USA being a more brittle material when clipping bases. I don't often want to create a base from scratch, but when I do i prefer Dos Equis having a mini that's not stuck to its base. I also find it easier and more enjoyable to paint the base separately.
  10. This is how I feel. I hope there's more minis than I expect. But it feels like a missed opportunity to fill this with terrain when the bones lineup could really benefit from fresh minis with a unique cultural aesthetic. Both of those heroes call out to me just for how unlike anything else they are.
  11. Another concept piece for Hakir! These designs are amazing.
  12. Oh, man. This one is a pet peeve of mine. I'm fine skewing the size rules for most things. I'll slap the mini one a base that fits. Everything is representative anyways. I loved the dragons on 3 in bases because they could work for either scale, made them more useable for a game. I'm also, seemingly, one of the few people who seems to like the new 3D sculpted oval bases. I would always rather have a base I don't have to sculpt, modify, or glue.
  13. YES!! I loved this one when you were working on it. Such a fun way to break the mold while still "coloring in the lines" so to speak. No to stray too off topic, but you mentioned a few comments back that you stopped WIPs, but your WIPs are among my favorites. Just great ideas and techniques when it comes to painting big scaly things. Very inspirational. Between you and Doctor Faust on youtube I have so many ideas of ways to paint the B5 dragons in more interesting ways.
  14. I struggle to break this habit, especially because I primarily use my minis for D&D. I painted up some cheap dragons as the Big 5. I have all the B5 dragons sitting unpainted currently. Still want to adhere them to their D&D counterparts thematically, but I want to be a bit more creative. "Red" might be darker and more magma inspired. "Black" might have more greens to tie into the swamp base. Etc. Can always look at the way real-world animals are often called COLOR____ even if only a small portion of their coloration matches, or if they're not quite that color.
  15. I believe I saw you mention that back then, and mine are now reserved for that purpose. I have a habit of wanting minis for things I've already used but didn't have a good mini for. Whether or not I end up revisiting old games, who knows, but if I do, I'll have the minis this time!
  16. Same here. That two dollars isn't going to make a difference for me. Love me some owlbears!
  17. Looks like Momma owlbear is pretty similar in style to the one from B5 Dungeon Dwellers. Curious to see how they compare size-wise.
  18. Here's the owlbear encounter! Love those cubs!
  19. I also feel this way. It's why I'm more excited by the expansions with thematic variations. The Hakir barbarian we saw teased is a great example. I don't need anymore barbarians, but one that feels unique and from a culture that's not European inspired is WAY more enticing.
  20. It's the traditional 50 1inch rounds. It's in one of the KS updates Also revealed in the KS updates is the 3-stage barbarian we'd seen before:
  21. Yes! A great concept. I think something updated could really impress. Maybe a bit less skeletal and more mummified flesh with bandages hanging off. Love the touches of armor/jewelry whatever on that old one though.
  22. I feel the same. I don't know why, but I just vastly prefer this thick dragon sculpts over the leaner hand-sculpted style. They both fit my mental image better, and I feel are more fun to paint. Guess its just a preference thing. Hoping we see some more unusual dragons going forward as I have yet to paint any of the Bones 5 ones. Maybe some "good" dragons, or more crystal options. Someone mentioned a mummy dragon for Hakar. That'd be a fun take on a dracolich for the d&d folks, or just a cool model for everyone else.
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