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  1. dun dun. dun dun. dundundundundundundundun WELL DUN!
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words!
  3. The deadliest foe in the black-light mini-golf course! Beautiful paintjob!
  4. The monochrome palette is beautiful! Especially commendable to still achieve so much contrast using such similar colors. Love it!
  5. No 1! A great color palette and a very evocative character! Feels like a frozen moment of a moving scene.
  6. Hi all. Still relatively new to the forums but I'm going to try to show off my work more often. I was working on an arctic campaign before the pandemic hit and had already started work on a lot of suitable minis. Not sure when or if that game will ever resume, but in the meantime I've got plenty of minis to paint! This time we have the Ice Troll. I'm satisfied with this. Especially proud of his ice chunk. I've never been very successful painting ice or crystals before. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Any update with how this went? Just ordered a big wooden base for my Ma'al.
  8. First time showing something off on the forums! Normally only post to my instagram @MoonglowMinis Had a blast painting this one up! Had to tap into my painterly side to get the glow effect I wanted and to transition the plating down to the end of the tail where there was no sculpted detail. Hope you all like it!
  9. Was it ever confirmed that it was being released in Bones Black? I was under the impression that large minis were still being made in the softer bones material. And that they were just re-releasing the dragon to meet some demand for those who weren't around to get it the first time.
  10. Yes! Its always great to have some variety with the little monster encounters. Looking forward to the Brine Goblins from Bones V for that very reason. Would also be great to see those monstrous snowmen make the leap to bones. I don't think I've ever seen those before. The rest of your suggestions are equally fun and evil. Perfect little minions for witches and other creepy foes.
  11. Thanks! Been trying to learn all the forum rules, but there's a lot.
  12. Guess I'll compile some links in case anyone else is looking for some Lionfolk. Please feel free to add more suggestions. We're finally starting to see more cat-folk options especially in affordable plastics, but they're mostly of the lanky, long-haired variety. Would be nice to get some better options for the beefier bunch of cats. I've compiled a bunch of the options I've found. Warrior Lions Walking Avatar, Nefsokar Monster - Metal (Egyptian-themed Lion man warrior) https://www.reapermini.com/search/lion/latest/14102 Avatar of Sekhmet - Reaper Bones (same as above but bones) https://www.reapermini.com/search/lion/latest/77340 Lion Man - Metal (Lightly armored Lion man warrior - a very good option) https://www.reapermini.com/search/lion/latest/02880 Chosen of Sekhmet - Metal (Egyptian-themed Lioness warrior - good option) https://www.reapermini.com/search/lion/latest/14513 Daughter of Sekhmet - Metal (Egyptian-themed Lioness warrior - good option) https://www.reapermini.com/search/lion/latest/14510 Avatar of Courage - Reaper Bones (Tribal Lion man warrior - goofy sculpt) https://www.reapermini.com/search/lion/latest/77623 Leonin Swiftclaw - D&D Pre-Paints (Robed Lion-man Warrior) Leonin Iconoclast - D&D Pre-Paints (Robed Lioness spellcaster) Alkemy - Khaliman Republic (Entire faction of Pseudo-Egyptian Lion and Catfolk Warriors - hard to find in the US and can be pretty pricey) Other Big-Cat Options Sabertooth Tiger Man - Metal (Sabertooth Tiger man Warrior - another good option) https://www.reapermini.com/search/tiger/latest/02785 Cheetah Girl - Metal (Short-haired cat-folk woman with bow - could pass as a lioness) https://www.reapermini.com/search/tiger/latest/02910 Weretiger - Nolzur's Unpainted (Tiger Man with bow) 3D-Print Options (I don't have a 3D printer, but hopefully this helps someone) Lion Collection - RG Sculpt (5 Lion Men - 3 warriors, 1 spellcaster, 1 paladin) Tabaxi Paladin - Amini 3D (Heavily armored Lion man Paladin) Lioness Harem (A handful of nude/feral lion-women... not useful for me but possibly someone else) Children of the Zodiac - Leo - Metal (Nude Lioness with draped blanket) https://www.reapermini.com/search/tiger/latest/03344 Cleo, Weretiger - Metal (Nude, Feral cat-woman standing in attack pose) https://www.reapermini.com/search/tiger/latest/02575 Cleo, Weretiger - Metal (Nude, Feral cat-woman crouched on all-fours) https://www.reapermini.com/search/tiger/latest/02140
  13. With Theros out, I've been looking for more Leonin mini options. I prefer plastic over metal/resin simply because I can afford more of it. Anyone got any leads on some good leonin minis? Or big-cat inspired catfolk in general as opposed to the domesticated cat-folk type. It looks like I would have been set if I was looking for these a few years ago when every online store had Alkemy on clearance, but now that game is just a bit too costly for the number of minis I'd get.
  14. Rotpatch, Pumpkin Golem (03377) Freddie, Pumpkin Horror (03708) Fritz, Pumpkin Horror (03709) Pumpkin Horrors (03356) Jack O'Lanterns & Pumpkins (02992) Been meaning to add these since last October, but only just got around to making an account. The Halloween Knight and the Scarecrows and Overgourd in the Bones V Kickstarter have me aching for a whole pumpkin-patch full of baddies. It'd be nice to see some of these pumpkin classics get the bones treatment, especially Rotpatch!
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