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  1. I liked the small bits of terrain in the last Kickstarter, but I do worry that the terrain push will mean certain minis I want are locked in with a terrain set that's not worth it. Mandupar Pass was a very late addition for me. I just can't see myself ever really using the terrain, but I wanted the minis.
  2. These are absolutely beautiful. That whale is something else! Gorgeous mini. Well done! I'm running a seafaring game myself currently so these are particularly appealing.
  3. Also love the unit approach. Even for D&D, most things are faced in small groups. And even when it comes to "hero" figures, it's nice when they come with some similarly themed allies.
  4. With all these wonderful swimmy things from Bones 5 I'm finding myself desiring some suitable foliage for bases. I typically use a few grass tufts on my minis, but that doesn't seem right for aquatic critters. I have considered getting some of the brightly colored "alien tufts" to add as coral-adjacent things. And I will probably do that. But I wanted to know what other items and ideas you all had. I've seen some tall reeds that could be nice for some of the more swampy creatures. I like the height variation. Would love to find other things that stretch up taller than your typical grass tufts. Hit me with your suggestions!
  5. People have been sharing screengrabs from the streams throughout this thread. It's probably the most consolidated collection of previews.
  6. I wouldn't read too much into the subtitle of the KS. Historically they have little to do with the actual mini selection beyond a few figures.
  7. Also not a fan of those. Still not decided what I'm going to do about the weird square wood plank bases on the Brinewind minis. With all the complaints of bases people have had, this just seems like a choice that no one likes (I may be wrong). I actually DO like the oval bases with the sculpted in rims (no need for me to do anything to the bases). And the broccoli bases are easy enough to integrate with some texture pastes. But geometric shapes feel so unnatural to blend on to a round base. Will likely end up having to cut them off, which I'm not a fan of doing.
  8. Gosh this is a real bummer if true. I feel like I've seen a LOT of desire for what boils down to hot and cold expansions. Arctic/Norse winter adventurers. And Egyptian/Arabian desert adventurers. Besides more other-worldly options, those are the two ecological niches that feel largely overlooked. Though I am happy to see that they do seem to be meeting the demand for a Fey expansion.
  9. I'm pretty underwhelmed by this Kickstarter. I mean it's nice that they're expanding their range. But I think I'm still set from all the base add-ons I got in Bones 5. Was really hoping there'd be some problem-solving additions like sprues of items for basing, and small oval bases for things like mounts. There's just not a lot of NEW here that improves on the things I already have. Base inserts are neat, but seem impractical when paired with a miniature line that's largely got sculpted on terrain. The lack of any stretch goals kind of makes this a dud for me. Just nothing to really motivate me to buy bulk bases ahead of time, especially when Bones 6 is around the corner with more enticing offerings.
  10. I've tried a few different things to motivate myself. Playing games is the best one. It answers the question of "What do i paint?" and also gives you a deadline. I still often miss the deadline, but if I've started a mini I tend to finish it. I used to post in the speed painting monthly goals, and that did a great job for tracking my progress, but after failing to achieve my goals a few times I stopped posting in it. Been pretty discouraged as I painted substantially less minis last year than I did the year prior. I just don't have the time or energy I used to have. I'm hoping the game I'm running will motivate me to get through some more. Also helps that I have loosely color-coded factions. It helps speed up my process to grab some colors ahead of time and then make due with what I've selected. Also in regards to playing games to motivate painting, I've been using Rangers of Shadow Deep to motivate myself to paint a lot of my classic low-level fantasy creatures, even though I've only played the first two scenarios.
  11. When I feel bad about all of my unpainted stuff, I have to remind myself that I still find use and happiness out of the unpainted ones. Recently unloaded most of my unpainted stuff into my display cases so that they'd be more readily accessible during games and so I didn't feel like I was hiding any "shame" So whether I barely paint any of my older stuff, I'll definitely be getting plenty from Bones 6
  12. Gotta say, I'm a big fan of the new for-scale figure. Not only is he useful. But hopefully he saves us from waves of comments of "how big is this?"
  13. Baking Soda is also known as Sodium Bicarbonate or Bicarbonate of Soda, is a powdery chemical usually used for baking or cleaning. It also has a reaction to Super Glue that causes it to instantly harden. People often use that trick to instantly bond parts of their minis, or to quickly fill gaps. I had seen someone suggest using it as a basing texture and ran with that, making it my primary basing method. Turns out my Baking Soda was harboring something else.
  14. Fortunately, that was at my old apartment and I have since moved. But obviously I've carried some mold with me and I just want to figure out a way to treat the minis without destroying the hours of work put into them over several years.
  15. Timing maybe. Mythic Odysseys of Theros for D&D had recently dropped with a Greek Mythology theme. I also feel like Daimyo was one of the lighter expansions and was missing heroes. I also remember a lot of people being unimpressed by the dinosaurs. I passed on it myself
  16. As I think about it, the desire for different themes in minis echoes my desire for different themes in games. As primarily a D&D player, I've grown so tired of the same old generic fantasy setting. I keep trying desperately to inject new life into the same game with little thematic changes. Like running a pirate campaign with a weird hybrid of 18th century and medieval influences. So Brinewind, Dark Depths, and Dreadmere did wonders for that (though i could have used more fantasy-pirates). My one friend has been embracing his cultural heritage through games, both as a player and DM, so he was excited to get the Daimyo set to have minis to reflect that cultural theming. I've posted about it in the I'd like to see threads, but my biggest hopes for Bones 6 is a desert theme (Arabian or Egyptian inspired), and a winter theme (Nordic or Arctic inspired). Feel like those settings have a lot of potential.
  17. If it is mold, I suspect it came from the old box of baking soda I had been using. Maybe coupled with the poorly ventilated sun room I used to paint in. But it's still strange, because baking soda is often used to TREAT mold. Bizarre that it could be the culprit, but it's the only common denominator. Starting to research ways to treat mold without damaging the paint job. I've sealed all the minis, but I really only focused on high-touch areas so they're not perfectly protected. Plus the mold seems to be coming from underneath the paint, so who knows what that means in terms of treating it. Some kind of spray would be ideal. Next best, a soak. Trying to avoid anything with a rubbing action.
  18. This is exactly how I feel. I don't need them to stop doing fantasy, but to add some kind of interesting new twist. Things with a story. Fantasy creatures from non-european centric origins. Even if you rehash some elves and dwarves and that lot, but filter them through the lens of something like an Arabian (k)Nights theme, that's instantly more interesting. Now we have characters from distinctly different regions. Plus I feel like those kinds of thematic expansions are perfect for having a setting-in-a-box appeal.
  19. So the saga continues. After packing all my minis in paper towel for moving, a yellowish stain was found on any paper towel touching the base of a baking soda mini (probably 90% of my collection) This did seem to absorb the yellowish stain though and things LOOKED okay. Though it did reveal that seemingly all the baking soda minis were affected. After this, I noticed more of a white coloration on some of them. It made it hard to tell if something was growing on them or just paint wearing off. But a few minis have sprouted more obvious white spots. the one underneath was likely a mini that I submerged in a box of baking soda. I haven't checked all my minis but it seems to be the only one that's extensively covered. There's a bit of that yellow/orange coloration on that one too. I feel like I should just bite the bullet and pay an expert to test the substance so I can at least have an answer. If it is just "white bloom" that might be good news. But honestly I have no idea. I have ditched the baking soda method and introduced ground textures into my life as a replacement. Hopefully there will be no future issues.
  20. Interesting. Assuming the DD metal are in fact identical to the Bones 5 plastic ones, then it's interesting that they are strikingly similar to the Bones ones, but different sizes. I wonder if they were digitally scanned or something. Very curious how they shrunk a model.
  21. It looks like the new Dungeon Dweller plastic Barrow Rats are identical to the old Bones ones. This is the first time I've seen separate listings for the same model. Are they identical sculpts, or is there some minor variations I can't tell from the catalog photos. I ask because I think I was under the impression the original Barrow Rats were larger. Never got around to buying them but received the new ones in Bones 5 and was wondering if there was any difference.
  22. Wrong forums. This is Reaper Miniatures - a manufacturer of tabletop gaming figures. Not Reaper the audio workstation.
  23. Thanks everyone. I'll see if my phone will let me manually adjust anything, but it's pretty dumb for a smartphone. I thankfully have my dslr back so I shouldn't have to struggle with it. To answer questions, I have a few different LED bulbs for lighting, though the room behind me is lit with either a CFL or Halogen (not sure, haven't checked and they came with the house) I'd be surprised if that light was causing it since it casts considerably less light than the LEDs, but who knows. It's possible my phone was just giving me incompatible settings during that moment - as that's the only time i've seen that. But thanks for all the responses!
  24. Skeleton Pirates Cursed to eternal undeath, the former crew of Captain Dread rise with the moonlight to track any who dare touch their treasure. I've painted many skeletons before and wanted to do something different to set the skeleton pirates from Brinewind apart. I really enjoy that classic ethereal skeleton pirate look and decided to try something in that realm. Somewhere between a ghost and a skeleton. I looked up lots of different references and got pretty inspired by those warm/cold two-source osl paint jobs. Though I ultimately ended up in a different direction. I settled on a blue-moonlight look with an eerie green glow from beneath. At least that was the original intent. I found a great tutorial online for ghost minis that I used as a jumping-off point. I started by priming the minis in black, zenithal of white, and a dry brush of white to bring out more detail. They then got a coat of Rutterlich Blue. This was followed by another dry brushing of white to bring back those details. At this point I strayed from the tutorial as I wanted richer colors. Back to the airbrush for some Marine Teal, starting to concentrate more from the top left. I followed that with an even more concentrated spray of Spectral Glow from the top left. Added a bit of white into the spectral glow for even more contrast. And too enhance the creepy ghost factor and add some color variance, some leaf bud green sprayed from the bottom right. From here I switched back to the paintbrush and used pure white to highlight nearly all the edges and add a bit more purpose to the final look. I thought about doing more with the bases, but all I could think was to dry brush and I was worried that would make everything look too uniform again. I was happy enough with how they turned out. Somehow I missed the map-carrying skeleton so he'll have to get painted up with the rest of the deck-crew. This was a pretty quick and easy way to make some unique skeletons and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  25. So my digital camera has been loaned out to my younger brother. This has left me with only my phone to photograph minis. While playing around with a new lighting setup, I got this stripping effect. These aren't present to the naked eye. They only appear in-camera and in the photo. They also "roll" from bottom to top. My guess is it has something to do with the sensor and the lighting but even after eliminating some lights and not others it was still present when photographing a mini on my backdrop. Who's smarter than me and can explain what's happening and how I can prevent it?
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