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  1. UPDATE 19 So I didn't finish the ship in time, but the game also got postponed. Forged ahead with finishing the sails by working on the jib. Cut a piece of that textured paper to size and glued a length of twine to it. Glued it to the mast with a bit of wiggle room to allow the mast to twist. Added another length of twine along the bottom to hold the jib steady. And then twisted the remaining twine around the bowsprit until it was taut. I could probably have glued the very end of the twine down, but the tension is holding it for now. This allows me to loosen the twine and remove the bowsprit and mast if I were to ever want to put different styles sails on this ship. The (nearly finished) result. The mast twists in place allowing the mainsail to bend outward and catch the wind. Just need to do some detailing work. Some trim, a helm, a couple of doors, and the back canopy. Maybe some other embellishments. But the ship is good enough to use in a game! So glad to have finally finished some sails! They were the last major hangup that kept me from completing the last two ships!
  2. After half a year and a move, finally made some progress on these guys. Finished up the spikes on the WizKids worm. Felt Goremaw's spikes weren't popping enough so I went back in and quickly highlighted them. Was feeling that both of them were looking too monochrome so I gave the spikes a yellow-brown wash for the classic purple-yellow contrast. Really happy with this choice as it also made the pinkish underbelly look better. Glad to be done with the spikes though I do think the WizKids worm doesn't have enough contrast on its spikes. But i think it's good enough to move on. The mouth is the last area that needs significant work. Going for a good res shade there and probably black teeth. Want to get some uhu glue and try that slimy mouth look. Also need to give some love to the bases. Really want to finish these guys up before moving on to some other big guys.
  3. So I've settled on the Phrozen SM4K as my printer of choice. I don't think I have a need for the new 8k and would rather save the extra money. My question now is, do I go for a Phrozen branded curing station - like the Cure Luna - that would require me to find another solution for washing. Or do I go for something like the Wash and Cure and hope I can get it to fit the build plate?
  4. UPDATE 18 SAIL!! So I decided to push ahead and work on the sails. Cut some lengths of rod for the mast and bowsprit. Just eye-balling the size. Then wrapped some more rod with sandpaper and rubbed in some grooves for the arms. Cut a few more lengths to have something for the sail to hold on to. And cut an approximate sail shape from some textured paper. It has a slightly stitched texture that seemed good for a sail. All the wood, including the original ship, got stained with a brown wash. I used a Dremel to carve slits into the arms for the sail to slot into. Glued the sail into place after cutting it down to size. Finally! I made a dang sail! The arm is just high enough for most minis to fit underneath it. Though the cardboard sleeve system does allow the mast and sail to pivot. Finished off the night by wrapping and gluing some twine around the joints. Seemed like something should be lashing the mast together and it hides the ugly hot-glue join. By pushing myself through I did manage to make a sail. Unfortunately. I think it's too tall. I have been trying to see how the jib sail will fit and it just doesn't seem right. I may just accept this as a first-time mistake and leave it be. But the sail will likely get replaced in the future. Now to figure out how to fasten the jib in a way that will allow the masts to be removed, and allow the main mast to still turn. Thinking I may use the bowsprit like a winch and twist a length of twine around it to pull the jib taut.
  5. The mold is an ongoing situation. I've been documenting it in THIS THREAD HERE. At this point I believe the common denominator is the baking soda I use for basing. I don't know what the orange stuff is, or why it's happening, or how to prevent it. I have yet to find another person with this problem.
  6. Goblins! So awhile back I was horrified to discover that some old un-finished minis had sprouted a strange orange mold. I gave them a deep clean and seemed to have solved the issue (spoiler: I did not and it's affecting nearly all my minis... but that's a problem for another time). As a reward for enduring the cleaning, these goblins deserved to finally get painted. Goblin Command (77349) First up are these two baddies from one of the Bones 2 expansion sets. These guys, being earlier bones, are a bit on the rough side, and definitely out-of-scale with the others. But that does help them stand out a bit. More Photos Below the Spoiler: Goblin Warriors (77444) Next up, we have our "heavy hitters" from Bones 3. I like these sculpts a lot better. There's a uniformity in the face structure, while still having individuality between models. More Photos Below Spoiler: Goblin Skirmishers (77445) The final batch of wimpier goblins from Bones 3. These guys are the mookiest of mooks. Poorly armed, and poorly armored. These are the guys that get sent in first to soak up some arrows. More Photos Below Spoiler: It's nice to finally have some painted goblins. Though my bag full of 50+ more unpainted goblins still taunts me. I have plans to paint them in a few different shades from the yellow-green used here, to a fleshy yellow-tan, to a pale fleshy-grey. Hopefully that'll break up the duplicates and add some variety. But that's a future project. After painting all these guys up I am tempted to finish the set with the Goblin Honor Guard. They're the only ones I don't have. I can't see myself getting much use out of them, as they're a bit more situational or decorative than practical. But my completionist brain says I need them. Reaper has so many incredible and different goblin sculpts. Which ones are your favorites?
  7. UPDATE 17 Walls are glued and drying. Will cover various seams with some craft foam banding. Need to add two doors for either side of the cabin. An inner railing for the stairs. A railing for the top deck. A helm. Tons of wood and iron banding/trim to the exterior. Need to cut some rods for the masts and then stain them. Then finally figure out how I want to attach the sails. Hopefully I can do this by Saturday, but if not, at least the ship is in a useable state.
  8. Playing catch-up I would love to someday. Wasn't something my family did when I was younger, and hasn't been the kind of thing I can afford in adulthood. Longest salt water voyage I've ever had was taking a ferry in Cape May one year. Can't remember the details much beyond that. My rule is that I don't like seeing it until Thanksgiving. As a horror-fan, I used to hate early decorations but I've softened over the years. Especially since my own time-management issues mean I either get my tree up early, or it happens the week of Christmas and stays until February. This year we got it up in a timely manner: I'd like to believe I'd know what to do, but I'd probably just panic. I've got too much anxiety as-is to spend time thinking about worst-case scenarios. No sea storms. But plenty of nasty winters. Driving through snow storms is my nightmare. No visibility. No traction. Just crawling up and down hilly Pittsburgh streets and hoping you don't slide into danger. I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights on a flight from the US to Iceland. Dawn is definitely better for photography. But I'd rather only be awake for Sunset. I think I've seen both from the air? One of the best surprises I've had was near the beginning of the pandemic, when a bunch of my friends pitched in to get me Ma'al Drakar as a birthday gift. I'd like to pretend that I immediately, assembled and painted him, but... he's still sitting in his box as I work up the nerve to tackle him.
  9. Been awhile since I shared something here. Here's a night hag I painted up a few months back. More Photos below the Spoiler I'd love to see some of your favorite examples of OSL so feel free to drop them below! Also, what's your favorite D&D hag, or favorite witch from pop culture. - I guess they're not technically hags, but I love the Fates from Disney's Hercules. They always creeped me out and I love running witches like them.
  10. Carrying over some requests that got lost in the Enthusiasm thread:
  11. I've seen plenty of requests for scatter items, and a base kickstarter seems like the perfect opportunity. The kinds of items that are annoying to make or find in scale. They are among my most-used basing items and I keep being surprised by how far that one box can stretch. But it'd be nice to have some bones that aren't just skulls. + 1 on the sculpted foliage That Owlbear is great. The base is lovey as-is, but if you buy a duplicate, you can easily stick him on something custom, instead of cutting through the harder Bones Black, or the more-brittle Bones USA. Great design. Broccoli bases are such a divisive thing. I like them in the sense that your mini is ready-to-use, but don't like some of the odd shapes or how easy they tip. I'm not a stickler on base size, but I do like the polish of a nice round base, so I'll often sacrifice an "official base size" to stick a mini on a larger round base. THAT! Feel like variety will make-or-break this KS. We all want something a little different. I should make sure to express some of these wishes over in that thread too XD Think I forgot there were two threads on the topic of Base Boss now...
  12. UPDATE 16 Took a few tries to get the shape right, but I think I've got the walls of the ship. Just poster card stock from the dollar store, cut to size. Coated the exposed parts in mod podge. And painted with a dry brush of the same brown's as before. Unlike with painting the foam parts, I am actually painting WITH the grain here. Essentially painting on the wood grain. Might try cutting the details out before flying these on. Not sure. Getting closer to the spot where I got stuck last time. Trying to just brute force my way towards completion. The sails are going to be my struggle. Have some plans but we'll have to see what happens. If all goes well I might finish the last ship's sails too. As the Brigantine is due to make an appearance soon as well - as the pirate vessel "The Vanguard."
  13. Continuing work on my crabs. Whipped up two more bodies. Actually had more trouble with these than the first. Working too quickly means more finger prints. Next time I'll stick some wire in them so I don't have to hold them. Also chopped up some more crab charms. The second crab was posed as if he were raising up. His claws got cut and readjusted. Didn't bother going through the effort of cutting the claws open. Seemed like a lot of work for little reward. Especially since I'm trying to rush through these guys and a ship build before Saturday. The third crab I wanted posed crawling over some coconuts. So I plugged some beads with green stuff and glued them to a base. I'm hoping to paint the crabs and bases separate so the third crab got assembled off the base. Final result is a sideways crab who is very defensive of his coconuts. I'm pretty excited to paint this trip up. It's a lot of fun to make something uniquely your own. I also learned that coconut crabs are INDEED a type of hermit crab. They just develop strong exteriors in adulthood and don't need shells. They love to eat coconuts. And there's even a few fun photos of juveniles wearing coconut husks. They DO climb trees and DO drop down from them. Though they aren't known for dropping on prey. So it looks like my whimsical creation isn't that far off from the real life inspiration.
  14. This sounds amazing! Tensegrity always baffles my brain.
  15. Coconut Crab Now that I'm finally running my Dark Tide campaign, I'm getting to flesh out details of the world I had left ambiguous. One of those details for each location is a list of creatures. Im using a mix of real animals and more fantastical ones. Also trying to encourage myself to create some of my own instead of just using D&D ones. Enter the coconut crab. Inspired by real-life coconut crabs which are intimidating monstrosities, I've created a more whimsical twist. Coconut Crabs are over-sized hermit crabs known for making their homes in coconuts. They are able to climb trees and hang from branches, where they are nearly indistinguishable from regular coconuts. When prey moves beneath them, they drop from the tree and attack. I just loved the imagery of these guys hanging from trees by their claws. So I just had to make some. Bought these crab charms from the craft store. As well as a bag of assorted beads. I could have just glued the beads to the crabs and called it a day but I wanted to stretch my sculpting/kit-bashing muscles a bit more. The crab got the chop and a few limbs rearranged to be front-facing. I looked at references of hermit crabs and noted that they used their back legs to hold onto the inside of the shell. So this guy only has two pairs of legs exposed. I also went back and chopped a few other legs down to make some eye stalks. Broke out the green stuff and gave the bead a flat belly so it wouldn't roll, plugged both sides, added a little body to the front, and the sculpted the edge of an open coconut. It's not perfectly round but it'll do the job just fine. Decided the claws weren't threatening enough so I beefed them up a bit. Glued the legs, claws, and eyes on to the body and called it done. Looking forward to painting this guy up. Also want to make him two friends as well. I have 5 charms in total but I'm also hoping to finish building a boat before next weekend so I won't bite off too much. Anyone have any favorite basing material to look like sand? I no longer trust my baking soda trick.
  16. This is my biggest gripe with textured bases. I REALLY want to use them, but it's a lot harder to rebase a mini than it is to integrate a broccoli base. Even without the added headache of brittle Bones USA, the connection from rebasing is weaker than an integrated one, and having to pin a mini is even more work. I do hope they add some interesting things, but it's a shame when their existing line of minis is really incompatible with basing. I'd actually be interested in them supplying some basing bits. I've seen plenty of requests for similar items. Skulls, shields, weapons, broken pillars, etc. Or even some base-adjacent offerings like the much-requested corpse-markers. It's not high on my own list, but there's enough games requiring tokens and markers to gain some interest in bodies, treasure piles, and the like.
  17. Necromancer Box has been sent out. - Sorry for the delay. The holiday disrupted my schedule.
  18. UPDATE 15 Everything got painted up like the previous ship. Wood pieces got heavy dry brush of Americana Dark Chocolate followed by light dry brush of Americana Honey Brown. Metal got a dry brush of Extreme Sheen Silver. Made a few extra support braces to reinforce the ship. And to hold the bowsprit sheath in place. Tried taking progress photos during assembly but beyond the first layer everything got complicated and I had to work quickly. The Bloodhawk is coming along nicely! Going to work on the cardstock walls next. That was one of the trickier parts on the last ship. Hard to measure it out. I also want to paint the exterior something more interesting than brown. But not sure how to go about faking that wood grain with just a brush while keeping things simple AND colorful. Will have to play around with some test pieces. A few more details are needed for the deck - two doors and a helm. Also need to cut the masts to size and stain them. After that I'll officially be in uncharted waters as I figure out how exactly to do the sails. I have lots of notes about what I thought could work. Let's see how it goes. My next game is Dec 11th, so that's my goal for finishing this baby.
  19. UPDATE 14 Whipped up a design for the stairs up and down. Slight variation on the down stairs from the WIP Brigantine. Stairs up will have a cardstock wall on the inner side to hide the layers of foam. This will also match the cardstock exterior wall of the ship. Everything that will be exposed got a coat of black modpodge. Still need to figure out how to attach the bowsprit. Didn't love the angle or design of the last one. Want to try something a bit different. Hopefully I can figure that out and glue together what I have so far.
  20. Side note: how do I go about getting a mod to move this thread to Terrain WIP? I definitely didn't file this away appropriately when I started this over a year ago, and its probably better suited there.
  21. UPDATE 13 One year later.... What's better than finishing a project? Starting another one! I will get back to the previous ship, but after years of planning, I finally started running my Dark Tide campaign. The players are starting out on a Sloop so it's time to build The Bloodhawk. I've been learning to follow inspiration when I have it so I'm diving into a new ship build. A smaller one that I can hopefully finish (or at least get to a useable state) within two weeks. Fortunately I learned a lot from my last two ship building attempts and I'm already moving along quicker. This time around I decided to use more reliable references to help me whenever I get stuck. Indecision is my biggest folly. So I'm using the sloop from Sea of Thieves as a reference. More specifically, I'm using a 3D model I found online as a reference, as it's easy to spin the object and quickly figure out pesky details. The ship in the game isn't the most accurate, but I'm building a game-aid, not a scale model, so I'm fine with some inaccuracies. However, I don't like the square rigged sails and am going to to swap them for fore-and-aft rigged sails like this artwork: After a bit of measuring and templating Ive got a good start on the ship. The decks are cut and textured. The sheath for the mast is built and in place. And everything is dry-fit together. Trying to decide exactly how I want to do stairs for the upper and lower deck. Once I figure that out, I can mod podge everything and give it some paint and move on to the paper and craft foam details. Trying to be more flexible with this build and worry less about modularity or repeatability. Still making and saving templates where I can, but sometimes you just gotta make something. Excited to be crafting again.
  22. This is really good to know as I've been having very frustrating issues with mold on my minis. Though that issue seems more to do with my baking soda.
  23. What is this sorcery? I've never heard of copper in a wet palette before. What does it do?
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