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  1. The shield looks fantastic. Nicely done!
  2. Great instructors taught a range of skills and the grey plastic that I showed up with on Friday morning looks like this now!
  3. Nice work! The shading of the muscles looks fantastic!
  4. I painted along with David Diamondstone's OSL and lighting effects class at ReaperCon.
  5. The armour on the (...my love for you is ticking clock...) berzerker is especially compelling. Glad you decided to pick up your brushes again. Great looking warband!
  6. Yeah, the ice looks fantastic! Nicely done.
  7. really, really nice.
  8. Nice work! The tartan looks great!
  9. @Glitterwolf like this? Also, is this it? Is this the moment? Did I just cause generation X to become boomers through my technical incompetence with modern technology!?
  10. You are very kind. My painting is far from awesome, but my results are so much better since I started doing these and I can keep up with Josh and rarely find myself pausing the video except to let things dry.
  11. While Sallah did indeed love his camel, he was offended by the Ogre chieftain's comments and prepared for an incredibly violent etiquette lesson.
  12. @glitterwolf She is both things. Largely because I made her so accidentally pale...Ha! @rigel thanks!
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