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  1. This weekends project....Wendigo. Multiple layers of washes & highlights.
  2. Very nice. The feel of a classic Old School figure but with a modern polish to it <nods in approval>
  3. Thank for the nice feedback all. This one had been 1/3 finished and forgotten at the bottom of a box for literally decades. I recently got back into painting miniatures for the first since I was a teenager decades ago, so it seemed like a good time to dust this guy off, reprime, and give it another go. And thanks for noticing the helmet lol I was stupidly pleased myself. I almost overdid with another highlight layer but decided against it at the last minute - glad I did now. I have a few more old figures from the 80s. A handfuls are still in good shape, but most are old and badly dinged up and might be candidates for repainting....
  4. An old miniature that I recently repainted with Reaper paints. Grenadier Models, 1984, M-34 Frost Giant
  5. I still have that one! No to many remain of the old collections but that one stuck around for some reason....
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