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  1. Monochrome is very hard to pull off, and the highlighting on the muscles and hair is amazing!
  2. Very nice lava and glowing metal effects!
  3. “I hate to break it to you, big guy. You’ve got harpies.” - Autolycus And they look amazing. Excellent use of highlighting and contrast colors!
  4. Lovely high contrast colors on the tabbard and the books. Really makes the mini pop from a distance!
  5. Green skin, pink hair, blue eyes... to most folks that would be a train wreck of colors, but you pulled it off so seamlessly! Her face is exquisite.
  6. Neat! The pinkish horned mage is my favorite, great shading on him!
  7. Fluorescent and crackling with energy! Perfect!
  8. Oh I LIKE that skin tone and how you blended it into the storm cloud below her! And the white pupils reminiscent of lightning are a nice touch. Well done!
  9. Cool. The pink eye is a nice attention to bunny-detail!
  10. Just... wow. The color palette is gorgeous on this guy, and the shading and highlighting are perfect. Well done!
  11. Green muscle highlights aren't easy, and I love the embroidery on the cloak! Well done!
  12. Yes, very nice shading and highlighting! The wing limbs being the same as the body color is a nice touch, as it makes the wings' flesh feel more like they could be transparent like a bat's would be. And the brown fading to white shading in them makes that even more pronounced when photographed against a white background!
  13. I love the scarecrow's face, and the highlighting on the bones and cloak is every bit as nuanced as the highlighting on the spiritualist. but she still wins thanks to the free-handed patterns on her clothing. Number 1 again!
  14. Agreed on those maple leaves, those aren't easy at that size. Nice!
  15. Conran standing atop the pile of miniatures made me laugh out loud. Well done all around!
  16. Seen that mini before and always liked it. Always wondered if the smoke was from the pipe or a spell effect, and your paint job answers both questions as "yes." And the effect you painted green below him... best not to ask! Excellent use of color and highlighting. The purple robes under the blue add depth, and the green on the spell book cover ties in nicely with the effect around him. And this is one of those minis that has an excellent pose for NOT painting in the eyes, the darkness there adds to the overall effect. Well done.
  17. Solid highlighting and shading! The blue face paint is particularly good and subtle, as it looks like proper face paint as opposed to half his head just being blue.
  18. And enough use of color to make them stand out a bit from a distance. nice!
  19. Yes, i think that's everyone's first thought... Wow, she has a long face. That said, good use of color and subtle shading. it has a nice palette range while using colors a person would actually wear... and that's tough on a 25-28 mm scale! Usually you have to exaggerate colors to make things stand out, but you pulled this off nicely.
  20. Great highlighting and shading, and I really like the way the colors mix together at the base of the necks. what Line of inks or washes did you use?
  21. agree! And the free handed pattern in the yellow of the cloak is nice! honestly, I paint almost everything with a jeweler’s magnifier on my forehead, there’s no way I could get gold trim on like that without one. Good choice, and good job!
  22. So Creature Caster announced a promotion... paint up anything by creature caster and put a pic up on Instagram and maybe you’ll win a gift certificate. Never let it be said I can’t be bribed! Here’s the Pincer Demon from their initial Kickstarter run, all of 6” tall and quick-painted up to Table-Top-Nice. More images in the Spoiler...
  23. Genie in blue. Allow me to be the first to say
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