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  1. I ended up putting in for this KS. I haven't played the video game, but am really taken with the art style. What I'm stoked about is getting them abs trying to paint them in a similar style. However, i look at the minis they have painted and have no clue how to replicate it. Does anyone have examples of doing this type of paint style or have tips on how to do it? I watched a YouTube video of painting comic style, but even that doesn't quite get it. I'd love to know if anyone has video of this. Eager and ready to get dark.
  2. Interesting that you mentioned Bones 6. I'm curious if there is a time of year or annual days i should be looking (and preparing to have my paycheck garnered) for the next Bones KS? I have only recently found this gem that is Bones Releases, and want to stay on top of it. I was a late join this time, but DO NOT want to be late to this party next time. Anyone know of i can have any expectations or timeframe?
  3. Watch out for the mold lines on the head and the leg.
  4. Where did you end up getting yours at? I went looking for "samurai" and "ninja" rabbit/bunny. I was looking for an old favorite of mine from Ninja Turtles, but was unable to find a mini of him. These would make do. I also found that large eyes give me more freedom to put character into them. Also first time if used better lighting and backdrops to take a photo. Seemed to work well.
  5. Found these for little gems and wanted to paint them. Fun! Still trying to learn basing, but getting there.
  6. Thanks for posting this! I'm in. Backed it. If delivery happens in January there's a chance it'll keep me busy through April before you-know-what arrives *cough Bones V cough*. Thanks for the share!
  7. Alright, well, i happened to have a2x paint-primer i bought early on in April to do some painting, but hated using it on minis because it was sticky and hid details. However, in the case of trying to prime this 3d print, it actually coats it enough to possibly make a final grey primer cover the lines. We'll see...
  8. Yeah, I've found those etching-scrapers at stores. I can't find that one that was spoken about and now I'm jealous because i can't find one for myself. It looks to have been pretty well reviewed from those who used it so, yeah... i want one, too. The question is where the heh can i find one?
  9. Dang! That's all i can say.
  10. Nice paint job, but if you told me that was a Sylvester Stalone model, I'd have belived it. Although, to be fair if i ran into said hill giant it would "be my worst nightmare." Solid work.
  11. I saw a post i can't find for the life of me. There was someone who posted about this exacto knife sized "shaping" or "scribe" tool that had a3-pointed side like a pyramid tip. They used it for cleaning minis and said it was awesome. I can't find either the tool or the post online and I'm getting desperate. Can anyone tell me what that tool was?
  12. I bought a set of Baby Yoda and The Mandolorian for a friend's gift I'm planning on painting. Little did i realize 3D printing looks like lizard skin. So... now i need to know how to smooth those lines or handle painting on it. Anyone got experience with this?
  13. Reaper Team, I have been trying to formulate how to say this, but I think the best way is a simple "thank you." 2020 has been quite the rocky ride. There seems to be an endless tide of negativity and chaos in the world. Starting in March with everyone being put in lock-down here in the US with the change of life and behaviors, created quite the shake-up. Having to be relatively isolated with my family and working from home has created some very interesting challenges. One of these challenges has been staying motivated and finding something to occupy my time. Normally fishing would be my go to, but Southern Oregon has been rampaged by fires and most of the lakes here are depleted and outdoor activities are less fun with all the smoke we're still dealing with. If not from our own fires, from the smoke blowing up from the South. What has been an amazing escape and means for me to keep my hands from being idle was rediscovering painting. I came across some random YouTube videos of painters and remembered my love of doing it when I was in Jr High. I decided to reinvest myself into it, I mean why not? It's not like I was traveling for work or going anywhere, so may as well find something to do at home. After a few duds and pieces that were what I considered to be warm-ups to getting back into it, I have found my love of painting again. What's great about this hobby is I can still be engaging to the family, whereas if I were fishing I'd be miles and miles away and gone for hours at a time. My love of the outdoors is only matched by my daughter, but it's nice to do things that the entire family can be involved in. Painting has kept me happily hobbying in place and content to be inside. I stumbled across my first Reaper mini at a small games store nearby. I recalled plastic minis being pretty bad in the past, but I was shocked to see how detailed these were and decided to give them a shot. I ended up getting some of my best work on these Reapers and kept going back for more. Only problem was I bought them out of their plastics. I then went full George Jung from the movie Blow and was like, "Why not just go to the source?" What I have found since then has been amazing. This forum has bee an exciting way to engage other painters who are giving me new ideas, challenging me to stretch my comfort zone, and inspiring me to do more. I find getting up and checking on my posts to see who's left feedback has been a great tool for me. I see what others are doing and feel humbled, yet at the same time wanting to rise to that level. This hobby has come back to me at full speed and having to be trapped inside, which normally drives me crazy, has brought a new sense of comfort. Reaper has provided me an outlet that I am grateful for. The team and other members here have given me something to feel positive about. When I'm not stewing about having to work from home and deal with at-home schooling or the smoke or the fact most of the towns around burned or the non-stop negativity in the news or the...or the... you get the point. Everything else feels so chaotic and there's no planning for a week ahead any more. But there's still the fact I've got an awesome family (that supports my hobby craft) and something to look forward to doing when I feel that pressure building up - painting. Just wanted to take some time out of the morning to thank you for the support this site provides, the great outlet your products give me, and the renewed sense of fun I have with a hobby I had long forgotten. Keep up the great work, Reapers! I appreciate it more than I can express in words.
  14. That one was an oddity for me. I wanted to make the outside and interior colors different, but complementary. I used a grey/blue mix outside and a royal purple interior to add warmth. Then put strong tone over the purple, which left a very wet effect on it. Thought it was kind of ghouly looking, so i left it. The hands were a challenge, so I'm glad you like them. I appreciate the positive feedback. All in all very happy with how it came out.
  15. Here we go! Finished these dang minis. My favorites are the trees, the scarecrow, and the crypt. I haven't made a scene before, so this felt pretty neat to do. I admit there's plenty more i could add or improve, but it's good for a first. The challenge of trying something new off a suggestion was fun. The thrill of buying minis for the sake of completing this diorama. And lastly the constant learning and gaining skills from it. Dollar store was my friend this week! Note i wanted to base the minis to keep afterward. I'll trash the landscape, but keep the painted figures. Sorry they won't all blend or look like they fit the scene because their bases. Oh well. Feedback is always welcome!
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