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  1. I'm still waiting on my tracking. If they're as small as they sound, I'm not looking forward to trying to paint the detail on Itty bitty faces. Hoping these look better than what I'm hearing. And where the heck is my tracking already?
  2. Ah... interesting. Good use of what @Inarahsaid was a pain in the broccoli to assemble.
  3. @GoldenPiggyI pretty much use my daughter as the go to for how cool something looks. She comes in, peeks over my shoulder, and says "oooo cool, Dad!" I know I'm on the right track.
  4. @Poilu_1914 well I gave it to her and she said, "it looks awesome." It wasn't overly excited. It wasn't ecstatic for hitting the colors requested. Just kind of a mediocre answer. Not that I need epic validation in what I did, but I wouldn't have minded some critical feedback in there to know if it was exacting to what she wanted. Overall, I think I learned a few things on this one, so I will take that as a win. Whenever I come across someone who gives me a reason to paint something for them, I lean in heavily. I still haven't done commissions per se, but having someone to paint for is fun. I have to just remember it's a fun hobby not my job. I don't want it to feel like work. On her reaction when I gave it to her, I'd say it was a 6 of 10.
  5. Looks great! Nice work on the moss and vegetation all around. Looks nice and creepy.
  6. @Inarahlooks to me like you gaiNed how to blend. Either way it's cool
  7. The viking looks rad. I also like the camo on the elf. Well done on your progress!
  8. Don't do it... don't need more... don't do it... This is my internal dialog. Be strong...
  9. @Glitterwolfas always, thank you. @kazmania7 I had thought about going with silver necklace, but didn't. Dang it! Thank you for the feedback.
  10. @Chaoswolfthey haven't seen it yet. They gave me liberty in the outfit and scheme, and only the details of hair, skin, eyes,and horns. Not much else to really measure against. I'll find out Tuesday if they like it. If not, too bad because it's not getting changed. What I hope is that it makes her really love her character and playing that much more to match this against her character sheet. I just put a coat of varnish on her since this is a playing model. Good luck little Tiefling and may your adventures be grand!
  11. A friend of mine who plays D&D said she had a Tiefling character that was unpainted. "Unpainted? You take your character to your game unpainted? GIVE ME THAT!" That's a sin knowing I like to paint and you're walking around with an unpainted mini. I asked her for the specifics she'd want. She told me silver hair, orange eyes, red skin, and bone colored horns. With that I went to work. Not sure I'm in love with my colors on this one. I'm also unsure if the red skin comes off as red. I used red as the base and then highlighted up with beige red. Purple and green felt strong, but ok to use together. Let me know.
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