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  1. I'm still holding out that out could happen tomorrow. Not super confident, but still a glimmer of hope.
  2. A little further. I think i should have started on their tones close to the chest first. No going back now. All that's left is washing the weapons, highlights, and basing.
  3. Did you do that same method - base coat, zenithal with lighter value, dry brush higher tone, wash, then highlight? I'm looking to try something new.
  4. I'm trying my best to stick with it. Stress and work and summer events are surely pulling me away. I'm trying to do more when i can so in case i miss a weekend i can post up something. We're all getting busier with covid life starting to retreat. I am glad to know it's something we all want to do, but it is hard to commit to. I find myself burning out on painting ideas, techniques, or just looking at a mini I'm stoked about. How do you find inspiration?
  5. This guy with the barrel is done. But also working on these two...
  6. First, this looks great! Second - did you dry brush, then wash, then highlight in the mane? The wings also are nicely detailed in the membrane. It's that a wash or filter? Curious on how you got your results to stand out. I recently did a wyvern, but the wings didn't take to the coloring as well.
  7. To be clear, I'm not saying this is anyone's fault or me being disappointed in reaper. I'm merely trying to keep enthused about getting that big ol box of goodness. ... that and my optimism that it could still be quicker than what i really feel could be the case.
  8. How do you know when the next KS begins? Like what's the best method?
  9. C'mon US.. C'mon US... we need a win this year. June 17th, that's still my guess.
  10. I'm within 9 days of my guess... C'mon Reaper! I know you can get it!
  11. Got one other one in yesterday. Not my best, but still is a job done.
  12. SUPER helpful! Thank you to everyone. @Cranky Dogsuper rad that you took the time to get multiple lights, times of day, and any factor i could imagine. For 10 bucks, i think this could really help, especially with good the shots came out. @SparrowMariethanks for taking the time, too as well as helping answer my question. @crowsandbones thanks to you as well using different lighting. I am going to get one!
  13. @crowsandboneswere you messing with me? Don't leave your wingman hanging.
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