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  1. I like the detail on the chain mail
  2. @crowsandbonesyou're right! Dagnabbit! i gotcha, buddy. I added it in the last line and "x'd" you on it. Check. Given that i adopted this list from someone else's work, i haven't vetted it as perfect. We'll probably find more as we go. If that is the case, we can add them. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  3. @TGPlook at the bottom of the page in the lower left corner. You'll see small tabs that indicate a second spreadsheet. It's labeled Bones 5.
  4. I'm wave 25,too. Not even sure what that means for my delivery time
  5. Let me just finish off the list and the names. Then we'll start loading it up! Should be awesome! All good @Ambrousis. Do your thing in the spreadsheet 2nd tab. Add x's to any you have coming. That goes for anyone. I imagine our focus will be on Core Set, but we'll see. And I'm insanely jealous of your setup.
  6. @TGPsince the Bones 5 set is locked, it's going to be an unchanging list. The current bones 4 (and others) list is a compiled inventory of what everyone has. Once we're in bones 5 mode, it's all hands on deck to paint that stuff, which was the goal with Paint Club. Not to say we can't sprinkle in some others, but that bones 5 list should be locked. Make sense? I'm also open to suggestions here since this isn't exactly a dictatorship. @Inarahthanks for getting rid of the green. Odd how it was there. I tried to get rid off it a few times, but didn't know why it was showing up. #spreadsheetqueen We're only weeks away though...so excited!
  7. I can't figure out what the heck the green is? I have tried to change it, but somehow there's a formula or something locked in it. One of the downside to a master list that everyone shares. For the next bones 5 list, I'll lock all cells except for your column so there can't be alterations or changes someone accidently does. No worries, though. The main thing is the work everyone did is on there, but i can't figure out the green... i will soon. Very very soon. Ps. We'll miss you in the meantime @Kate
  8. Magic effect? What were you trying to pull off? I'm curious to know what you had in mind.
  9. I've got the spreadsheet now with a second tab specific to Bones 5. Hooray. I'll still need to make some adjustments to it. Also, i pulled in all the Bones 4 i could find. My plan will be to sort and remove any duplicates on the spreadsheet. I'm unsure why the color coding i gave it is now all weird, but i have a feeling with this many people in there, it could be throwing it off. I'll work on that later, too. As we get near the release date for bones 5, I'm getting pretty excited to lay down a ton of paint. I should quit picking these big batch or groups on my painting weekends. They are eating a lot of time when i could be getting more individual minis done. Oh well. Next up for me in Ankoa AKA He-Man. I'm going to do it as close to the cartoon as i can. Now if only i could find Battle Cat...
  10. Fun on those shells. If you ever get a chance to try it out want to, you can use small sand and regular Elmer's glue to lay down some grains to hide the super glue on the shells. Cheap and easy. Glad to see you got a couple on there! @InarahI'll gladly trade my paint time for some bbq.
  11. I was on a roll and decided to just keep going.
  12. @billeecatshonestly, he's done if you want him to be. I'd consider it checked off. However, i tend to get them nearly done, set them aside for a week, then before putting a varnish on, ask myself "is it really done?" At that point i know i can invest more or finish. I think it's good to put it aside for now and find another one to paint in the meantime. I agree that the warts are fun to bring more disgusting detail out and encourage you to do it.
  13. Tried getting my other knight done. Felt exhaustion kicking in and losing my steadiness. Here's where I'm at with him tonight. @billeecatswow! Those eyes really bring out the face on the chaos toad. He nearly looks friendly with eyes that nice. Nearly...
  14. I didn't sign up for any. I didn't even think about that. Good call. *going to painting registration*
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