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  1. This one is coming along nicely. A few hours later got some highlights done. Antlers did. Skin on the face touched up. Beard kind of done. Eyes done...i think? Next up will be the mouth and teeth. I have no idea what to do with those strange ports on his head behind his eyes. Open for ideas. Also struggling with beard and mustache on this guy. Need ideas for his tail color. As well a need color ideas for spines on his arms and legs.
  2. Nice work @crowsandbones! I think regular steel would have been better for my skeleton king, but i really appreciate yours and @billeecats feedback. Critical on my own mork,i guess? But, in other news check this one out im working on..
  3. @DozusI like. I'll see if I can come up with something along that line.
  4. Got two more nearly done. I tried do keep the translucent look to the hands. I love the technique that was shared with me a while back about "priming" these with matte medium to help paint stick to them and not lose that clear look. Wins: * Both hands came out pretty good with easy enough highlighting with dry brushing. * The purple was an interesting attempt. I had actually tried using a purple wash below in the smoke area, but it didn't go well. Swapped it back to blue. * The purpled did, however keep more of that 'clear' l
  5. Tried to keep this in very, very simple colors. I think he came out okay. Sometimes simple is good, right? Battle Report! Wins: * Cape and layers came out well. * Staff shading was good. * metal highlights worked out well. Used an ink wask to fill in the deeper areas and shade and edge highlighted. * brightened the scale mail in the front which I think added a cool effect. Misses: * The staff and bones didn't differentiate enough. I tried doing a dry brush that failed pretty bad. Then went back and just did simila
  6. One of the others I plucked out of the Bones 4 set. It looked fun, so I grabbed it. Battle Report! Wins: * Armor was a fun use of blues added in. I watched Dr. Faust doing something similar to create some really cool effects. Mine obviously not as good, but I think it was alright. * The skin was a big win for me. I did it as a nice, slow build up and took my time with laying it up. It worked great on her face. * I was getting lost in the tid bits on her belt, but just used browns and then hlghlighted them up. It actually worked out pre
  7. It's the weekend, so time to paint! Paint club chose this week the Grave Kings 1 & 2 from Bones 5. I was stoked to do these up, but during the painting process I instantly fell out of inspiration and more into just putting paint on the minis. Not sure what happened, but I lost my enthusiasm for painting them. Maybe they weren't coming out how I originally intended? To be fair, I was more just paiting off the cuff than planning it out. Might have been why I lost mojo. Either way, time to detail the work. BATTLE REPORT!
  8. This ain't getting better. I'm not likng this one. Tried highlighting. Tried adding color. Just didn't work.
  9. One down. Having a hard time with these two. I feel like my creative juices failed me here. Colors are very bad. Still working, but not pleased.
  10. Not that i need it (said everyone in here), but since bones 6 has been announced, even does the new bones 6 thread start?
  11. I'll be getting started on those skellys very very soon...
  12. @Deasywinnot sure what you mean, but this isn't really classes related or teaching. Just a few folks who like to paint together. You want in on the action?
  13. I just bought Neatfi's light. I will say it out did Ott Light, my 5500k led bulb swivel lamp. I would say if you really have the dough, go for it. Big big big light with great range.
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