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  1. @Cyradisi didn't know it's a different company. It's listed on their website, so i thought it was scale 75 with a sub line or something. Guess i can hope it's discounting their site.
  2. Alright. Cleared out what was in the primed bin. Time to get to those other minis!
  3. Do you think they'll offer Kimera color set on discount through the pledge manager? They say they'll offer more paint sets on there.
  4. @Samediquite the high praise. I also like your modesty. Yours is great and I'm honored that my work left that much of an impression that you wanted to try it too. You Rockstar!
  5. Thanks to all. Let me be clear, i want them, but I'm running out of room. In order for me to bring more in, i need to get some out. I try to tell myself "don't back any more." But of course i cave to my own weakness of having more. I do like the sets or adventures bones puts together. I try to think of things in dioramas and what i want to do to base them. I looked the idea of the Egyptian or Green Gryphon, but i didn't pull the trigger on those. I find myself drawn to the graveyard and adventuring parties more. Do i need? No. Will i likely cave in the PM? Yes. I love the forums for all the input. Thanks y'all for the guidance.
  6. @Samedithat's what I'whatlking about! Nicely done. Your monochrome came out better than mine. I need to try more black white scale stuff. Nicely done!
  7. I find myself in a conundrum. I love these minis. I think the quality and detail is getting better. Sure, it's not GW good. No, it's not as good as resin (if you have a 3D printer). But the quality to cost is what i go for. Bones 5 was my first buy in, and while i was waiting for 5 to deliver, i bought a 2nd hand set of Bones 4. It's easy to see the quality jump. 6 looks even better. My issue is that I've got a mountain i can't paint fast enough to get through. I tried setting up that paint club that would get people involved in painting minis together so e could burn through that shame together, but it lost a lot of momentum. In turn, because i can't paint as fast as I'm accumulating, i need some kind of plan on how to get through it all. How do those of you who have the same stacks 'o shame get through it? I feel like I'm buying more organizer bins to keep fit it all into, which is silly. I know my limits and it takes me 3 hours to paint to a level i really like. I even bought speedpaints to help things along, but the quality of the job suffers. Overall, I'd keep buying if i knew i could get through it. I just am hoarding. Is there a group on here that trades or exchanges certain models? Like if someone wanted abatch of particular models they could do a trade for with another person to help get more of what you would paint and get rid of that which you wouldn't. I'm very happy to see what Bones 6 did. All placed a pretty penny in. I still buy their retail stuff, too. My problem is getting to be a storage issue and needing to get through more before i add more. Oh, and that's not even considering i have bones 5.5 on the way. Or any of the other stupid kickstarters i did, too. #firstworldproblem
  8. @Inarahthose little red devils are fun. I also see an armored guy in the second row that looks good too. That's a lot of minis, for sure!
  9. Didn't get my other dudes primed. Had a few more Massive Darkness ones ready.
  10. @Inarah Hmmm, Mr. Hornhelmet could be fun!
  11. These two were from the box of massive darkness i got for cheaaaaaaap. Thought they were going to be fodder for speed paints. Guess not. Anyone have a challenge for a mini from Bones 5 they want to do?
  12. @lexomaticagreed on it being confusing. They need a way to show which items shipped vs just a tracking number (and it being on time). I still haven't got the playmat, but it is tracking. And still no tracking on the bulk of the extras from the order. Anxiously...
  13. Got one of my early 90s models done. Good ol' Ral Partha
  14. My first successful OSL. I tried to do the kobolds, but i fear they might be too small for me to enjoy painting. That and i sucked at them.
  15. Used only reaper paints this time. Still hate white armor, but this one was better. @Inarahthis was one of those you were primed up to do and i pulled out to do it, but forgot to finish. Got it done.
  16. @Grand SlamI really wasn't thinking of them being magic as much as trying to use less overall colors and blue was what I had. I just wanted to test agradient sword. I hate when ido tmm. It just looks...fake. this at least held the anime feel together.
  17. I snagged this batch of minis from miniature market blowout sale and have been sitting on them for quite a while. Wanted to try blue red combo and keep the color scheme simple. He turned out okay, but my focus was the gradient swords, skin, and color scheme. Other things got a little sloppy, but i was still happy with the outcome.
  18. I think you should take it as a compliment they are even asking you. It's inspiring, or should be that someone wants you to create something for them that you've done for yourself. That's a pretty cool thing! Just because they don't understand the complexity of it or demand on time it has, doesn't mean you shouldn't explain it or let them assume it's easy. Simply tell them you're working on stuff you enjoy and may not have time to do stuff outside of what you scheduled. I see this a lot with knitters. A garment depending on quality of yarn, complexity of knit, and time to make it, all adds up. The best thing is watching someone ask the knitter of they could make one for them too. Some of those things are 100's of hours. Helps put a request for a mini in perspective (no pun intended). Like you, I don't consider myself a pro. I'm learning more each day and trying to enter more pieces into competitions just to challenge myself. I do it to know I'm improving and I guess too get noticed. Seems vain to say that, but it's a great feeling for me to have a stranger or friend go, "wow! That's amazing! Can you do one like that for me?" I want to please people, but I need to make sure my time is valued. The small time I have to paint is time I want to paint WHAT I WANT, not someone else's stuff. I've taken some challenges before if someone said they couldn't and wanted to see what I could do with it. That's fun, just to push myself, but ultimately I have to whittle my own pile of shame down, vs doing that for others. All in all, I think it's awesome if someone asked you to paint for them. Having the modesty to accept the compliment, but also the ability to graciously decline is hard. I was offered a commission once, which felt great. But I realized I'm not at the level I feel I can take money and deliver a result of what I feel it's a commission artist grade. Maybe someday. Would I sell my work I've already done - that's totally different. And yes I would. However, doing a commission to someone else's expectation just doesn't sound fun to me. I value my time to do relax. Not work. I belive I agree with you. My perspective on the person asking may be divergent from yours though.
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