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  1. Out of curiosity, has anyone got their rapid delivery items yet? Or tracking?
  2. That is correct. No set date for this since we're still not all with our goodies, but you can start it anytime.
  3. @bojesphobare there 11 dragons from this that you received?
  4. I'll say it again: if anyone has a dollar tree near them go and raid their glue. They sell gel and regular super glue in 2 or 3 packs. They also sell loctite regular bottle as well as super glue bigger bottles (not just the minis) . Want to know the price? ... if i have to say it, please read that store's name again.
  5. Woooooooohoooooooooo! Here we go! I gotta go change my shorts now.
  6. Oh.... my.... God... It's happening!!!!! @billeecats right therewith you, buddy!
  7. @Ambrousiswhere is your paint club at? You hold it at a local joint or house? @billeecats I've got a whole set of challenges i thought might be fun once we're up and going. Don't you worry, Billeecats i got chu.
  8. @Christopher Masonwell, I'm going to just say that's got to be the largest non-retail order. I'm wondering if the packing team on that one had to do the oompa loompa song to keep sane. So many boxes! When asked to pack it I'm sure they saw that packing list and went "NOT IT!" Oompa loompa doompa de doo I've got an order coming to you. Oompa loompa doompa de dee That's the biggest order I ever did see. What do you get when buy that much stuff? Watching your paycheck disappear must be rough. Where will it go to be stored all aw
  9. @Zloyduhfunny you said that. I wanted to add more color, but much like the rock chipping, i thought it was going to be too much. Might go back to a couple touch up areas with that in mind. Less is better. That's what I'll have to keep telling myself.
  10. Are you all saying shade the cape or lighten the cape?
  11. @mousekillerthat is a wonderful example of help. Yes! I will go back with some purple and see if i can punch it up. Huge thank you!
  12. Rocky's colors were inspired by Spyro the dragon. It was a fun one to paint.
  13. @mousekillerwhat colors do you think for opposing sword and shield? i am in agreement, but i of not to do a steel sword. Maybe go with some kind of glowing item or non metal?
  14. Took a shot at the ol OSL. This model is from my youth that I'd always been afraid to paint because i didn't want to mess it up. Years later, now I feel like my skills are better and it was worth a shot. Not only did I take a shot, I did it with a real challenge applied to it. I was either going to mess it up - or REALLY mess it up. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Using the colors red and purple seem very wizardly. Felt like a strong combo and happy with it. * The OSL I did was using a dry brush and sweeping it from the main source and only moving
  15. Here we go with another Nagendra. Trying new colors each time I do them to try and have some fun with scales. What I need to do on my next one is some kind of combination with yellow. Something more challenging to work with to make it fun (or completely ruin it). BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Combo of golds and brown seemed to do alright. * Felt brave enough to use an oil wash this time. It's frustrating because I'm always afraid it's going to ruin the work I put in, but at the same time, the results could be awesome. The wash is on the sc
  16. I've really been going after these dioramas. I'm seriously enjoying the change of pace going from the painting to the working of a landscape. There's still so much I'm learning on color, scenery, and flock, but it's definitely coming along. I thought the pebbles were kind of fun like some kind of jewels, but it didn't hit like I wanted, so I then went and added some GreenStuff jewels among them to give the impression it's mixed precious stones. Either way, the point of little Rocky hoarding and scheming I think comes across fine.
  17. Got another one of these simple townsfolk done. I find they make a great opening salvo for the weekend before getting rolling. They are more or less my practice pieces to try a few things before getting going. Here he is - the farmer and his hoe. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Keeping the palette very simple:Brown, Orange, Cream, Flesh - worked well. * Washes of Nuln oil on the shirt, pants, hood. Looks good and helped dull the colors like work clothes. * Used Agrax on the leggings and the shoes and the hoe to give a more dirty apperanc
  18. This one is a real devil to paint. I got the body down and feel the colors there all make sense for a fire demon. But the wings...I can't figure out what to do with them. I was thinking to make them the feature and brighten them up, but the more I look at it the more I think the face and body are the focus. Needing some help here. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Another round of dry brushing success! Did a scarlet red, to flat red, to clear orange dry brush triad. * Used clear orange filter to bring up the areas of highlight and the su
  19. I'm actually struggling to finish this guy off. I can't figure out how to do his wings. @billeecats i might be going big this weekend because i missed last weekend having to travel again for work. Just get in what you can when you can. I'm going to redesign my hobby area in a new area of the house. I hope it will make painting and ease of getting to my hobby time better. More to come on that.
  20. Next up is this demon. Not done, but working on it.
  21. Done. Didn't base yet, but also nearly done.
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