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  1. Last Chance to Pledge! Last 24 Hours in this awesome Kickstarter! 15 stretch goals opened so far! Don’t miss out https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii?ref=3upvpc
  2. Cranky Dog, We have no idea why you where charged a surcharge by your post office in Canada. We have tons of clients there and no one else has been charged. Saying that, we also sent you a message early this morning offering to reimburse you for the surcharge. All you have to do is email is your receipt to [email protected]. We are trying to help you out for this inconvenience but need the receipt. Hope this helps Cass
  3. Evening all! We have new stretch goals posted for the next 3 levels. Hope this helps you all. Even though im stubborn I still listen to my clients. Hope you all had a great holiday! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii?ref=bg9goc
  4. 10th stretch goal is now open with 9.5 days left. Base core set comes with 22 minis for only $36
  5. Wow my post wasn’t to scare everyone away. Lol. We just hit our 9th stretch goal a couple of days ago. 11 days left in our campaign and a big add on coming Tuesday! Can anyone guess what it might be? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii?ref=dgpsut Hope everyone is healthy and has a great weekend! Heres a couple of pics of our Ks zombies being painted
  6. Good Evening everyone I am the owner of Tomb Guardians and I was emailed by a few supporter who watches and blogs on the Reaper site. They told me about what is going on here and I wanted to reach out and post a message. First let me thank everyone that has supported us in the past, currently and hopefully in the future. Next, I want to apologize for upsetting a lot of you due to our marketing attempts. I was not aware of this until a little while ago. Yes we are aggressive because as the owner I’m extremely excited and proud of our products. I consider them some of the best miniatures on the market and we are very privileged to have the sculptures we do work for us. I will have our email campaign back down and will go over that with our marketing manager tomorrow. The last thing I want to do as an owner is piss off our clients. Lastly, we are being accused of having an employee posting in this KS page. This is not correct Or accurate because no one in my company will push our products on a competitors site. Gamerprincess is not our employee or any attachment to our company. I understand she is promoting our KS but she is not my employee. If anyone wants to discuss this or any other topics please feel free to call me at 614-656-7025 or email me at [email protected]. I have no issue discussing this matter or anything else. I love my company and hobby! Tomb Guardians has a good relationship with Reaper Miniatures and I do not wish to end this relationship and only build it stronger in the future. Again I apologize for the inconvience and thank everyone that has supported us in the past, current and hopefully future. Please stay safe and pray you and your families remain healthy. Cass Suwinski Owner Tomb Guardians
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