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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies, and apologies for lack of detail on the first post, I posted on my phone because I was so frustrated with the paint. It is Privateer Press P3 Khador Red Base. The paint was in my closet for a few years unopened. I decided to paint some Khador guys so I figured I would use the factory color, opened the pot and re-bottled it in a dropper bottle. I re-bottled about 50 or so paints that day and some were extremely thick and required a few drops of liquitex flow aid and / or distilled water to get pouring. I don't remember if this was one of those that needed some help. I didn't try using the paint until after the re-bottling, so I don't know how it acted before. I do know that I used some Citadel red paint a few weeks ago and there were zero problems with coverage or anything, so I was surprised with this.
  2. What is wrong with this paint? Did thin it to much? It’s going on very watery and it takes a lot of coats to become opaque. Thanks for any help!
  3. Yep, we have books stacked sideways on top of other books because we ran out of room.
  4. That form needs some serious editing to get useful feedback. Some examples: I didn't even know that there were factions, much less that you could represent one, whatever that means. Also: Well I didn't use it, so what am I supposed to check off? And it is a required submission so whatever I put there will skew the data and produce misleading results. Same thing with the question about the exhibitors. I didn't even know there was an exhibitor hall. Overall Reapercon Live was an excellent fun time; I did the zoom workshops that interested me. I don't have enough ADHD to be able to keep up with the discord, twitch, classes and everything else that was going on at the same time.
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