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  1. Life has been crazy. Got to Archers assembled and primed. Son accidentally knocked one over and is now missing the antenna laser thingies. Played a little bit of the video game the other day though...
  2. Painting Battlemechs and playing Battletech. However, there will most likely be a break at the end of spring to move my girlfriend in.
  3. I have, but despite their annoying design "features" the Robotech Tactics figure have the advantage of already being in my possession.
  4. Got the second Archer I was working on assembled....I think. Glues weren't setting right on it and I'm not happy with how the arms look. Really bringing back so many frustrations with that whole kickstarter. In other mech related news, I got a belated Christmas check so I went ahead and got in on the Clan Invasion at the Star Captain level.
  5. I have not used LEDs on anything hobby related. Unless you count the lights I put in a display case that did not survive my last move several years ago.
  6. Ok. Got one assembled. What a pain in the butt. I'm sorry, but it shouldn't take three pieces to assemble an arm. Need to cut some bases for these guys too.
  7. I used to use a Dremel, then realized it was overkill for 99% of what I was trying to do. I do use an air compressor for my airbrush. Cut my own bases, tokens, dice, buildings, whatever else I need on a laser cutter.
  8. I may be able to get in for some Mechs in the kickstarter, but in the meantime I have completely lost my marbles and started the fiddly work of assembling the destroids from the failed kickstarter (not the new stuff that looks gorgeous). Working on a pair of Spartans Archers first. Already had a couple Tomahawks Warhammers done and painted, but will need to rebase.
  9. I was very successful with myfitnesspal in earlier rounds of weight loss. Last year I moved into a different position at work and my level of physical exertion changes on a daily basis. Couple that with not being able to wear a fitness monitor at work, the last time I tried to use MFP I couldn't get my calories counts right. It was really frustrating.
  10. I spent most of last year driving halfway across Texas and back when I would normally be kayaking or hiking...so I've crept back up about 18 pounds. I need to wrangle my diet back in and stop with inactivity.
  11. I was in stationed in South Korea, received my first couple CAV miniatures, and my first post (here) was me trying to see if there were any CAV players in San Angelo. I lived on these boards for several years, even moderated the CAV sub-fora for a while. I remember why SOON became a dirty word. I remember the great assault on Mt. Olympus as we lesser beings strove for Godlike status. My time on the boards started to lessen in 2009 - 2010. I was getting ready to deploy with a unit I couldn't stand being in. While I was deployed I didn't have a lot of time to get on. When I returned I went into a multiyear gaming and painting malaise that several years later I was informed was a symptom of the depression I didn't realize I was going through. Then I was getting ready to retire from active duty and was having a lot of personal issues. After I retired came marital issues, counseling, and eventually a divorce. Once I started having the desire to return to painting and gaming I didn't have time because single dad with a less than amicable relationship with his ex. Last month I really hit a nostalgia note and actually painted eight miniatures in less than a month's time. That's probably more miniatures than I've painted in the last 8 years. Have some big positive life changes coming up, but I'm thinking I may be around more often once more. If not, I'll at least check in more often than when my kids are with the ex-wife over the holidays.
  12. I've picked up some board games over the last couple years. It started with Pandemic. Ticket to Ride has been a huge hit, especially with my girlfriend. Christmas resulted in Settlers of Catan, Quadropolis, Small World, and the 1910 expansion for Ticket to Ride. We've enjoyed all of them, but Ticket to Ride has been the biggest winner. We've only played a couple games of Catan so far, but I'm thinking I'll really like it. Reception of Small World has been mixed, but I enjoy it. Quadropolis was well received.
  13. In my absense my girlfriend and kids convinced me to play again. I had only played for a couple months after it first came out. I will say it has come a long way since and I finally finally find it enjoyable. To the point that I make sure to check in on it several times a day now.
  14. For now they are members of a mercenary company that I have yet to develop.
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