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  1. At this rate, I may have to consider changing houses.

  2. PROCRASTIANS UNITE....maybe tomorrow, I don't know, I've got some other stuff going on.

  3. I might actually be able to do some painting tonight!  Provided I don't fall asleep first.

    1. Glitterwolf


      You're awake and painting ?


    2. Sergeant_Crunch


      Sleep painting hasn't worked out so well for me in the past.  I'm just excited that I don't have other things to keep me from painting tonight.

  4. Monday. Yay. Already off to a great start with spilled coffee.

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    2. Sergeant_Crunch


      The shirt intercepted it before it got to skin.  I have no problem licking coffee off of myself in public.

    3. Dilvish the Deliverer

      Dilvish the Deliverer

      At least it's the shirt and not the pants.  Licking your own crotch might get some stares.


      Though depending on who is around they may be appreciative.

    4. Sergeant_Crunch


      I wish I was that flexible!

  5. Now that I'm done working for the weekend, I've got a lot work to do over the weekend.

    1. Dilvish the Deliverer

      Dilvish the Deliverer

      The life of a small business owner!

    2. Sergeant_Crunch


      It's not even that. Gotta fix stuff around the house and I have assignments due. Though there is some engraving to be done as well.  Oh and laundry. Always with the laundry.

  6. That unbearable time between receiving the shipping notification and when the box arrives.

  7. No matter where you go, there you are.

  8. Bryan is "da man", but you have to give him hotwings first.

  9. Oh yeah! BAM! Take that!

  10. Hi Nanite! You've been commented. ;)

  11. Anne,

    Love the paints and your painting. Keep up the great work!

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