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  1. Video games. Lately kayaking, but that takes a little preparation.
  2. They blocked this forum at work. Been busy runnin' kids around, goin' out on the kayak, fixin' the house, and other things. Hobby wise I have been using some plans I found for some 28mm platform kits and hot a little more paint on my Space Marines. Hopefully I'll do a better job of remembering to check here in the evenings.
  3. The perfect game doesn't exist. Each player has their likes and dislikes. Heck, even designers keep fiddling with their own rules because they just aren't quite right yet (in their mind). Me? I prefer open games with point systems, but have several games with dedicated model lines, because sometimes you have to play what everyone else is to get a game. I have been on the hunt for THE mecha game since CAV2 went the way of the dust bin. I have also started on my own rules. The same for my 15mm stuff. And for 28mm sci-fi skirmish.
  4. I dunno, paint or play a game. Something enjoyable for myself, I don't always get a lot of that.
  5. I think my next big purchase is going to be either dining room chairs or a couple ceiling fans.
  6. I would have, but the company is getting cranky about taking short notice vacation time and I like having paychecks. Stupid adulting. :(
  7. Got the kayak, but a rigid hull instead of inflatable. I feel like I should have taken today off.
  8. Four. I'm over it, but the reason is that a lot of them are for specific uses like my aqua socks/water shoes or over the ankle boots for the motorcycle. It also took me a while to settle on a style of shoe I liked to wear to work after I retired from the military, so some are left over from that process.
  9. I have several things I would use that on, and several more I would invent reasons to use it on. I studied Goju-Ryu as a kid and later during high school. Don't remember a whole lot of it, just the basic punch, kick, and block. I might be able to perform the first kata I learned, but I doubt it would be very pretty. Then there was Basic Combat Training. Aside from the obvious firearms training with better equipment than the Daisy bolt-action .22LR I had growing up, I also learned what makes the green grass grow*. Back then they didn't teach combatives to the POGs like us. *For the unfamiliar, that phrase was part of a call/response sequence used during bayonet training.
  10. They are quite comfortable. Wore them kayaking yesterday. The funny part is that when I was in the store I was actually torn between three different patterns, each awesome in their own way. So I asked a couple college aged girls in the area which pair they would be most embarrassed to see their Dad wearing in public. These were what they picked under that criteria.
  11. Got a new pair of swim trunks. The following picture was intentional, and no, I don't normally go out in such attire.
  12. Depends on the model. For the smaller ones, yes. For the larger ones I partially assemble. I put the legs and bases together and the torsos and arms, then paint separately. With Bones I'm contemplating leaving the torsos unglued to facilitate dramatic in-game positioning since they do have a tighter fit than the old metal models.
  13. Nice! I've only started assembling mine, and I picked up a little bit of each of the old sculpts. So far I have assembled one each of Chancellor, Wyvern, Bishop, and Ogre; four Manticores; and two Lynx (Lynxes, Lynxi, Lynxseses?). And I'm probably going to need to cut more bases.
  14. "Senior NCO Soul" which would really just be a small bottle of Vantablack. What would most likely be named after me would be some kind of berry color due to my first name.
  15. If sprays are not feasible, you could try Stynylrez.
  16. Had a bit of a sewage problem in that one of the toilets overflowed which necessitated a purchase of the cheapest carpet I could get as a temporary fix as there was no saving the old one. This has resulted in me pushing forward the time table for a much larger, and far more expensive, project redoing the living room that was going to involve the same patch of carpet since they were the same. This will result in a delay of unknown length regarding my intent to purchase a kayak as funds and time will be unavailable for a while. There really isn't a "fix" with regards to the kayak purchase, unless I come into a relatively sizable amount of money. In the interim, now that the water should be warm enough I'll just rent the things at $5/hour.
  17. work to pay the bills move some heavy stuff around go home do house work
  18. Not so much regret, but dissapointed with the Robotech Kickstarter. I knew it would be a mess going into it, but I had no way of knowing just how big of a mess they would make it.
  19. OMG, this. This is probably my largest storage issue right now.
  20. That's ok, I know exactly how you feel.
  21. Enough time to actually use it. *rimshot* A nice 4'x8' table and terrain, terrain everywhere. Comfy chairs. Something to stream music with. Fridge. An expanded painting area. My engraving equipment. A Form2 3D printer. Spray booth. Ducted exhaust system. Shop air. Plenty of storage and bookshelfs. I'm gonna need a bigger room.
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