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  1. The Kulathi aren't tied to any particular game or background, so it's wide open for you to invent as you like.
  2. Yes, the one I did paint I used my usual duplicolor primer, and sealed with krylon matte acrylic spray. It's typically the propellants in the cans that create the stickyness issues. I would recommend a brush on sealer or matte medium.
  3. Got mine yesterday. Looks like there are a lot less bent pieces compared to the first run.
  4. I got a great deal on one of the high-end Kitchenaid stand mixers last week. The red ones go fasta.
  5. I don't consider Friday the 13th to be any more unlucky than any other day, which looking back at my life doesn't set the bar very high. I don't think I've owned a black cat. There was a cat we had when I worked a screwy schedule and I don't really remember what color it was.
  6. They're cool, but I wouldn't say I enjoy them to the point of going out and actually purchasing a reproduction of one. Not particularly. I never really enjoyed making them by hand for games, and when I had to do it for work I had software but it was for work.
  7. Tracker is telling me Saturday.
  8. Thanks! There's a reason I'm a member of House Procrastius. I'll tell you about it later. :D
  9. I do finish a miniature on occasion. This one was the proof of concept. Now to finish three more for this squad (one is already done), then the rest of the force.
  10. Yes, and for paints that don't have one in it I'll drop a small chunk of white metal sprue in the bottle. My paints tend to sit for extended periods, so anything to help restore them is to my benefit.
  11. Well, to be fair, by "working" on I mean it took me a little over four months to finish one figure.
  12. I'm not overly concerned as I'm working on a bunch of GW figures right now, but I am looking forward to getting these.
  13. I like to think it was Lando's "special room."
  14. I've known some that were sick, but don't think any of them were any strain of influenza AFAIK.
  15. Two for sure, maybe three. I've been floating in and out of here for quite a while and the early days are kind of fuzzy.
  16. Quit smoking (again). Started to lose weight (again). Finally got around to making the front yard looking decent.
  17. I'm not going to lie, I was hoping for a diorama of a centaur hunting a couple. Despite that, nicely done! :)
  18. I wouldn't use a spray varnish on the Wrath of Ashardalon figures. I did that once. Once. That figure is still sticky to this day, and I painted it in 2011.
  19. None of the above. I'd opt for a minimalist republic.
  20. I thought I had some old projects...you've got me beat by about 10 years.
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