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  1. Hi all! I'm about to head out to the local craft store and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Woodland Scenics E-Z Water. Comes in a bag and looks like little wax pellets that you melt and pour where you want water. Is it worth my time or should I go with a clear acrylic resin for water? Intended use for this (eventually) is a collection of modular river pieces so I can add rivers to the table in different arrangements. Sgt Crunch
  2. As I scrolled down and saw the pics my first thought was "Oh my God," which was quickly followed by "I would kill to be that good" Beautiful work doesn't even do it justice...
  3. Very nice, Might have to get a few of those minis and paint a red team and a blue team for some CTF fun
  4. Over the course of the last year I held a position were it wasn't uncommon to work at least 12 hours. I think the worst was the 2 week period of 20 hour days. That was also about the point I discovered I'm not 18 anymore. Anyways, that, on top of being married with children adds up. My solution was that on the days when I got home at a decent hour during the week I'd set up on the coffee table after dinner and paint while she watched TV and converse with my family. Usually added up to 2 or 3 hours a week when I could manage it or wasn't distracted by one of my other addiction... I mean hobbies. Then usually about every second or third weekend I'd set aside Saturday for an all-day paint fest. Only drawback to this is that my kids are always consuming something and need more food/drink, or they're being boys and trying to rip each other's ears off for fun. So I've either got to figure what's left that's still edible or break up a fight or ask them not to lean on my arm when I'm trying to get that one *reeaallllyyy* tiny detail on the fig. Mostly though the kids are sitting next to me asking things like "what color are you going to use next daddy?" and such. As long as I don't get over ambitious in how much I'm trying to accomplish the saturday sessions usually result in a completed tank/vehicle maybe two, a fully completed game-table quality squad of 10 figures, or getting part of a larger number done. This past weekend I did this and got the base colors for the hands, faces, and cloth bits of 70 GW Cadian troopers. Although this wasn't an "all day" event I still got a fair amount done in the time I did spend doing it. And now my point: I try to do it so I can paint and spend some time with my family at the same time. NOTICE: using the coffee table doesn't work once your infant child has figured out how to pull him/herself up on the edge of said table. A couple weeks ago I walked out of the room to get a drink and found my 9 month old trying to figure out how to open a bottle of purple paint and drink it when I came back. Good thing it was still sealed from the manufacturer.
  5. I soooo wish I could partake in this. It sounds really fun. (never participated in a mini exchange before if you haven't guessed) Oh well, maybe next time...
  6. a shark riding on the back of an elephant trampling and eating everything in their path (from an old "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy" on SNL)
  7. "It's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future." -- Yogi Berra DM (to someone else): Ok, you're dead now. Me: anyone got any healing magic? Yet another person: He did... "I WILL MAKE YOU GO CRUNCHY!!!" -- Me while running over infantry with a tank in the original Command & Conquer "It could be a beaker full of DEATH!" -- Mr. Spock to Dr. McCoy in "Miri" "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me." -- don't remember the source "Yeah, we should start on time." -- The guy running the 40k tournament I played in today, which of course did not start on time "We're on a mission from God." -- Elwood Blues and I could go on and on and on....
  8. Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets excited about getting new figures. Unfortunately what little time I have to paint before I move will be spent finishing a 40k army (already primed) for a tournament that is the day before the movers come to temporarily remove me from command. Of course my wife was sceptical that they didn't have any openings before the con. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. At any rate, in an attempt to bring this somewhat back on topic, as soon as my miniatures catch up with me I'll definitely see if washing my mini's makes a noticeable difference. I plan on making many posts in the Show-Off boards so you'll see them sooner or later.
  9. Yeah, when I first started painting my Cadians I told myself "only the base and highlight colors." Unfortunately it felt like they were unfinished and it just irked me knowing that they could look better. On the other hand, I refuse to do 100+ sets of eyes, my biggest painting weakness.
  10. I did do a number of washes on the skin portions in an effort to get the right effect, and it looked great, before I sprayed that satin finish on it. Although I will say that in retrospect, a darker wash, and not being so zealous in trying to highlight the skin would have made it that much better. By my own admittance I would estimate myself to be a 4 to 7 on a scale of ten regarding painting, the range depending on how much time I have and how often my children demand food/drink, and whether or not I have 500,000 of the same figure waiting for me (I also play Imperial Guard in Warhammer 40k). However, I am always trying to improve.
  11. I have to admit something: I rarely, if ever, remember to clean my miniatures before I put them to the brush. The few times I've remembered to I've had varying results in terms of removing the mold release from the metal. So, now to the entire point of this post, what methods, techniques, or tricks do you use to prep your miniatures before painting?
  12. Well, here's my first completed Reaper fig. Any comments/suggestions/advice welcome. One note about the um....shineyness...apparently krylon's idea of "satin" is more reflective than my idea of "satin." At any rate, clear sprays are difficult to come by where I am. Thankfully I'll be moving back to the good ol' US of A next weekend.
  13. Well imagine that...do a quick search on mapquest to figure out how I'm gonna get to San Angelo and as luck would have it, I gotta go right through Denton. Now, how to justify this to the wife... "But honey, the directions clearly state that we have to stop at 'Reaper Miniatures' in order to get where we need to go"...
  14. I'd take a picutre of my painting area, but my coffee table is rather dull.
  15. Hmmm, I wonder how many points ninja wizards and bears with laser beams coming out of their eyes would cost???
  16. Yeah, it's been about 10 years since I was last at Goodfellow/San Angelo, and I didn't have my car with me then. So I really don't remember much about the area. On the other hand, I'll be happy to have more than five English-speaking channels on cable. I do know that there is a FLGS there, but the folks I've talked to who have come from there lately don't know if anyone plays CAV (they all play Warhammer and 40k almost exclusively).
  17. Sergeant_Crunch

    Moving Soon

    I will be moving from South Korea to San Angelo, Texas next month and was wondering if there is anyone in the immediate area who plays CAV. I just received my first round of miniatures (even managed to paint a few amazingly enough with my schedule) and am still very much a newcomer to the game. I have not played more than a couple one-on-one CAV games using the rules pdf from the web. (didn't want to buy the rulebook just to have to buy another one later when CAV2 is released) thanks
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