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  1. Despite being unable to log from work, I've been doing pretty well at it for about six days now. I have found that pre-logging what I'm going to take to work helps, and since I generally either take the same things or leftovers from the night before I can log almost a whole week at a time. Haven't done a lot of exercise for the sake of exercise, but have been making an effort to be more active and not just sit in my recliner. Last night I went jogging (that's being very generous to what I was doing) for 2 miles. Scale says I'm down about 3 lbs, but I"m certain some of that is water weight.
  2. I acquired the egg shaped M&M in caramel and chocolate varieties as well as a bag of organic jelly beans (not that I normally care about such things, those were the only jelly beans on sale). I use glass jars. Usually they formerly held spaghetti sauce or jam. No evaporation and has the added benefit of looking like some kind of crazy experiment.
  3. Nope, other than apparently forgetting that Easter was this past Sunday.
  4. Nope. TBH I was barely cognizant that Easter was this past weekend. Went out for dinner to a newish restaraunt downtown on Friday night and they didn't have anything "Easterish" up. Went to Taco Bell for dinner on Saturday night becuase I didn't feel like cooking, and well...it was a Taco Bell. Sunday I went to Lowe's for gardening stuff, and I don't normally pay much attention to the decor there, so if they did I didn't notice it. That was the extent of my ventures outside my home for the whole weekend.
  5. Meh. I probably wouldn't have bothered responding to either.
  6. I planted flower seeds yesterday. There, that's a thing you know now.
  7. I bought some flower seeds yesterday. Got tired of the front of the house looking like the house so creepy that even the Mystery Inc. gang wouldn't go in.
  8. I just finished Full Metal Alchemist. Debating if I want to find a new series to watch or not, it seems to sap my productivity from other things I really need to get done.
  9. Seeing how much less my electric bill is going to be this summer compared to last year's. That and taking up kayaking.
  10. So, apparently I can't get to My Fitness Pal's website from work anymore. That's a drag because I will forget to enter stuff if I don't it right away.
  11. About half the time. One trip to see what they've got on hand to plan for my next paycheck or make an order, the next to buy/pick up. Sometimes I'm just killing time waiting for something else and a store is nearby. I try to limit myself to going when I know I can buy something.
  12. If you're working on polystyrene miniatures (GW plastics and the like, not a vinyl base like Bones or the vast majority of prepaints) you should really be using plastic cement. It melts the pieces together forming a superior bond. I prefer the liquid version so you don't get the strings like with the orange sqeeze tube from Testors, just make sure you have some ventilation.
  13. It is the exact same thing for me every morning, it's not that difficult to dump some spices in. That and I usually prep the whole week's worth of oatmeal in containers (I eat mine while checking morning email at work) on Sunday...provided I remember. And besides, it's pretty difficult to mess up oatmeal. The most recent CAV KS, but I didn't do the core set, just picked the models I really wanted. Since the Robotech one folded the CAV one is the last one I'm waiting on. Probably will be the last one I do.
  14. Note to self: get a Big Mek in the next round of purchases.
  15. You'd think that with all the jumping on and off the weight loss bandwagon I've been doing that'd I have burnt some fat off. Apparently it doesn't work that way. Focusing now on eliminating nicotine, but once that is under control it'll be time to put away the spare tire.
  16. Me too, to keep the doc off my back about my cholesterol. I dump about a teaspoon each of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice in mine, sometimes a pinch of star anise seed too keep the calories down.
  17. Part 1: a little of both. Some days I'm just eating to refuel, others I'm making something good. Part 2: A sammich or ramen if it's just me, if the kids are around, frozen chicken nuggets/chicken tenders/fish sticks with Mac & Cheese and canned/frozen vegetable. Part 3: anything smoked, it just plain takes a while. Can't whip out a boston butt after work in time for pulled pork by dinner.
  18. I watched the Power Rangers movie and Pacific Rim Uprising. PacRim was much better than Power Rangers. I would have been happier if they had less dialogue in the first half of the movie and more robots fighting kaiju, but if I had my way that would be the whole movie. Glad to see that John Boyega is doing stuff other than Star Wars and not letting himself get stuck as being only Finn. Power Rangers was...Power Rangers. Take the first two episodes of a Power Rangers series (the first one in the U.S. specifically) and make them a feature length movie but dial the teen angst up to 11. The special effects were pretty cool though.
  19. I for one welcome my new Sororitas mistresses.
  20. If you have Amazon Prime, check out the Mythica series of movies. I've seen the first couple of the five and they're pretty good fantasy movies. Going to go see the new Pacific Rim movie this weekend. Hoping they don't ruin it with too much dialog interrupting the giant robots fighting giant monsters like in the first one.
  21. Almost entirely to game. There are a few figures I've painted that aren't intended for a game, but not many. The problem is with how often and slowly I paint. Currently have been mucking about with Space Marines.
  22. I used to, but not so much anymore. The first car I bought after I joined the Army was a '95 Saturn sedan that I called "Baby", 'cause it was brand new. I had contemplated renaming her "Lum" because she had a habit of building up a static charge and shocking the first person to touch her, but only a couple people I knew at the time would have gotten the reference. After that was GMC Jimmy that I imaginitively called...wait for it..."Jimmy." At least a couple of my computers have been called "Hal." I don't ever recall naming any of my domiciles. In Basic I named my weapon Emily, after the girl in high school I couldn't get out of my head. That's about it.
  23. Looks good. I would recommend working on your highlighting next in your progression.
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