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  1. Yep, sure do. Right now a Dodge Ram 1500. Might pick up something small and fast next year if I can. I was 16. I wasn't driving, but was in the vehicle. My Dad and I were helping a friend of his move in Toledo (a big city compared to where we lived). So we're driving up there on a Saturday morning, pulling an empty trailer (and by trailer I mean an old truck bed that had been stripped to the frame, given a 2x6 deck, and some lights zip-tied on). We were on a two-lane divided highway, in the right lane, just inside the city limits. We hit a bump in the road, didn't think anything about it until I look over and see the trailer passing us in the left lane (Dad was slowing down for a traffic light. It overtakes us, spraying a shower of sparks where the neck is scraping on the road. The trailer drifted into the left turn lane and actually made the turn! (Wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself.) Well, it didn't completely make the turn, it was a little wide and bounced over the curb and came to a stop in the grass. Whatever Dad had used as pin to secure the hitch had apparently rattled it's way out during the drive up, and the bump knocked it off the ball. So a phillip's screwdriver substituting as a pin and a large amount of electrical tape (Dad's an industrial electrician, so we had tons of the stuff laying around) to keep it in and we were back on our way.
  2. Yes, I can. I think it was second grade, maybe. That's longer ago than I care to remember. About two weeks before I was supposed to be the ring bearer in my aunt's wedding they had just repaved the road and there was a lot of new gravel on the shoulder. I was racing one of the neighbor kids (there were only four others on our dead end country road, and they were all related) and I strayed into the shoulder (not very long after I had learned to ride). I flew over the handlebars and skidded on my face in the gravel. I'm told my face looked like hamburger. Thankfully it had mostly healed except for a couple of the larger scabs before the wedding, but not before school started for the year...that was interesting. I really don't remember it hurting, I think the other kids were more freaked out than I was. I don't even have any scars on my face that I can pinpoint has having been from that incident.
  3. No need to apologize for changing your avatar. If you changed your screen name, now that would be confusing.
  4. Yes, but I get tired quickly when swimming, much more so than any other activity. When I was six we moved to a house that was in the country on the banks of the Sandusky River, which is where I swam mostly, sometimes in Lake Erie. Looking back, it's a small wonder I didn't develop some kind of mutation. Funny stories, not really. I think Kraken rum already got him.
  5. The 4'x4' gaming table I built that disassembled easily for PCS moves. Probably not the best in table design (or aesthetics) but it is still standing today, just don't get to use it for its intended purpose often.
  6. Treasures found on dead monster bodies from treasure tables...or "how was this kobold carrying a great sword and a full set of plate?"
  7. I have a handful of 80's era Ral Partha and Grenadier fantasy figures, but am not anticipating painting them any time soon.
  8. First, make breakfast. While eating breakfast make grand plans for how I'm going to spend the day. Following this I sit in my recliner and either binge watch something, play X-Box, or realize that I just spent six hours on Facebook.
  9. Another thing you can try is to rough up the contact points to be glued together with a file, sandpaper, sanding needles, etc. Can also use the tip of your Xacto to crosshatch the contact points. Gives more surface area for the glue to adhere to.
  10. I'll probably queue up something horribly made and make fun of it this week.
  11. Finally got around to replacing the compressor that died on me last month. Have yet to use it. Over the weekend I picked up a box of GW Gretchin with Runtherd and the core set for Android: Netrunner (found somebody that's been begging for someone to play this).
  12. I just finished watching the mid-2000's Battlestar Galactica reboot on Amazon Prime Video (was overseas when it aired and missed too much to catch up when I returned state-side). Next up will probably be Jessica Jones season 2 or maybe some kung-fu movies or more than likely a bunch of movies that look really bad that I've queued up.
  13. Pretty much the same ones you do. Speaking of which, I'm due for a couple...
  14. Omnipotence would be cool. If that's not on the table, the ability to mimic and retain everyone else's abilities. If no one else has powers, then the ability to reach into my pocket and pull out the exact amount needed to pay the cashier. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Bones/latest/77573 Doggies gather in their masses Just like geese in the grasses In the garden they destroy Will still be called good boys
  15. Because talking about games is more fun than talking about numbers.
  16. CAV2 Starmada: Admiralty edition There are a few more in my cabinet that I'm not sure on the status of the game with their respective companies. And to clarify, I don't get to play very often.
  17. Yes, but only three books: Starship Troopers, The Princess Bride, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm not sure how many times I've read each, but I'm fairly certain I'm due for new copies of each. The ones that weren't going to be reread and I didn't have any particular attachment due were offered to friends, and the survivors donated to the post library just prior to moving to a new assignment. Books take up a lot of shipping weight. I haven't done much reading in a long time, so not sure what I'll do from this point forward if I start reading again as I'm not expecting to move for a quite some time.
  18. unless they seriously drop the prices for the exchanges, I'm just going to wash my hands of them and if I see something locally on the cheap I'll pick it up. I only know of one store that actually stocked a couple of the unit boxes.
  19. I watched Kubo and the Two Strings on Friday night. I enjoyed it.
  20. I don't know. I honestly can't think of any at the moment. I know that for stuff I looked for, even something obscure, I've managed to find something that was a fit or close enough to modify. It may have taken a bit of searching and ordering from some guy in his garage, but I've found most everything I've looked for. To include motorcycle gang werewolves.
  21. Out here in the boonies we have the West Texas Tabletop Gaming Convention (say that five times real fast). They've had it the last three years. The first year and last year I went with the boys and played some demo games. The second year I set up a booth and sold some stuff, so didn't get to play anything. I would have last year, but they didn't have room for vendors other than the two stores that were co-sponsors of the event. Really hoping this year they are at a larger venue so I can set up shop again, it was one of the few times I actually made money at a show.
  22. Ugh, I wish I had the vacay time and money to go, could even swing a couple hours north and see the folks afterwards.
  23. I played in an X-Wing league for a season last year. It was fun, but with everything else I had going on it became something else to fit in the schedule. I'd like to do something like that again, but think it will have to wait until 1) life settles down into a predictable pattern and 2) I finish my degree later this year. I'd like to start a regular game group that is open to several games (wargame, I don't RPG anymore). Lord knows I have the collection of rules do keep it interesting.
  24. I have no idea how effective it is now, but in older versions of the game I used to always include a section of infantry with anti-tank missiles and either drop or use high speed transports to deploy them behind the opponent to attempt to disrupt their attention. I had some other infantry-centric force builds, but don't know how well they'd work now.
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