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  1. You mean other than having horrible business planning and budgeting skills? Maybe this means we can get all the other Macross series in the U.S.?
  2. Somehow I doubt they'd have enough money for refunds if they liquidated everything they own and closed the business.
  3. All the stuff I really wanted was in wave 2. Not sure if I want more wave 1 stuff, except maybe to take up Battletech again with the figures. I knew it would be a mess going in, just figured that they would get it done eventually. Guess not. The part that galls me is asking for CC info over KS message. That's not gonna happen.
  4. Why do I have a feeling that if I want some of their kits I need to act now?
  5. Off to a good start! The only question you ever need to ask yourself is, "Do I like this" when it comes to your painting. If you're looking for more resources, on the main Reaper page there is a section called "The Craft" that has a bunch of articles on various topics related to miniatures.
  6. That's just having a good marketing plan! When they thought Hurricane Floyd was going to hit Charleston, SC I drove there from Augusta, GA to get my ex's mother, who couldn't drive. It was kind of odd being the only person trying to get into a city that was in the process of evacuating. Mostly just saw rain as the storm made landfall further up the coast, by quite a way IIRC. I just remember that the cloud system was so large that when we got back to Augusta we could see the outer edge of the storm in the sky and its rotation was apparent, enough so that it made me dizzy for a moment. Other than that, just some crazy thunderstorms, tornadoes in the general area, and blizzards.
  7. Not normally. On the rare occasion that I do it is the Samoas.
  8. Wish: Dunno. Right now I'm struggling to be adequate in multiple areas. Working on: some of the processes involved with my job. I need this. (especially given my house affiliation) Almost anything from this place: http://lonestarcheeseburgercompany.com/ I say almost because I don't care for avocado and I'm not a huge fan of eggs on burgers. For beverage, an amber or brown ale, not too malty, not too hoppy. Every other Sunday when I'm crunching up against my assignment deadlines for my online classes, then get up for work.
  9. I'm another one for the jack-of-all-trades group. What I used to be an expert at is constantly evolving and I've been out of that game for a couple years. About the only things that would come close right now would be obsessing about my personal finances and binge watching stuff online.
  10. That's where it sat with me for a long time, then I noticed over the weekend it was available on Amazon Prime Video.
  11. Being "Mr. Current With The Times" that I am, I have started watching the Battlestar Galactica reboot from last decade.
  12. I can't say that I have one that intrigues me the most. The cultures I have encountered have not made me want to learn more about them (at least beyond the point where my interest has been satisfied), but about as many as I can either as a means of understanding the positions of the cultures I already encountered within the region or merely as a means of trying to understand the rest of the world. All that said, somedays I feel like I don't even understand my own culture.
  13. I don't know, old people get some pretty sweet discounts. I for one wouldn't mind having my property taxes fixed.
  14. Well, for my situation, it's a matter of starting almost completely over from scratch so I'm going to make the most of it.
  15. I mostly didn't notice 40 because I was preoccupied with some other Major Real Life Issues at the time. That was 2.5 years ago and things have settled down now. I'm looking at it as a chance to experience the things I've always wanted to.,
  16. Brown and hopefully staying that way for a little while longer. Style? I comb it after a shower, end of story.
  17. The first one I painted was a Space Marine sergeant from the 3rd Edition starter box, which I don't have pictures of. I had some miniatures gifted to me in high school, but they are still unpainted. (You did notice which house I'm in, right?) This captain was painted right after the sergeant, so close enough. I've posted this one several times in response to this question in Show Off: Biker Chick Sophie. I don't really anymore, RL has been kicking me around for years and I want to get back into it...but priorities. When I did, it was to play...or at a minimum a good intention to play. I've only painted a small number of pieces purely for display.
  18. I'm not going to be much help in this today. Things got real in my head tonight and I'm processing still.
  19. I've never really liked it. I tolerated it and participated for the sake of my wife. This year it's just another day as far as I'm concerned.
  20. It's only "hoarding" if it's a problem. Having many miniatures is not a problem, it is a guarantee of immortality! Oh, so many elf-ups to consider here...and the answer is still an open wound.
  21. I'm probably about 50/50. Though right now I'm not really doing a bunch of reading, but I still prefer game rules in hardcopy. That's one area I don't think I can convert to digital for. I bought a digital version of one of Osprey's rule sets and I did not care for it. About half my bills still send paper and I haven't bothered changing them.
  22. I think they're great but easily misused. I use mine a lot, but wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't have it. In fact I'd probably go back to reading. I actually don't like cell phones, all I really wanted was a computer that fit in my pocket. That's were I used to do almost all of my reading. I mostly use debit but do keep a little cash on me. The only time I make a point to use cash is when I am in a bar. The last thing I need is to forget my card because I started a tab. Also helps curb the potential for overindulgence. 9: no 10: most likely not 11: living in Texas and not having to deal with winter
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