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  1. Still holding out for Ron Howard voice overs like in Arrested Development. Han: I thought we were in trouble there for a second, but it's fine. We're fine. Ron Howard: They weren't fine.
  2. All time: Dunkelzahn (I probably misspelled that, it's been a long time) Book: Smaug (though to be honest, I don't read a lot of books with dragons in them, more of a sci-fi guy) Movie: King Ghidorah Miniature: Lavarath (I've always like dragons with riders. Dragonlance was my intro into D&D novels and it kind of stuck.) Game system: Shadowrun dragons. I just felt like they had more depth, more than just sentient apex predators
  3. I told my son I'd like to see a movie or something that just follows the Falcon through it's life.
  4. My first reaction was, "The Falcon looks so clean." Then my friend responds with, "They must have used Tide."
  5. I like sports, I just don't generally like watching them on TV. I prefer college football. There is only one game a year I make an absolute point to watch and it's not the Super Bowl. It's The Game between The Ohio State University and that team up north. I played soccer from a young age all the way through graduating high school. I also spent a couple of my teenage years studying Goju Ryu. I've not done either since. Sheer stockings on the Bomber Sophie which I turned into Biker Sophie.
  6. On my Mom's side, we prepare a big dish of sauerkraut, ham, and dumplings on New Year's Day. If it isn't finished it is bad luck for the year. Thankfully we all can pack away some food...not that it has helped me much over the past few years.
  7. I will most likely see Black Panther when it comes out.
  8. I did for a while. Then I realized I was spending way too much time online, so stopped reading them. Fast forward a few years and now I think I spend way too much time on Facebook.
  9. I've been piddling around with some gantry / walkway designs and settled on nickle metallic spray paint. Not as bright as a steel or silver and would look good with some applied rust.
  10. Oooh. Nice work. Great paint and I like the sculpt, haven't seen that one before.
  11. I've checked a few more things off my list of "things that need to be done following the divorce" and only have a couple left. I actually painted, well airbrushed a base coat on a bunch of figures, this month. Done some fun things with the boys that didn't break the bank. Managed to save some money...but need to do my taxes tonight, so we'll see what's left after that. I finished a college class and started another one, 24 more weeks and I'll have completed the degree program. Lately I've been examining certain aspects of my new life situation and trying to figure out how I feel about it.
  12. Haven't properly done any roleplaying since 1998, and mostly the characters were simply facets of myself. Bonus: the only Tuesday related song I can think of is Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones.
  13. Getting the final bits of paper I need to file my taxes so I can figure out if I can pay off the remainder of a loan or if I have to contribute more to the federal government. I'm hoping for "pay off loan."
  14. Most recently on Friday, I forgot that the freight elevator door has a lip on it that catches on the edge of the floor. I was standing a little too close and my big toe got smushed under it before sliding out. It's still bruised but at least every step doesn't hurt anymore. Now I'm just hoping the nail doesn't come off. Edited to add: I find it amusing because it was a small bit of instant karma. I was goofing off and standing right up to the door with a nice "serial killer face" waiting for the guy I know who was on the elevator to open the door. The lesson being, stop screwing around at work.
  15. Try to figure out where all this hair came from...especially *down there*
  16. I used to play 3rd/4th edition, stopped purchasing anything GW for a long time, and came back for 8th. Just about the time I got my Space Marines assembled from Dark Imperium was when my ex and I decided to divorce. So, I'm still open to them, just don't have any freakin' time dealing with the aftermath so have played exactly two games with my sons since it released.
  17. Currently I make pizza every Friday night. We tried to make Smoker Sunday a thing when I first got the smoker, but it didn't last very long. Beyond that I try to vary the menu from week to week both to keep the kids from complaining and me from getting bored. In the past, when I was in Iraq I kept track of what day it was by what was being served in the dining facility. Friday was surf & turf (don't be too jealous, the steak was tougher than the heel of my boot and seafood in a desert...need I say more), Tuesday was crappy pizza, and I'm fuzzy on the rest of the days because that was 8 years ago. When I was a private, Thursday was reuben day on the short order line. The guy that made them did an awesome job.
  18. I broke my air compressor, but in the process base coated seven Space Marines and finally used Stynylrez the way it was intended and I'm sold on the stuff.
  19. Taking my youngest son to his robotics competition. I was just happy for the time with him. 6mm Gundam across all the various timelines. Figures suitable for Shadowrun/cyberpunk.
  20. Apparently five year old air compressors don't like to be run for three hours straight...just as I was getting the hang of using my airbrush again. Related, I am sold on Stynylrez as a primer for Bones.
  21. Most things, never trying. Some things should not be attempted. Like voluntarily looking down the barrel of a firearm.
  22. Generally yes. The whole "early is on time" thing started in high school band for me, then I spent 20 years in the Army. Lately it's a matter of how important I deem the event to be. Work stuff, early. Stuff that I've been invited to, early but try not to be so early that I'm imposing on the host. Stuff for the kids, early. Something I'm moderately interested in and timeliness isn't important and I'm not meeting anyone, I may be a little late. However, I have noticed that I've been more likely to be early since the divorce. Normally ice cream (of almost any flavor) is my kryptonite, but lately my sweet tooth has really wanted chocolate much more than usual. Neither are good for my weight goal.
  23. Their behavior. I will generally give a person the benefit of the doubt but still be wary at first. What they do with that rope determines my level of trust. Of course, given the developments IRL I'm a fair bit less trusting than I used to be.
  24. When I retired from the Army I had a choice to go to several different places. Part of the reason I chose to stay out here in west Texas is because it only snows about 4 hours every year. Long enough to say "Yep, that's snow...looks kinda pretty" and then wait a little bit for it to melt. I really liked snow when I was a kid, but now I want as little to do with it as possible.
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