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  1. WRT to the whole job thing, I've come to the conclusion that I still have no idea "what I want to be" so rather than the job being the thing I want to do, I look at the job as the thing that enables me to do what I like to do. At least after I get finances back in order and finish this degree (even that's a hedge, it's basically just so I can waive some piece of paper around if needed).
  2. I used a gift card from Christmas to get the latest Space Marine codex. Apparently I think I still participate in this hobby.
  3. Ugh, so many places I'd like to see. I'm going to say Rome, to tour the ancient sites. Ha! I didn't make any goals. I've got way too much Real Life going on right now.
  4. I'm 42, if I had or am having a mid-life crisis I would not be able to distinguish it from all the other crises I've had and am having. If anything, my existential crisis will involve me trying to figure what to do if ever *don't* have something monumentally elfed up in my life.
  5. Probably not, I cut cable last month and need a better antenna.
  6. Nothing out of the ordinary involving karaoke. I don't sing very well, not that it stops me and after a drink or two just encourages it. I have one friend who still reminds me of one night singing random songs at the top of my lungs on our stagger back to the barracks despite not knowing all the words. Why let a little thing like lyrics get in the way of having fun?
  7. In order: Welcome! Post away, nobody bites around here. Great job on the figure! Hope to see more!
  8. I'm much better at it now, but in my high school speech class (junior year I think) I was giving a speech with a bit of exposition at the beginning that involved a knight rescuing a fair princess. At one point the good knight in shining armor was supposed to mount his horse...what was said involved the knight, mounting, and the fair princess. I didn't even realize what I had said until I noticed that the whole class was trying to keep from laughing out loud. I looked at a girl in the front row and asked "What, did I say something?" and everyone lost it. Regarding pastrami, I like it but don't go out of my way to acquire it. I have no idea why this triple posted.
  9. I pretty much have as well. Though every once in a great while I'll check to see if they've made *any* progress.
  10. Still waiting on Wave 2. On the up side, if it ever arrives I might actually have time to paint by then.
  11. Nothing really, I have too many other priorities this week.
  12. Wallowing in all the crap that's happened over the years and complaining about everything.
  13. I can't really think of anything at the moment.
  14. Ugh, collection agencies are such a pain. Glad I don't have to deal with them anymore. Best of luck in dealing with them.
  15. I watched A Christmas Story a couple times before Christmas, and Gremlins on New Year's Eve.
  16. There aren't any really. I just need time, both to resolve my administrative/financial issues and my mental state. Hobbywise, at the moment I would have to: 1. I still intend to start a painting group 2. dedicate some time outside the group to paint 3. just work my way through the Cabinet of Shame, improvement comes with effort However, at this point in time, hobby stuff is the last of my concerns. Once I take care of my immediate responsibilities I will reassess and re-engage.
  17. And there you go. I just remembered that they were still being made because I had entertained getting some a while back.
  18. I think Shadowcorps is still in production by somebody else under a different product name, but I cannot remember who. Edit: I haven't confirmed that the sculpts are the same, but it looks like Magister Militum under the Blood Dawn line.
  19. As a former Shadowrun GM I am really interested in seeing this. I've watched the first 5 minutes and tabled it for later when the kids aren't around.
  20. Dangit, now I want to try to make some old school hardtack.
  21. Does emitting expanding clouds of vapor count? If so, I'm well on my way.
  22. I had some store credit so ordered the Obsidian Crypt to use for 40k, Demon Lord of the Undead (eventually going to see if I can make it work as a demon of Nurgle on my home table), Janan Female Dragon Slayer (for poops and giggles), and the freebie Rictus the Undying.
  23. Right now, my ideal state is having adjusted to being divorced, the financial impacts of that, and having completed my bachelor's degree (which will happen in autumn). I've still got a way to go before I get there. Yup. I've been retired for four years now, have a decent paying job that I don't mind yet don't enjoy either...but it pays the bills. I'm coming to the conclusion that I don't really know what I want to be career-wise and don't particularly care. At this point I see the job as the enabler for the things I want to do, not the thing I want to do. Regarding hobby stuff...well, you see how much I post in Show Off right? I post every finished miniature there. I am one of those "I wasn't born in Texas but got here as soon as I could" types, and this was my initial response...but I was beaten to the punch.
  24. My second son graduated high school and paid cash for his first car. I assembled a whole bunch of 40k miniatures. Painting? Not so much.
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