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  1. Whenever you have time works for me, I greatly appreciate you being willing to help me out!
  2. Aye, I did exactly that and got just about everything except the metallics, they appear to be out of those. Was hoping Reaper had something close to each available, or if someone could identify an appropriate replacement.
  3. Hello! I'm working on some older projects utilizing the old 2012 era Heavy Gear paintset, and I'm realizing I may not have enough paint to finish, but that this set is also sadly discontinued. Is there anything in the existing lineup very near to Durasheet Alloy 61122, Skunkworks Gunmetal 61123, Drillbit Metal 61132, and Gamma Shielding Gold 61128, particularly the first two? I got an awesome metal weathering effect from layering those two as a splotch on/drybrush and need those in particular. I was able to find pretty much all the other colors through game stores or amazon or ebay, but not the metals. -thanks!
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