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  1. Well I do appreciate you doing the duo with me :-) if anyone wants to make it a trio, let us know.
  2. @Inarah I have this one: 2007 Domur, Huntersmoon Don't have a duo or trio for the month yet.
  3. I'm interested and have a pretty good collection too. Can probably match up if anyone else wants to as well. I don't have that worm yet though.
  4. Looks like some boxes might finish before ours gets started. Maybe we should just roll our groups together...?
  5. This guy was fun to build and paint! Not a Reaper model, but Reaper paints used: gnome flesh, meadow green, nut brown, skeleton bone, tempest gray, pale saffron, breast cancer awareness pink, and woodland brown. The model was from the old D&D Chainmail game, and was a Limited Edition Ogre Mercenary.
  6. I'm not picky, but also like odd ball stuff. Been on a monster kick lately after I got tired of painting PC's. Looking forward to participating!
  7. I'm in. Sacramento, CA Would prefer US & Canada at most. New, so not a starter this time.
  8. I loved this comic, how in the world did these miniatures come into existence?
  9. Thank you very much for your response. I checked out both links, and those sites were very helpful. I am even considering investing in the Color Impact program, but might try to use the color wheels myself for a while first.
  10. Hi Folks, I am going to take a shot at solving one of my biggest painting issues by crowdsourcing some information. Since we are all Reaper heads here, and thus know the paints well, what are your favorite combinations of Reaper colors to create appealing contrast to your minis? I have bought a color wheel, done a lot of reading, and watch a whole bunch of videos. Yet still, when left to my own color choices I find my choices average at best. Understanding that there is still more to contrast than simply color choice, what are some Reaper color combos you feel work well together? Thanks!
  11. Are there a collection of these tips for other colors anywhere? I find them really useful in getting to know my new paints. Thanks,
  12. Hi Folks, new so posting here, how do I get involved in the box the quickest? Is there a link to the next one, or can I jump in on this one? I'm very happy and excited to join this community!
  13. Thanks Jon! I'll learn to move quicker the next time I see an offer like that.
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