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  1. Love this sculpt, finally finished up the base. Naseer, Genie of Hakir sku: 03254
  2. Happy with this so far. Either I am getting better, or the switch to primarily Reaper paints has helped my performance. Likely a combination of both. Reaper Avatar of Strength 77588 Paints: Mountain Stone Tempest Gray Skeleton Bone Bleached Linen Desert Sand Polished Leather Desert Stone Monster Maw Ebony Flesh Clotted Red
  3. Feeling more confident in my basing and blending. Have really enjoyed painting the metal figures lately. Wondering what kind of differences I'll notice when I go back to some bones figures. Really liked this sculpt. Amathor Arch Mage, Reaper 02319. As always getting great performance out of my Reaper browns. 09428 Saddle Brown 09427 Nut Brown 09426 Charred Brown 09408 Candlelight Yellow 09436 Bleached Linen 09432 Desert Sand Practice makes perfect. Time to paint more minis.
  4. Started painting during the pandemic but was really intimidated by basing. Finally picked up some supplies and based my first couple models. Really improved the overall quality and aesthetic.
  5. First Post! Really enjoyed painting this guy. Still really working on thinning out my paint, and bringing the highlights even higher. Still intimidated by NMM and basing, as you can tell.
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