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  1. Dullcote is starting to show up again, online anyway, haven’t seen it in actual stores yet.
  2. I seem to recall someone saying 12 containers total, but I could be totally wrong.
  3. I like the bird and elephant guys. The centaurs would be cool if there were more variety in the classes.
  4. I was in Harbor Freight the other day for a totally unrelated reason, but I noticed that they sell an airbrush for $20. It’s just the brush though, no compressor. Even if you never use it again after the ship, that’s a good deal.
  5. I could do that, but it just seems wasteful. Anyone want to split a pledge, lol?
  6. Regarding Fantasy Series 1: If I purchased it (and only it) as part of Horror Series 1 via Gamefound, will it ship when Horror Series 1 ships, or when Fantasy Series 1 ships, or sometime in between? I couldn’t find an answer elsewhere. Since I didn’t back on Kickstarter, I can’t comment there, and comments are disabled on Gamefound. Either way, I’m backing Fantasy Series 2!
  7. I’d be in if there was an option for just the minis.
  8. That’s a great idea, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!
  9. Not exactly what I meant, but thanks for the reply. The only thing I’ve seen that is close is this from Fat Dragon Games, but it’s a 2 inch tile.
  10. Is anyone aware of a 1 inch dungeon tile that looks like stairs going down? I’m using hirst arts molds and I’m not seeing anything on their site. Additional searches haven’t turned up much.
  11. Thanks, it showed 0 in stock this morning. Looks like it’s available now.
  12. Just as a follow up to my original question, did I miss the Holiday Paint Set? It’s not showing as available. The Reapercon one is available though. I thought they were both coming out today.
  13. Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, but a set of loose arrows would be nice. Like 15-20, maybe a few without heads that could be glued to shields and whatnot. I guess you could always just cut the heads off, but you get the idea.
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