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  1. I'm really excited to see where this ends tomorrow. It seems like Ron teased a Fan Favorites type expansion a bit on last night's stream, but who knows. Bones V was my first, and I found a ton of cool stuff in there. I think my number one favorite character model in the entire Kickstarter was the "not Firbolg" Ranger. That dude is awesome. I don't have so many boxes of plastic that this KS seems meh to me, which I'm grateful for. I can't imagine following a Kickstarter just to be grumpy. Life's too short. 

    Models I'm most excited for this time around:

    Core Set: Bog Shambler, Gnomes, Mudmen, Firenewts, Toil & Trouble, Dawn Seekers


    Sullenhall - Love the terrain for Frostgrave! And I dig skellies

    Hakir - Scarab Guys like everyone else and the Female Barbarian. I really liked the Landsknecht from the Bones V Fan Favorites, this hits similar for me.

    Denizens - That slug is awesome, and super excited for Norkers!

    Briarwood - Redcaps are my favorites here. Would love an add on of 6 different poses of these guys! Arboreal Defender is an awesome model.

    Add Ons: Orcs, Bugbears, & Gnolls! Would be happy to see Hobgoblins as well, why not! Also love the Legendary Tales so far. I really liked the Bones V encounters and have been looking forward to more like that. I had no interest in a lighthouse, thought the memes were fun and built up some enthusiasm, but couldn't imagine buying it. (I didn't buy the ship), but the artist sketch sold me. Love the idea of it being a watchtower and now I'm in for it. 

    I bought a few of the Bones V dragons, and like them, but I"m not a big dragon guy so am not sure what I'll end up with there. I really like the 30th Anniversary one so by the time the Pledge Manager closes, I'm sure I'll have added it.

    All in all, a ton of fun new models to add to my hobby corner. Thanks Reaper!




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  2. Just now, lexomatic said:

    I wish people would say where the encounters info is coming from all I have is stuff from this forum

    That most recent pic is from the Twitch Stream. They're doing daily update shows each afternoon and sharing some sneak peaks.

  3. 2 hours ago, Magnus Brickson said:

    Is there artwork and possibly a 5E statblock?  A Maine gamer may want this...

    Fellow Mainer here! We need a Pamola Cryptid Mini! Cryptid Minis from across North America should be the next expansion!

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Lidless Eye said:


    I was thinking in the Dungeon Denizens 

    Ah, good call. I'm looking forward to seeing that expansion for sure. Loved the Dungeon Dwellers models in Bones V. And I like how the new orc set is in the same style.

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  5. Were there bugbears previewed on Reaper Live a while ago that were going to show up in Bones VI? Where does everyone think they're going to land? Encounter? Core set? Add-on like the gnolls and orcs? I love having the variety of poses for creatures like this.

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  6. 13 hours ago, Rigel said:

    Yes, exactly. For the Fungal Bruiser I can say that the arms don't really get in the way of painting if you have steady hands. I haven't painted the marsh troll yet, but judging from the Rock Troll I would advise maybe painting the legs and feet before attaching them to the base. If the right arm is separate, you might also get his side painted up before attaching the fish--you *can* reach into the crannies between fish and troll with a fine brush to paint, but it's probably going to be easier going if you don't have to.

    This makes a lot of sense. I trimmed minute amounts and constantly test fit the arms last night and got them to fit well. As I did that, I came to the same conclusion about the troll's arm holding the fish. I'm going to do at least the first few colors before attaching it. And I think I will assemble the Fungal Bruiser before painting. 

    Thanks everyone for the advice! Eventually I'll put up some WIP pics. I want to work through some more practice pieces before I try my hand at these guys. 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:



    I find that I often need to shave a millimeter or two off the very ends of the tabs, effectively shortening their length to get them to fit real snug.



    It seems like this is what I'm going to do. Very slowly...

    My introduction to miniature painting was Star Wars Legion just last year. Those figures seemed to need a lot of fussing with the tabs to fit well, and I was really bad at it. Now that I'm trying to actually learn to paint and taking my time, I'm hoping to do a better job. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Clearman said:

    When you say the parts are not fitting snug, are you saying they don't want to go all the way in, or they have loose fit?  If the fit is too tight, there is not issue shaving things down to make a better fit.  If they are loose, as long as there are some surfaces touching, the glue will hold.

    Thanks Clearman. The arm seems to not want to go in all the way. I can tell that getting them to fit is a matter of getting it aligned just right, and I don't want to start messing with the overall shape of the tab to get it to fit better. But I see what you mean, if it ends up a bit loose, the glue should hold it in place.

    Thanks for the advice on painting as well! 


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  9. Hi all, I just got the Fungal Bruiser and the Marsh Troll and am having a hard time getting the arms to fit snug to the body of the mini. I'm nervous to start trying to shave down the tab to try and get it to fit better. I'm still a novice at this and haven't had to fit pieces together yet. Follow up question, do you usually paint the pieces before glueing them in place? Maybe first coat before putting it all together and finish work once assembled?


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