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  1. Posting the second goodie box I received in the mail. Thank you so much @gmvader it was a wonderful treat to open up. I love the extra work you put into the spartan to paint him NMM. :-)
  2. Received a wonderful treat in the mail from one @buckyball. Thank you so much, these look fantastic and I'm excited to try the new paints out.
  3. Second mini painted, based, and going in the mail today or tomorrow (I hope). Learned some fun new techniques for this, hope it fits my partner's prompt.
  4. Adding my WIP, which is actually a picture of the completed mini. I'll be shipping mid-November and signing up for the second exchange. Glad my schedule stayed clear so I could get this done early
  5. I'd go for 2 or 3. I've been holding out on buying and getting the promos specifically so I could buy for my Sophie partner as part of my order. Also, if we do 2, I can sign up again and do another exchange :-D
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