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  1. Thanks, Im thinking rocks would prolly be cool. maybe rocks and sand. not sure yet haha
  2. I get this with a bunch of other 3d printed minis from amazon, Im pretty sure it was the "smiling gm kit" or at least something like that. but I was bored the other day and had seen that there was an option for having a dog in your frostgrave warband. Loving dogs I decided to paint one up. I painted him like the breed that my (real) dogs are, which is a greater swiss mountain dog. all in all he was alot of fun to paint. altho I will admit now that im looking back at him I really dont like the base. I need something to use besides that grass, but i want it to blend in well with all kinds of terrain. any suggestions would be great.
  3. that looks epic. I love the color scheme!
  4. I used static grass, I liked how tall it was, it gave off kind of a forest ish vibe (I think)
  5. Well, I will admit Im not really into pirates and I like frostgrave not frostgrave:ghost archipelago, but Im also not super into the frozen city setting. Im working on creating a setting for all my games that kinda smashes together conan and vikings and spelljammer and alot of magic in a kind of forest-y setting. And these crewmen looked perfect to just add to the bits box and provide a few figures for my warband. Anyways heres the first few Ive painted up.
  6. Thanks for the tips, Ill definitely do that with my wet palette. And yes, It was a great mini, thanks!
  7. I am currently in somewhat beginning stages of trying to build an entire medieval village out of dollarstore foam and hotglue, this was the third building I've ever built actually. Unfortunately it was super hard to get decent pictures of it.. but I'm pretty sure that it at least looks ok. As a side note, I have absolutely no clue how historically accurate this thing is. It looked somewhat like stuff Ive seen in shows and online and I figured that it was for either frostgrave or dnd so It doesnt have to be the pinnacle of realism lol.
  8. I already have the human blacksmith, but I wanted another blacksmith. Unfortunately I applied the paint to thick at parts (which didn't really help the fact that her face was kinda just a tiny glob already) but Ive got a wet palette that Ill be trying to use next time. I'm also absolutely awful at painting female faces, they always look ridiculous once I paint them haha. Anyways, and criticisms and advice are always welcome
  9. Thanks for the tips, I will be implementing them as soon as possible
  10. Thanks! I used a technique that I learned for painting actual paintings, I just did it on a much smaller scale.
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