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  1. Ah, I do have one question. Will there be proficiencies added to backgrounds in the future? At present it seems to primarily just be for lore and fluff without mechanical benefits. Is there plans to expand on Culture, Upbrining and Trade? Or is it intended to be there to be set as recorded, and potentially give leverage in roleplay situations? I could see it going either way. Looking for clarity. Thanks!
  2. Agreed. As someone with a fondness for the old D&D version like AD&D 2e (but disliking all the clunkiness), I'm absolutely loving this meet in the middle feel I get from DDRPG of modern and classic. Can't wait to see more.
  3. Just wanted to start by saying this is a fantastic beta you have here. It's very clear a lot of care went into capturing the feel of the 80's fantasy RPG feel, but without any of the baggage that held it back at times. It's very smooth and easy to read, and you've done a great job of making this playable with just about any era of D&D module with minimum effort. It looks like 5e monsters might need slight updates to their rules to fit in effectively, but overal very minimum conversion. Likewise, with some minor work, 2e monsters could probably be shoehorned in. Seriously great work! I could see myself trying to convince my group making the shift.
  4. That brings us to ▅ b o n ▅ ▅ r▅ ▅ i v ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ O
  5. Mine says the same as entheogenicmonk Looking at the message the _iv_ could possibly be five, live, or give. That said the word before it despite having the most characters is extremely confusing. I tried looking up 8 letter words with B as the second letter, and I can find plenty with N in the 4th place, and 7th place Question, how are we getting November out of ▅ b ▅ n ▅ ▅ r▅? Do ou think some of the letters are scrambled? ▅ b ▅ n ▅ ▅ r▅ ▅ i v ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ O
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