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  1. You have my axe... err, picture. Jedijared Forum picture please, Attending Thursday through Saturday. Thanks!
  2. Nathavarr will swoop in for the kill by being the first post! RAWR (Yes, I need a bigger lightbox.)
  3. In the contest of the ages, the pink Angry Angry Hippo collected the most bleached white skills and has rightfully put the heads of his colorful enemies on spears.
  4. This Maryland crab is going to turn the tables and put some Old Bay seasoning on you!
  5. A zombie dragon emerges from the eerie purple light because purple light is the eeriest!
  6. A leucistic alligator man inspired by a trip to a North Carolina aquarium. Note: the alligator in the aquarium didn't allow his axe to get rusty.
  7. "Luke saw the inverted ... image of the Wampa Ice Creature looming, its rasied arms ending in enormous gleaming claws. He ... shivered at the sight of the beast's ramlike horns, the quivering lower jaw with its protruding fangs." The Empire Strikes Back Novel Or the Fantasy version: Duke Roofwalker is a Paladin Monk who uses his boots of spider climbing and blue sun blade to fight against the evils in the galaxy ... (err) Universe (err)...fantasy realm. The knght and frozen food horse are Reaper. The tauntaun/wampa dragon thing is the arctic dragon by rocket pig games.
  8. Maal'DraRocky or Maal'Drocky. A cute Maal'Drakar in the theme of the Rocky sculpts. Firbolg/Forestfolk Barbarian, Cleric, Arcane caster sculpts
  9. Mossbeard is going to war. Shaking off the leaves of his slumber, the great treeman is ready to crush those who threaten his woods... All with a little friend perched up top.
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