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  1. Here are some updated pics. I added a base for the cottage to sit in and then did something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I took the model out to a field close by and took some outdoor/live shots for background. I think they came out really good. I will have to do this again in the future. Here it is in place I also made an alternate top for variation in wood. Here are the low angle realistic pics. I really like how they came out.
  2. Looks great. This guy is sitting on my to do shelf. This gives me a nice example to work from. Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. I just wanted to add one more pic. I got the magnets on the pieces. So it is now officially transportable.
  4. Here is an Egyptian style dungeon made with Hirst Arts molds. I bought the molds about 4 years ago with a project in mind that I never did. Then I recently decided that I could use the molds to represent the tomb of an ancient lost culture. I really liked using the molds and I think they are under appreciated in the Hirst Arts line. Shout out to Lady Sabelle (see her website, no affiliation) for inspiration on painting the designs. The dungeon consists of four rooms and a connecting corridor. There is a secret door to get into the tomb. The wall section pivots. Quick photo of how the whole thing is constructed. Each wall section, corner piece, floor section and special parts are separate pieces. Long ago I decided on a wall on center method of construction. This allows me to easily reset the pieces to rearrange things to make new designs. I will be putting magnets on the bottom of each piece and the board they are sitting on has a piece of sheet metal. This allows me to transport the pieces to my game group in the car. Here are some accidental atmospheric shots of the dungeon. This is the fifth style of dungeon that I have made with Hirst Arts. I also did a regular stone wall dungeon, gothic style, natural cavern, inn walls and scifi style. All of them use the wall on center style so they are compatible and interchangeable. My players have really enjoyed them.
  5. Here is a cottage I made for my campaign. This is 95% Hirst Arts molds. I use speed molds for the walls and followed Bruce Hirst's plans for a thatched roof. The interior is a lot of Hirst stuff but a lot of other stuff too. I have a few pics from the character level too.
  6. We live in the golden age of miniatures! Between number of people in the hobby, games available and manufacturers available, we are swamped with choices. Enjoy it young people, it wasn't always like this. I have an inordinate number of GW 40k and a smattering of fantasy, but the vast majority of what I have is Reaper. The game I am playing at the time is what I collect the most. Right now I am doing a bunch of DnD with minis, so I need a lot of specialty figures. Reaper is the best bang for buck there, especially with the kickstarters. Are Reaper the absolute best sculpts for my personal taste? No. But they are really good. Also, Reaper feels like they will experiment a bit more. Who else has six armed skeletons? Having said all that, the rule of cool means I will buy anybody's stuff if I like it 3D prints are improving rapidly so they are probably the future, but I still like a traditional sculpt.
  7. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtag Translation: great job on the painting. Sounds like it was a pain to assemble.
  8. I went into my local hobby shop the other day to buy some paint and primer...and apparently I needed a hill giant too because I came out with one of those also. Luckily when I got home I realized I didn't already own it. In fact I have one of each of the Reaper hill giants. Well I was inspired to paint them up and here is what I came up with. MSP Tanned skin plus highlight and shadow for the skin. Army painter for the rest. Looking at the pics, I realize some bits here and there that need work but mostly I'm pretty happy. Guess which GM is going to have his players fight some hill giants someday... Close up pics here right to left: I need to work on my photography a bit. Also, anybody know if I need to reduce the file size on the pics before I upload them? They are about 6 mb each.
  9. Thank you both for the help. Both of those suggestions sound good and I have more than one model to try it on so I can try both. I knew I had done too much in the above figure but wasn't sure how to fix it. Edit: Note to self, do not look up shirtless male models on Google images while at work. NSFW 😉
  10. Hi everyone, I'm painting some hill giants and I'm looking for some advice on lip color and male nipple color. I am using MSP tan skin paint plus shadow and highlight for the skin but have army painter for the rest of my paint. I have enclosed a close up pic of a sample figure but I'm not sure how to do lips and the nipple area. I should share that I have a slight color deficiency in my eyes (I can see colors just fine, but shades of red and brown can confuse me a bit) so really specific color recommendations are welcome if not preferred. Thanks in advance.
  11. Finished up all five rangers from Bones 5. The first one I did is in this first photo and then the hidden photos contain the pics of the new ones. I still have one more from that set, it appears to be the leader but I just found a great pic of a paint up on it and now I have to take some time with it.
  12. 0?! Oh no no no. I fully pledged into Bones 6 too! (maniacal laughter that slowly fades and becomes more insane)
  13. I finally painted my first mini from my Bones 5 order. Hopefully this starts the juices going again. Only 500 or so more to go!
  14. Thanks for the info. I had seen the original Tomb of Hakir and wasn't that interested. I saw that there were two things to unlock but there were no pics. When I got a kickstarter update and saw the scarab folk I went back in and added it to my pledge. I just had to have them. It got me wondering if I have missed something else in one of the other sets and I started looking for pics. I know what you are thinking, the only way to be absolutely sure is to just buy everything. 😀
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