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  1. Good timing. I am working on this one right now. Thanks for some inspiration.
  2. No time turner (That would be handy!), I just have time right now. The raccoon is my favorite too. He will be a Feywild creature the party encounters at some point. The mini really helps create a character for him.
  3. I'm making steady progress on my pile of minis. Tried a few things this week and I'm mostly happy with the results. Dire Bear This is a quick one. It might just turn into one of my druid players forms, not sure. Nolzur's Wyvern. Fruit Lady This one reminds me of the old lady from sleeping beauty. Don't know how this one will be in game terms yet, but it should be fun. Bones Brigands I was trying out a different way of doing faces with these, but I still need practice. Luckily I have two more sets of these,
  4. These look great. I just tried OSL recently and I was looking around for another mini to try it on. These are perfect and I already have them (they are just painted regular though). I will follow the link to the painter you mentioned.
  5. For water affect, you can use a two part clear epoxy. I tinted my with testors oil paints (a tiny drop with do) to create a slime on a game piece. If you use the kind that comes in the twin syringe tubes, you can squirt out just the amount you need. It is usually dry pretty quick.
  6. I really like the bold color. Great job. My friend just got this game and we haven't really looked at it since none of us know the rules. I didn't take a close look at the minis inside, but now that I see your work, I want to check it out and see what other goodness is in there.
  7. I have found myself with some time on my hands and so I have been able to produce a lot more than I normally would. Here is a few more minis off the list. Ogre Chieftain There is a challenge 16 ogre in 5e DnD that this mini would be perfect for. Kavorgh I love his shield with all the trophies. Misc. metal reaper orcs Surkar Hats off to Jason Wiebe the sculptor of the model. I didn't really finish him, I just stopped painting. Every time I painted something, a new detail and layer would appear.
  8. Thanks. I really like that stuff too. I regularly use the weapon racks and some of the torture table.
  9. Here are a few pictures of the completed temple dungeon level. Most of this is Hirst Arts blocks. I have made a variety of dungeon wall types and this is the first time I have used the gothic style. All the terrain is modular, so this all comes apart into many pieces. The players will eventually find there way down to the crypt full of tombs: Three of the tombs use the old Heroquest tomb as a top and Hirst Arts stuff to finish it. I used a faux marble painting effect that I have been trying out. The players have really enjoyed this dungeon
  10. Last night's gaming session was a culmination of the players disrupting the dark summoning ritual in the temple of evil. The players have been building up to this session for a few months and went really late to finish it. Here they are outside the temple doors bashing their way in. (The cloth you see on the sides is what I use to block line of sight in rooms they haven't explored. Here we have the two priests about to sacrifice the village woman to summon a demon (with the help of a necromancer.) This build is a combination of Hirst Art
  11. Thanks everyone. I haven't done freehand work in a long time, so I felt really rusty (not that I was particularly good at it in the past however). The Carrion Crawler is made by Wizkids.
  12. I got into a groove this week and was able to paint a mini a day. At this pace I should be able to get all of my minis painted in 3,7 years (I kid, it's really only 1.4 years). I have this vision of having everything painted for about three hours and then the doorbell rings with my next Reaper order and then I'm happy again. As I finished the week, I started to think of these minis as part of an adventuring party. There is a wizard, fighter, thief, cleric, milk maid, farmer, monster.., all the standard classes represented. Barrow Warden Mystic Broth
  13. Just to add my two cents to the topic. A few years ago I got really heavy into Hirst Arts stuff. I bought a bunch of molds and really started cranking terrain and game boards out. Then I saw Dwarven Forge for the first time and I took a long hard look at it before I went back to my messy dental plaster and silicone molds. I think the two types of terrain are for two different types of people. Dwarven Forge is beautiful, ready made and durable. Hands down it wins in these categories. Hirst can be beautiful if you make it so, takes a ton of time and even with dental stone is still a bit ch
  14. I like it. Any chance we can get pictures from other angles?
  15. Thanks Cyradis and Zloyduh, that is really helpful. I may have had my flames wrong for the entire time I have been painting! When you say the light fades, should I have it blend to a dark red?
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