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  1. I have looked at this model for a while and you did a wonderful job on it. You did such a good job that I only have one small complaint. Could you take a picture of it with a neutral background? The paints in the background of the photo are really taking away from all the great work you did. I really want to some more pictures of this! Some close ups too.
  2. Amazing. This is the level of painting I aspire to, but will probably never attain. I downloaded the images and have spent time zooming in to view at extreme detail. I second the call for a tutorial or just how you did it. How do you go about deciding what colors go where? I have zero art background, so I am always baffled by where to start with a project like this.
  3. First post. My attempt at Andowyn Thrushmoor #03786. I pretty much copied the example at Reaper but I really liked what they did. I think I need to work on my photography also.
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