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  1. Sorry, I must have missed that. My mistake.
  2. Humblewood Raptor I didn't have much expectation for this figure, but when I was done, I was pretty happy with it. Psuedodragon (Nolzur) These are just simple quick paint jobs. Cute little dragons though.
  3. I placed it early this month with the reopening of the kickstarter. I'm in the US.
  4. So if I was a late pledge, they have not shipped yet, correct?
  5. Halfling farmer here. I was the face but the clothes ended up muddled. The mud on the pants and feet is on purpose however. What do people do for getting clothing to splattered with mud?
  6. He looks great. There is a lot of personality in the face. I actually think your NMM is fine and has the right look. The only thing is that the highlights suggest that the light source is from the front. It feels like you were painting the rest of the mini with light source up higher.
  7. Thanks, I really appreciate the breakdown on that. I will give it a try.
  8. I agree with the interesting skin tones. I also really like how you did his leather bag. How did you achieve that worn look?
  9. Yes! They should get together. I think I know just how to do to. Currently in my game they are on different planes of existence, but that can be remedied. Your comment about the grunginess is exactly what I was going for. Then, in the middle of the night, I realized that I forgot to add the rust affect and paint the skulls around his neck. I have fixed that now. So grungier now.
  10. Here are two very different pieces that happened to come on the same week. Krug, Hill giant chieftain. I borrowed my friends version of this mini about six months ago to use in my campaign. I called him "King Krud" and the players had to negotiate with him for passage through his territory. They made it through just a few horses and some gold short. Negotiating with a hungry hill giant is not an easy task. The players and I liked "King Crud" so much that I had to buy my own and I will be making him a reoccuring monster. I tried a few new things with this guy. I have been
  11. Both look good, but you can the the improvements to the second one. Great job. Makes me think about getting one. Is it just me, or does it feel like they could make a hand-puppet version of this model?
  12. I think they are saying darken the cape. I am also a complete novice at OSL but I think you could go much darker on the back side. When I was trying this, I took a picture of the mini from the veiwpoint of the light source. I then knew that what I could see was what I should highlight.
  13. I like it. We both went with the green and yellow on the main clothes, but you went lighter than I did with the clothes. It is really interesting to see how other people paint the same figure because it reminds you of all of the conscious and unconscious choices that you make when painting. When someone else paints it and you realize you could have taken a completely different approach. Cool.
  14. Yeah, very first level look. I would love to see your take on this.
  15. Asandris Nightbloom Shout out to Wren who did the painting for Reaper and was the inspiration for this mini. Aside from different color choices, I didn't try to copy her black lining. I haven't really done that yet and I don't trust my ability to pull it off. I also have to learn to use thinner paint on the face. I have a tendency to create a texture on the model. The primer I use might also be a problem. My shading needs a punch up here and is a bit subtle. Lessons for the next mini. Overall I am happy though and feel the face has some real character to it.
  16. Thanks ksbsnowowl. That makes me feel better.
  17. Sorry if this is a repeated question. I went in and started an account and made an order. The top says "no pledge found" which is accurate since I missed the original kickstarter. I'm still good to go right? Even though I don't have a pledge in? I didn't see a place to do that. I also went back and did a second order, that's ok too, yes?
  18. I really like this. So often dragon scales don't come out the way I feel they should. Yours really pop. I also have a daughter that I have been introducing to painting and a dragon is a great project.
  19. Late to this post, but I just saw it. I use hirst too and what I did for flat stairs was to build a stair case in 3D, photographed it from above, printed and glued it down. Just an idea.
  20. Thanks. Ironically, I started thinking about it more and I will probably go back in and order a couple of dragons (or 20 using goblin math).
  21. Minis for this week. I have to get on the ball and finish my current to do pile of minis. I have to get them ready for the campaign and I just ordered a bajillion minis through Bones 5 when it reopened. Luckily I have a little time before they arrive and I am completely overwhelmed. Unicorn 77029 I was just going to speed paint this, but once I started I ended up taking a lot more time on it than I thought. I wanted very subtle highlighting on the white and very smooth blending which came out better than I expected. One mistake I made was not prepping the model better. I didn
  22. Really! That's fantastic. Going there now.
  23. Super noob here. Never done a Kickstarter and just saw the Bones 5 maybe a week ago. I assume that I can't do it now, even at increased pricing, so will all the figures become available through retail eventually? I really have no idea how this works. (I am also kicking myself that I didn't get in on this at the time, it's amazing. Bones 6 in the works?)
  24. Just the one mini this week. I started him last week, went on vacation, and finished him today. I pretty pleased with the face on this one and most of the blending went well.
  25. That is a great figure. It will be a lot of fun to paint. I understand how you feel intimidated because of the paint job you want to accomplish, but I wouldn't let that stop you. I've seen a few of your figures and you are a good painter. In my personal experience, I am always trying to paint better than the last one. Sometimes I succeed. Unfortunately, that means when I look at figures I painted in the past, I am always seeing what I could have done better. I try not to let those special figures intimidate me because I know that painting it to the best of my ability (at the time) will make a
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