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  1. I tried to click on the help link to ask a question and I got an automated reply saying they would be out till August 22. Is there another email I can try?
  2. Is there any way to check what was on my original list of items? I can't find my stuff anywhere.
  3. Just looking for an update. I know the Covid stuff in China is unexpected and uncontrollable. Just wondering if there has been any news on stuff getting produced/shipped. The upside is that it has been so long since I ordered that I have no idea what is coming and it will be like a giant surprise box when it does. 😀
  4. I love making maps. Those look great. Have you seen any of the map making resources online such as Inkarnate?
  5. Looks great. Quick question. The music box, was that a kit? or did you use a scroll saw? If so, where was the kit from or what pattern did you use? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a bunch of Hirst Arts molds, so i can make my own village.
  7. OMG! I never thought of a Christmas Village skirmish scene! Darn it! Now that must be made. So many projects in mind and that one just swept the table clear in my head to make room!
  8. These are awesome. Where are they from?
  9. I have those too. I added them to a castle that I built for my characters and they liked the touch of realism.
  10. I like it. I know this will sound weird, but I am super excited about the various fish and water creatures I will be getting with my bones sets. They look fun to paint.
  11. I run a Greyhawk campaign right now so I use the book that pic came from all the time. Great job!
  12. Life is crazy right now so this was the only figure I could get done this week. And that was a bit of a miracle. More Humblewood. This little guy had a military bearing to me, so I referenced some uniforms for the colors. Even after a spray down it was a bit shiny for my taste though. Not sure what happened.
  13. Awesome. Completely silly, which i appreciate. What about painting white footsteps on the floor with numbers on them to show the step pattern?
  14. When I went to paint this figure, I started to see all the little details on the figure. This is no Tinkerbell. The thigh high leather boots, the decorative skulls, and the almost drawn dagger really say "Back off man or I'll cut you!" I still think she needs a little work. The scabbard is blah because I wasn't sure what color to use. I think the dark brown on the wings need some highlights also. Some of the shiny leather tracks well on the legs and I like the face so that made me happy.
  15. @Glitterwolf and @Inarah Thanks, I will look into those!
  16. Hi everyone, I am looking for a good site to display/store photos of my minis so that I can display the NSFRF (not safe for Reaper forum) mini pics. Also as a place to link in my profile. Any suggestions?
  17. He may not be what you wanted but he came out well. I also hate "painter's block". You did the right thing: When in doubt, paint it anyway.
  18. OMG I was literally looking online yesterday to see if I could find a good Rakshasa model and wasn't finding what I wanted. I didn't know that it was in the fan favorites, so when I saw yours I quickly checked my late-pledge bones order to see if I had ordered it. Whew! I did! That model rocks. And thank you dks for your breakdown on the paint job, I will be using as my guide as soon as I get mine. (Mine won't turn out was well as yours, but I can try.)
  19. I had some good inspirational examples to follow for this one so I was able to crank this one out today. Humblewood Rooster I have rarely had a figure where I could literally use a rainbow of colors and it looks appropriate. I can't take credit for the color choices as I was copying another a figure I saw online (unfortunately I can't credit them since I don't know the painter). I am really happy with how he came out and enjoyed painting such vibrate colors. A lot of fantasy minis can be a little grungy. I did keep the coat plain so that the colors would pop. I have a habit of keeping out all of the paints I use while working on a figure and I don't switch out the parchment in the wet palette until done. This mini got kind of crazy and I had to share the work space.
  20. Just the one figure this week. I really have to go out and win the lottery or something so I can focus on painting. I spent a bit of going back and forth on the face and ended up getting a little thick with the paint. It looks ok from tabletop distance, so it will do.
  21. I appreciate your efforts Kyrei and being open to comment. The responses are really helpful to all of us learning to do this technique. Will you be adding to the model after you have read the comments? I also feel that "push the contrast" is the key. I would love to see your results after if you do. I think she looks great as is, but I was just wondering.
  22. Good job. This one is one my to do list, so a full link would be great. I also made a mistake with the photos and the rules of what can be shown. To be fair, the Reaper catalogue online has painted nude miniatures, so it is easy to get confused.
  23. Sorry, I must have missed that. My mistake.
  24. Humblewood Raptor I didn't have much expectation for this figure, but when I was done, I was pretty happy with it. Psuedodragon (Nolzur) These are just simple quick paint jobs. Cute little dragons though.
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