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  1. Lot of good advices from everyone, thanks. I think I'm good to go for all my Reaper minis. Last question, I have a couple 2" large Wizkids preprimed miniature with the underside of the figure that's supposed to be flat but it's REALLY uneven. It comes with a slim 2" disc so can't pin anything here and I don't have yet a thick enough glue/gel/putty to fill all those gaps. I tried with Craft Glue and it was a mess. What about using a belt sander to fix the figure, get a flat underside and then use CA glue ? Otherwise I need to order some new thicker bases for pinning and embedding.
  2. Will look into that. I guess I need the gel version of superglue because it's thicker ? Mine is like a tiny film So you glue only contact surfaces or you kind of embed the mini in an epoxy pool, in a kind of "hollow" base ? Like this this 1" hex base : https://www.reapermini.com/search/bases/latest/72252
  3. How do you all glue your minis to the base ? Sometimes you have a good large and sound surface to bond to the base and sometimes not.
  4. I think you are right, that was a bad choice for whatever reason : too humid, too close, too far, didn't shake well enough, bad reaction with paint, etc. FWIW I was in my garage, can was cold (40F maybe) but I did shake it well (in my opinion). I think I was too close too : didnt respect 10-12" written on the can. Will try to seal it again with Reaper brush on sealer to get rid of the tackiness thanks.
  5. Hi, I sprayed a couple of minis with Varathane spray water based polyurethane but after a couple of days they are still tacky. I'm looking to identify the cause (too humid when applied?) and a way to fix these (add another layer of something else?) I'm using Reaper paint. Thanks
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