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  1. Next mini for the little one is ready. This is the female Part of the lion.
  2. Villeta Balcone Gratiosa Not intended to be a political Statement.
  3. The little one finished her tiger. Of course there are a lot of differen colours.
  4. Finally I finished all four of the Adventuring Kids. The mage took me longer than the others, because I was thinking about more options than for the others. I love the idea of kid heroes going for adventure in a realm of dreams and loads of wonderful encounters. We will see what my kids do with these ones. I did extra shots with one of my old minis. Its one of the founders of the dark eye and his pose fits quite well to the kids. Thoughts about the minis: The warrior is the bright and nice guy. He wants to be the hero beloved by everybody. The rogue ist not a "thief". (My daughters dont like thieves). He is a sneaker. Masked to do his work in the dark when sword and muscles fail. The barbarian is a brave and fierce warrior. She is the first to stop the big monster. The mage is a special one. His outfit is most important. He uses a lot of make up and even dyed his hair to look more competent.
  5. I called him done and change to show off now.
  6. Casa Doppia Felicita The blue looks like green on the Photo. 🤔
  7. I did some things next to the armour. Bright fur some work on the shield and sword.
  8. Finally he is back on my desk. It is a little frustrating that you can hardly See any Progress while working on the armor.
  9. The second foal is ready. This time it is a unicorn. By the way, is there a possibility to edit the threads title?
  10. Great Lighting!
  11. Going forward. We tried some drybrushing for the hair. Not sure if she really understood the idea. But worked anyway.
  12. It really looks female to me. Maybe the choice of colour for the snout. Maybe the smoother armor. I like it.
  13. It looks very shiny indeed. Probably eben more in the light of the Photo setting. I would recommend some varnish. Do not bother yourself about the face. It is mostly under the Hood. So it should be in the shadows anyway.
  14. Love it. I just imagined people with such inspiring clothes walking though the cities.
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