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  1. Wow, that is huge. Looks really impressive. You seem to have cut one of the tusks. This makes it even a little more savage. May I ask how many parts the model consists of.
  2. My daughters ship needed a steering wheel, so I bought the Drunken pirate and put him on the bridge. Took the Photos before adding the sails. So you have a better view on the decks.
  3. That is exactly what I thought. I like the darker colours of the skin and the contrast of the blond hair. Very well done.
  4. Huh. They look very dark. Could fit very well in a dark Forest setting. The Leather Capes give them a massive look, almost like Orks. Really intimidating.
  5. Very nice contrast. I like the style and the colour choices.
  6. Indeed a nice mini. I like this edged head and the huge muscles. Your paintjob on the muscles reminds me of stone and suits him well. I love the stone-axe which blends great to his overall concept.
  7. Looks really good. The strong accents of the pirates NMM fit well to the miniatures style. Also the darker parts of the magicians clothes give him a more serious look than the classic Stars.
  8. Looks great. I like the colours and the Face. Also the hat fits very well. Will you add colour to the Base? The contrasting colours of the wings look realy fine for me, but it seems you used only a Wash on the basecoat. I would recommend to apply a thinned paint along the full wing lines. This needs only little time more and the results are much Cleaner than a wash in this case.
  9. I did not know there is a line of Circus related Minis. I like this guy and the clean look with strong colours you gave him. The megaphone is especially remarkable. The blending is not so smooth but I like this style with visible brushstrokes even more.
  10. Classic colour choices and the stars look good. When you observe the shadows cast by your light, you can find the areas where you may paint shadows. I use these technique while painting. If the three lamps plus covering method is too much for you try daylight. You can achieve good results with indirect but bright daylight. Just dont put the minis into direct light or there will be harsh shadows again.
  11. Lovely, the composition is great. I tried the scotish skirt myself some time ago, but your way works better.
  12. Indeed they are disgusting. Very well done. The contrast with the bases supports the colour of the beasts.
  13. That is a lot. I love those orks. And the 2.ed Gretchins of course. What is the Text on these tank parts, Not Orks?
  14. Eyes, eyes so much eyes. Excellent work. I also like the purple skin. Makes it look very much alive.
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