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  1. The colour under the hay is sprayed with the airbrush. The Last time I forgot this step before glueing the flock. The result was not satisfying. Also I hope with the Base I will get better results at the Bottom of the stack.
  2. As my terrain must be playable I used the top flatted Part of my daughters egg thing. With the First try I had problems with the Bottom line. Si this time I contructed a Kind of Palette and put the stack dummy on top.
  3. While planning the plants pn the building I had an idea for another Objekt. When jumping from buildings you need a haystack. My Last try was disappointing. Maybe it works better with the new approach?
  4. Checking for the green. I used the Airbrush to get a little more light on the dish plates. Was quite pleased with the result. The Tube like structures in the roof got a very bright silver to give it an unnatural technical look. The Washes do not Show so much. The little bridge also got some Washes and a Final drybrushing. As you can See I male Plans for some ivy growing over the building.
  5. Meanwhile my Freeway bridge evolved. A grey drybrushing was met by a Brown ink. Next adding some Washes and another little drybrushing.
  6. Even a little more reflections in the legs.
  7. Some Gentle wetbrushing for the Leather and thin Players for the cloth.
  8. Some RED for the Doors. The only Element with strong colours. Next I will try a little weathering.
  9. First blue, because the Evil overlord needs blue.
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