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  1. Back on my PC I can upload the final shot of the mounted knight Lucardus von Kemet. Because he is a famous character in the world of The Dark Eye, I put a sign on his base to give his name clearly to everyone. As a leader of the Undead and user of dark powers I gave him a look similiar to his underlings. He is a desperate man who wields war in the name of his demonic mistress. Painting process is in the wip forum.
  2. Looks good. My Favorite YT Crafter would add some tufts.
  3. Very nice Job. Just the Photo is a Bit grainy. Link works for me.
  4. Great job. Much better than my Last try on a cart.
  5. What do the numbers mean, you put on the survivors bases?
  6. The shirt looks great to me. And his face has just the right Mix of boredom and aggressivity.
  7. Indeed, the hammerhead looks virtually transparent. Amazing work. I was a little confused by the cloth of the Cape (is it a Cape?). It looks almost metallic, but on the other Hand its a dwarf. So his clothing could be crafted with a Kind of metal.
  8. Great paintjob. And your Photo background fits very well.
  9. Great. This is what I was Looking for. I have some buildings I want to "grow" foliage to. I was not sure which technique could do the Job but I will try this one.
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