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  1. Great colours and a good Job on the Photo.
  2. Love the paintjob and the purple spearhead makes me curious. What is its meaning?
  3. I did some drybrushing on the cloth and added some RED for the saddle. Next will be some of the details.
  4. Lucardus used to be grandmaster of the Order of Golgari. They have white robes with black markings. During the great war he got mad and changed sides. Instead of fighting the undead he became a leader of them. He sold his soul to the mistress of the undead and leads her armies against his former brethren. So I decided to do the cloth of knight and horse not in white but in bonewhite and give it some earthy shading. This should connect to the Tones and colours of the undead he is leading.
  5. Good combination of different textures. Makes them look even more realistic.
  6. Nice work. Very convincing.
  7. This is the mounted knight Lucardus von Kemet. Back in the 90s a product of FanPro and nowadays casted by Ral Partha. My Kids used this model a lot, so I decided to Paint this next. His Mount seemed to be a little small and didnt fit to a grandmaster of a Order of knights. So I Made a Base which should impose a little Hill on the battlefield.
  8. Ready on my desk is now the Wizard.
  9. The cloak looks really good. I like the clean RED look too. Is it an effect from the Photo or is the face really greenish?
  10. Promising start. I Think it could use some more contrast on the back of the Cape.
  11. I Think the question is what idea you have about the wings. Right now they look like coloured Leather wings. With this in mind you could go for a reddish look and add burning marks around the holes. Think of distinct colours between bones, wings and holes in the First. Then blend together Bone and wing but contrast the surroundings of the hole.
  12. I added some blue to the knife and had to Repair some chippings. For now I am done. It has the somewhat comic lookalike I was heading for and I dont want to ruin it with further trials. The Kid waits for varnishing now before it will go to the Show off section. Next Kid ready to go.
  13. When I tried to finish the eyes I probably was to tired and messed it up. Anyway I had some other idea in mind and went for a mask. It fits well to my realy idea of the superhero approach.
  14. They look great. The colours speak a strong language. Dont mess up with these guys.
  15. Nice ones. I like the colours, especially the pink on the second one.
  16. It fits very well to your awesome terrain. What did you use to fix it on the Base? Just superglue or something else?
  17. Very nice. Especially the face is great.
  18. I gave his shirt some red glow to blend a little into violet. Reminded me a little to the old Batman. The Cape seems fine so far.
  19. You shall not pass! My terrain needs more graffiti.
  20. Looks like the red friend of skeletor. Why is the red skin so glossy? Did you use varnish or some blood effect?
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