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  1. TY everyone for the positive comments. I know my photography needs some work and is lacking. I took those with my phone, but looking into trying to take better shots.
  2. I just wanted to share a Medieval Knight I painted off of MMF. It was my first bust painted and 3D printed. I learned a lot from this bust. I also tried a new technique by priming pink and doing a zenithal highlight in white ink and shadows with dark pink ink. Then going over with yellow ink to finish it off. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did painting it.
  3. That’s a shame. I would have loved to paint that bust.
  4. Love your color choices. Really sets the tone of each miniature.
  5. Very well done. All the attention to detail and how you draw the viewer’s eye to the dragons head.
  6. Amazing! Love the skin and those eyes! also would love to paint that myself. Wondering where to get that model. I’ve seen it multiple times of putty&paint.
  7. Great job! I really like the skin as well. It really stands out.
  8. Thanks Kuroneko. I struggle when basing miniatures and haven't been doing it long. I really tried to make continence decisions with adding the static grass , which color grass to add, and where. Same with the tufts and what kind. I wanted to add an environment without taking away from the wizard and owl. YouTube, forum posts, etc... really have been a huge help when completing a piece.
  9. Hello All, I've been painting miniatures for a couple years now. I finally decided to share some of my work on the internet. What better to share with fellow hobbyists, whether it's for Dungeons&Dragons, Tabletop RPG, or strictly artistic purposes. I just finished Anuminar Winterbeard, with my take on Merlin and Archimedes from Disney's Sword and the Stone. I try to push myself every miniature I paint, trying something new every time I paint. I really tried focusing on vibrant colors and making the miniature "Pop". Overall I feel like I accomplished that, and there's always room for improvement. Hope everyone likes him as much as I do. :)
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